Sunday, May 21, 2006

Healing to Tecumseh

Healing to Tecumseh, Alaskan malamute companion of Theresa Greco of Wisconsin.May Tecumseh be healed of neurological and other problems and be restored to health. Also send support to Theresa for dealing with this healing need.Well wishes can be sent by email to her:
Healing Circle: Friday, May 19, 2006


Two Pagan elders, writers, and artists from California need yourhelp-- Morning Glory and Oberon Ravenhart Zell of Mythic Images, ChurchofAll Worlds, and Grey School of Wizardry.Please send healing to Morning Glory Zell, who is in the hospitalbeingtreated for bone cancer in her spine that was diagnosed this week.Please send support to her life partner Oberon Zell who is by herside.Remember them in your meditations, prayers, and rituals.Well wishes also can be sent to them through email: circumstances are such that they are not able to replyindividually to emails they receive, they thank you in advance foryourhealing, support, and well wishes.Please pass the word on to others you know who are willing to join insending healing and support.
Thank you.
Selena Fox
Circle SanctuaryHealing Circle: Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good News

The Mystic Candle is now accepting Credit Cards on purchase in the shop.
Please feel free to stop in and purchase by credit card.Visa , Mastercard, Discover card.
Blessed Be

Pagan Love Nest News

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Plant a Tree

PLEASE PLANT A TREE!We are trying to give Mother Earth a Gaia healing. Please Plant atree! Last summer I went out into the woods and planted 32 apple treeswith my daughter. That was my gift to the Earth & animals that I love.If we all work together we can make this world a better place. PlzPlant a tree! If you eat an apple? Save the seed! These are almostFree to plant. Trees give wildlife a home and also a great source offood as well. Tree.

Healing Ra Vyn FyRe's Grandmother

Please send healing to RaVyn FyRe's grandmother, Arlis, of Wisconsin.She has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread toher neck. She has just begun radiation treatment which may go on forthe next two to six weeks. Please send healing, well wishes, andprayers.Send healing prayers and wishes for Arlis to: ravynfyre@sbcglobal.netRaVyn FyRe will be printing off copies of the healing support emailsand delivering them to her grandmother daily. She thanks you inadvancefor any healing you send.

Healing to Bronwyn

Please send healing to Bronwyn of Wisconsin. She is recovering from the surgical removal of polyps and a large cyst.Well wishes can be sent to her:
Healing Circle: Tuesday, May 9, 2006