Friday, May 27, 2005

Healing for Dan and Lindsey

Ana Maria Berry is requesting healing for her son Dan and his friend Lindsey who were involved in a hit and run accident. A drunk driver hit the car that they were driving, Dan suffered minorinjuries but Lindsey's injuries are serious. Lindsey is currently in anIntensive Care Unit in Phoenix Arizona and has a collapsed lung, broken jaw,and a dislocated hip. Please send healing energy to Lindsey, Dan and there families. Support can be offered by email through Ana Maria Berry Healing Circle: Thursday, May 26, 2005

Friday, May 20, 2005

Healing for feather and Family

Please send healing to Feather (Edie Ferguson) of Wisconsin and her family. Feather's mother, Mary Ellen Ferguson, died this afternoon, Monday, May 16, 2005. Please send condolences and support to her at:Edie Ferguson5698 Nutone StreetFitchburg, WI 273-1370Thank you,Circle SanctuaryHealing Circle: Monday, May 16, 2005 ________________________________________________________________The HEALINGCIRCLE Mail List is a newsletter which informs members of the Circle community of healing requests and health-related information. You cannot send email to the email address. If you would like to be unsubscribed from the HEALINGCIRCLE mail list, send a blank email to and your email address will be removed. If you unsubscribe yourself from this mail list and you wish to be re-subscribed to it later on, send a blank email to and your email address will be subscribed. If you have any question about the HEALINGCIRCLE mail list or its content, please send an email to Thanks!

Healers are needed plz

Thought this might interest you...EcologyFund is helping to save Rainforests and endangered wilderness.Every day when I visit their site, a donation is made anonymously atno cost to me.Click below to make your free donation now.http://www.ecologyfund.comThank you for being a part of Our beautiful family in The Pagan LoveNest on Yahoo! We wanted to take a momment to let you know we aretrying to give Mother Earth a Healing. We hope you join us in thatfight. This is Free it costs you nothing. Join Pagans Save The Worldon Ecologyfund! Our Team is saving land together. This is not a group like Yahoo groups. All this does is count the land we have saved as agroup together. We need more members so please join! Pagans Save TheWorld Group is listed under Religious Organizations have saved Total Sq ft: 30,457.3 !!!!Please Forward this invite to a friend! We need all the help we canget!Love & LightMariPlz Care2

[Magickal_Creations] Are you in an FBI file? (National Importance confirmed)

Are you in an FBI file? Take this short quiz to find out. Join the ACLU and help us uncover the truth about FBI and local police spying.
Dear Friend, The police help protect us from criminals and terrorists, but do you want FBI agents and local police spying on environmental, anti-war, political, and faith-based groups? Do you feel safer knowing they might be spying on you? Documents obtained by the ACLU through the Freedom of Information Act prove that the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Forces are collecting files on peace groups, and intimidating anti-war activists through aggressive questioning. Could the FBI, the task forces they operate with, and local police be spying on you? We don't know if they are, but to help you find out, take this short quiz. After you take the quiz, join the ACLU to help us uncover the truth about spying by the FBI and local police and put a stop to it. Collecting files on anti-war and environmental groups has nothing to do with fighting terrorism and will not make us safer. If anything, diverting FBI and local law enforcement resources to monitor political and religious __expression will weaken our ability to fight terrorism. Infiltration of peaceful groups will have a chilling effect on many Americans - without making us safer - as these cases demonstrate: Sarah Bardwell was an intern at the American Friends Services Committee when four agents of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, accompanied by Denver police officers in SWAT gear, suddenly appeared at her Denver home last summer. The agents asked Bardwell three questions about upcoming protests and whether she knew of anyone who was planning any crimes related to upcoming protests. Scott Silber is an organizer for the Service Employees International Union and a student activist at Colorado University. Last July, the FBI called Silber and asked him to come to their offices. Documents obtained by the ACLU through the Freedom of Information Act show that Silber was under surveillance as recently as last August.Reverend Raymond Payne, a Methodist Minister from Kentucky, was stopped last October by Canadian border officials. They interrogated Rev. Payne for more than an hour as he attempted to enter Canada for a vacation. According to Rev. Payne, the officials informed him that the interrogation was triggered because he was the subject of an FBI file. He has never been arrested, been charged with a crime, or even participated in a protest. To protect the freedom of Americans to pursue their right to peaceful protest, the ACLU is conducting a nationwide campaign to expose and limit FBI spying on people and groups simply for speaking out or practicing their faith. Help us stop this abuse of the First Amendment by joining the ACLU today. Your membership gift will enable us to file Freedom of Information Act requests across the country, uncover and publicize spying by the FBI and local police, and put a stop to it. If you agree that the tools to fight terrorism should not be misused to target innocent people across America who have done nothing more than criticize the government or practice their religion, get involved today. Thank you for your support. Sincerely,Ann BeesonAssociate Legal Director Forward This To All Whom May Be Concerned)Visit Witchvox!http://www.witchvox.comTo find Groups & Websites Plz Visit Our Links Section In Magickal Creations=)

