Monday, April 05, 2010

Witch's Reply

Witches are not all what you see on late night TV show. The Christians profess to have the expertise, But little do they really know. The preachers preach their sermons; their pulpits they fiercely pound.Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to Live!" they say. Their ignorance is so totally profound! They say that Witches worship 'Satan'.. Well I am here to say that just ain't so! Witches don't even acknowledge their 'Devil'. You see I'm a Witch so I guess I oughta know! Nor do we ride our brooms or steal little children to eat. These are rumor started by the Christians. These people are so dear, so sweet. And we don't sacrifice animals or humans. As we're reported to supposedly do. We were the ones being sacrificed, it certainly wasn't you.
Witches live in harmony and love and honor our Mother Earth We treasure the world we live in. And love to marvel at the miracle of birth. So before you stroke up your fires, before you set up your stakes. Please take the time to learn the truth about Witches! For all our sakes..

Urgent Send healing to Jenifer

Please send healing to Jenifer Waite Wollenburg. Also send support to her
husband, Gabe, and to the medical team that is caring for her. Jenifer and
Gabe, who live in Wisconsin, are members of the Circle Sanctuary Community.

Jenifer has been hospitalized due to an infection, fever, and flu like
illness. She went to the emergency room last night, and since that time has
been undergoing testing to assess her condition and determine treatment.
With Gabe by her side, Jenifer presently is resting at Oconomowoc Memorial
hospital in Wisconsin.

In addition to sending spiritual healing, well wishes by email are also
welcome. Email Gabe:

They thank you for your help!

Healing Circle: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Healing to Lyra

Please send additional healing to long-time Circle Sanctuary member Lyra,
who is living near Bangor, Maine. She continues to be in need of healing
for her heart, kidneys, and self as a whole.

On Sunday, March 21, 2010 she had another heart attack and was hospitalized
in critical care for most of the week. She is now back home and preparing
to undergo dialysis, in preparation for more testing.

She thanks everyone who has been sending her healing and email well wishes.
Although her circumstances are such that she is not able to reply
individually to all emails she receives, she appreciates your support and
thanks you in advance for all additional healing work and messages.

To send more support by email, contact her:

Healing Circle: Tuesday, March 30, 2010