Healing for Feather

Long time Circle Community member Feather (Edie Ferguson) would like tothank everyone in this Healing Circle community who has sent her condolencesand support. Feather's mother, Mary Ellen Ferguson passed away on Monday,May 16, 2005. Visitation and memorial services will be held at FirstChristian Church in Macomb, Illinois on Saturday May 21. The visitation will begin at 10am, memorial service at 11am, followed by a gravesiteservice and a meal back at the church. Anyone interested in attending should contact Feather via her cell phone at608-692-5698. You may send continued support to Feather (Edie Ferguson) at the followingaddress:Edie Ferguson5698 Nutone StreetFitchburg, WI 273-1370

Healing request for Cat's Grandmother

Circle Community member Mama Cat Paula Morhardt is asking for energy for the quick and smooth passing of my grandmother, Arlene Brinkmeier. She has been ill for the last two years, and is fading quickly now. She in the last days, and the family would appreciate any energy sent to Arlene for a painless andtrouble free passing. You can send support emails to Mama Cat at the emailaddress below. Mama Cat(Paula Morhardt)

We except any Donations

Please feel free to donate any monieOfficial PayPal Seals to the Wisconsin Pagan Trader.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Witch's Creed

In silence of serenity I dwell;
It is my right.
In wisdom I rule my thought;
It is my duty.
In compassion I instruct mankindBy word and act, in righteousness and trueth.
It is my gift to his future,Freely given!
By the grace of heaven,By the favor of the GodsI hold the power in my hands;
Healing waters, and help for the needy!
Fires of Hell, and a scourge for the unruly;
Let no seeker of enlightmentLeave my presence unaided:
Let no evil doer have his Pleasure Upon my world.
I am Priestess of Infinite spaceConsecrated to the path,Minister to all life:
I shall not return,
From my quest, except as a Goddess!
Let the profane take heed and beware!
By the grace of heaven And the Gods of my Ancestors:



Yule was December 21,2005
Imbolc was January 25, 2005
Ostara was March 20, 2005
Beltane was April 24, 2005
Litha is June 20, 2005
Lugnasad is July 20, 2005
Mabon is September 22,2005
Samhain will be October 17,2005 or November 15, 2005
Because of dates of the Samhain are exactly the same amount of time you have two choices.
Theses dates are based on lunar and solar events.. Not what others might tell you based on traditional calender dates. Be proud of celebrating your festivals and holy days when they occur..

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Full Moon

A full Moon in May is a sacred time to bless your magical garden,
flowers, herbs, plants, and enchanting trees.
For best results, plant annual flowers in the waxing Moon, and
perennial flowers, trees, and scrubs in the waning Moon.

Statements of Belief

I believe in freedom of Wiccan religion. It satisfies the need of knowledge,
love, compassion and learning.
It allows us to examine our lives and how we treat others,
or life experience to change and become better persons.
We believe it is a true, honest an down to earth way of life..
Not unreachable goals we can never have or know.

A Psychic Experience

Several years ago, my youngest brother broke his leg when a brick wall gave away under him, When it happened though, I was several miles away and unaware of the incident. I felt a strange sharp pain in my leg, and saw stars as though I'd taken a blow to the hand, with his face superimposed over the stars. The strange thing about the pain, was that I knew he was in pain...that I wasn't feeling my own pain but his. That's the best I can describe it without writing pages and pages.

Ancient test can prove your wife really is a Witch!

No source given...
Superstitious grooms are bringing brides to a castle in Serbia
to see if they weigh more than a broom or less..
Apparently if the bride weighs less with a broom, then she is a Witch.
Is anyone weighing the men?
One can receive an authentic certificate saying one is not a Witch if
person and broom weighed together weigh more than the person alone on the scale.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Invocation for Water

Invocation for WaterWaves of love break,
o'er me nowShinning rain wash body and soul
Blue currants of power rise in me
Tides of change flow through meI call to you,
oh depths of wisdom Let me bathe in your happy laughing brook
And flow like you in growth.

Magic Cat

Magic Cat
Soft paws and swishing tails,
yellow eyes and purring smiles
whiskers moving through warm cat kisses
you sit as a statue watching my moves che shire cat glances
as my magic is cast bonded are we my familiar and me
In love In life forever
Blessed Be

Reality Tuned

Shall any gazer see with mortal eyes.
Shall any searcher know with mortal mind,
Veil after Veil will lift,
but there must be veil after veil behind
Purple Owl

Esbat Invocation

Mother of all, Goddess above, Look down on your children.
With goodness and love, grant us strength to heal and to grow,
share your fertility with us here below.
Show us your power to sprout things from seed.
Help us all here.In our time of need.
We worship your symbol of the moon.
And pray to our Mother to grant us this boon.
Be with us, Goddess, your children below.
Give us the knowledge that we need to grow.
Purple owl


We all come from the Goddess,And to her we shall return.
like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean,
We all come from the Goddess,
And to her we shall return,Born to seed, seed to sow,
All that dies shall be reborn.
Purple Owl

I am One

I am one with the High one.The universal spirit of the interconnectedness.And it's infinite being.It's wisdom shines into my eyes.And all is seen when I choose to look.It's reflection is inside of me.It's reflection is outside of me.I touch it's infinity with each breath.As a living creature I am in unity with all energy.I am unity with all energy.In touch with infinite way of nature.I conquer the suggestions of a limiting finite existence
Purple Owl

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Footprints in the Snow

When I was about 11 years old my grandfather died. Dead of winter. I remember being sad about his death, but the unusual event that took place really scared me. I remember sleeping in the living room of my grandfathers mobile home on the couch, It was such a bad snow storm out side I remember hearing noices through out the night. No way was I getting up. The next morning we were going to go to town. My Grandmother had some person coming to look at my grandfathers car, she did'nt drive and she didn't want it around. When we all got outside we was amazed at what we saw..The storm had cleared it was such a beautiful crisp air day. Except there was footprints leading to the window where I slept and footprints to the bedroom window where my sister and grandmother slept and then to the garage where the car was. Except the feetprint never desended from any of the locations. They led into the garage but never came back out. When the Man showed to see the car it would not start. My grandma could not sell a car that would not start, but ran the day before.. After a few hours my grandfather's son went to start it and it started right up turn of the key. I often think of this and just has always it intrigued me as I got older. I still wander today about it.


Nobody really cares where the moon goes at dawn. Just as long as it around when the sun goes down. Then there's nothing wrong. Mr Moon and me and my dog makes three, just like one big family. Everything is right when your shinning bright Mr. Moonlight. When the storm clouds gather and you don't know what to do. Pack up your troubles and take a walk underneath the Moon. Tell him whats wrong and before to long you'll be hummin a happy song. You make everything alright when your shinning bright. When I've been gone for a long time from home. You can bet your money honey when I walk, I walk alone. I'm not mixed up with Mr Moon around, the world is sound, it's not upside down. If you and I Mr. Moonlight we make three. And don't forget we'll have all night, you, him and me. He'll put the moonbeams in my hair, Mr Moonlight.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Do you have a True Experience?

We are asking you to all pitch in and if you
have a True story about past experiences we want to post them..
I am sure you have experiences you would like to share with our readers..
This newsletter is about us. Only you can make it work. So if you have a story
and want to tell us about it. Post it at and well post it. I won't post profanity...

Monday, May 02, 2005

School of Wicca; Has a new meaning

We often think, what would it be like with a actual School of Wicca in our town..
Would you attend?
Would you donate monies to keep it going?
What would the town say?
Would they try to burn it down?
Could they even try?
Would it be against the law?
Have you ever wanted just to find out what it would be like?
Could you learn a craft, like to make your own tools?
I think it would give Wicca a new meaning. We all could learn not to be afraid. We could join WARD, Witches Against Religious Discrimination.. We could stand tall and Harm None..

Movie Reviews

Has anyone got to see the movie called Drawing Down The Moon?
It is a great movie.. It does not exploit Witchcraft in any way.
it is about a self proclaimed Witch who comes to a small town of Steadfast
and opens a homeless shelter. But a few people in this town do not like it
especially when it is ran by a Witch, and try to run her out of town, no matter
what the cost.. And doesn't matter who gets hurt. The movie stars Walter Koenig
of Star Trek.. It is a great down to earth movie. You should try to get to see it.
Drawing Down the Moon is a thought-provoking, action packed modern fable..

Danielle Nailbert; Whats in the news for her

One of our finest has put a book together and it is called Basement Insanities Part Two.. Deeper into the mind of a Madman. It is an eye holder. It is a book very hard to put down once you start reading it.
Dannielle lives in Wisconsin, where she lives with her Husband (whom which I have never had the pleasure of meeting) And her son Johnny which is a fine interesting young man.
She is in the process of writting a new book called Jane the Ripper. And I can't wait for that one to be published. Danielle keep up the great work. I also look forward to see any other book or writtings you may be thinking about.
I expect to hear wonderful things about her.

Witch Words In the Pagan World

I have actually been thinking about a Sanctuary Haven learning center kind of place.. A place for gathering, a place for learning, there are so many different beliefs. We basically need to stand together. We are few, we do stand alone.. I understand that the Christians use to be Burn Witch Burn. But I will tell you times have changed. There are a lot more coming out of the closet sort of speak. People are excepting us. A few will discredit us or perhaps throw a few stones. But what is a few stones when we have been Federally been approved. If the Military can grant us time to practice our Craft and Worship our Deities Why can't anyone else? I think a Haven would be a great place but would there be enough support to keep it going. It is a big step for the Pagan World in Wisconsin. I think this newsletter is a start.. Don't you?