Saturday, November 24, 2007

UPDATE & More Healing for Deborah & Jeri

Deborah Ann Light and Jeri Baldwin send thanks to everyone who has been
sending healing and support to them as a result of the call for healing
that has gone out to this Healing Circle and elsewhere.

When we spoke today by phone, Jeri asked me also to express their
for all the emails you have sent thus far. Although circumstances are
such that they can not be individually responded to, know that these
expressions of healing and support are helping both of them.

Deborah Ann Light is doing better. She is out of the ICU and her pain
subsided. She is continuing to undergo testing and treatment in the
hospital in Florida where she has been for more than a week. Please
continue to send healing to her .... it is much appreciated and has

Also, please continue to send support to her partner Jeri Baldwin --
send her healing as well.

Continue to use the photo of them as a focus:

Please continue to email words of healing and support to both Deborah

Thank you!
Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Healing Circle: Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

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Condolences to Paula Johnson

Paula Johnson thanks everyone who responded to this morning's Healing
Circle message about her father's critical condition. Her father,
Leonard Caplan, died this afternoon at 12:32 eastern time. Your support has
helped her and her family deal with this transition.

Please continue to remember Paula and her family.

Send condolences:

Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Condolences to Skycat & Bella on the passing of Ralph Dare

On Tuesday, November 6, we requested that blessings be sent to
Skycat's father, Ralph Dare, who was in the final stages of life. Last night,
at 10:25 pm eastern time, Ralph died. Visitation will be tomorrow
afternoon, and his funeral will be held on Saturday morning. Ralph was a World
War II Army veteran and a lifelong member of the VFW. Blessings on his life
and service this Veterans Day weekend.

Selena Fox spoke by phone with both Skycat and Bella this afternoon
and they asked her to convey their appreciation to members of this
Healing Circle for your support during Ralph's dying transition.

Please continue to remember them and their other loved ones.

Condolences can be sent:

Healing Circle: Thursday, November 8, 2007

Send Healing to Leonard Caplan

Please send healing to Leonard Caplan, father of Paula Johnson of
Circle Sanctuary and the Lady Liberty League.

Leonard had a heart attack earlier this week and has three blocked
arteries that need bypass surgery. The surgery was scheduled for today but he
developed an infection and is now in the ICU in Long Island, New York
in critical condition.

Leonard is responding to antibiotics and they hope to operate early
next week as soon as the infection clears. He is in otherwise good health
and is expected to recover provided he can stabilize enough to have the
needed surgery. He is sedated heavily and ventilated in order to make
things easier on his heart. He is 67 years old.

To help visualize, go to the following website, and at the bottom
there is a picture of Leonard with his car.

Also send support to Paula and other family members.

Email well wishes:

Healing Circle: Saturday, November 10, 2007

Update on Deborah Ann Light

Update on Deborah Ann Light -- More Healing Urgently Needed

A short while ago, I spoke with Jeri Baldwin, Deborah Ann Light's
partner.Jeri, who continues to be at the hospital with Deborah, very much
appreciates all the emails and other support she and Deborah have
been receiving from the Healing Circle. Jeri has email access at the

Even more spiritual healing is needed. Deborah's condition took a
turn for the worse during the night and now she is in the intensive care unit
at the hospital in Florida where she has been for the past week.

Although Deborah has undergone many tests, the medical staff still
has not been able to determine the cause of her condition and have not yet
found a way to stabilize her blood pressure.

Please continue to do healing work on Deborah's behalf and encourage
others to do so.

And also send support and emails to Jeri:

Visualize Deborah surrounded by a beautiful green light of healing
that will stabilize her blood pressure and return her to wellness -- Deborah is
pictured to my right in the Pagan Delegates to the Assembly photo
included with this article:
Thank you!

Selena Fox

Healing Circle: Thursday, November 8, 2007

Send Blessings to Ralph Duke

Please send blessings to Ralph Duke who is 93 years old and is in the
final stages of life. He was hospitalized today in Lima, Ohio.

Please also send support to his son Skycat and to Skycat's longtime
friend,Bella, both of the Lady of the Sacred Grove and Stone Circle of Lima,
Ohio.Bella, Skycat, and other members of LSGSC are also long-time members of
the Pagan Spirit Gathering Community and facilitate the Bast Ritual and
1000 candles Labyrinth each year.

Email words of comfort to:

Healing to Deborah Ann Light

Please send healing to Deborah Ann Light, beloved Hedgewitch & Pagan
Elder, who has been hospitalized due to severe chest pains and blood
pressure problems. Deborah has been in a Florida hospital since

Please do rituals, meditations, and other healing work.
* Send comfort, healing, and well-being to Deborah.
* Send support to her partner, Jeri.
* Also send blessings to the doctors and others who are caring for
so that they correctly diagnose her condition and do effective

Please also email Deborah well-wishes -- send them to her via Jeri's
email: Although circumstances are such that they may
be individually acknowledged, know that your emails will be very much

Please help us network healing support for Deborah -- forward this
to others who may be willing to join this healing work.

For updates, please join our Healing Circle list -- subscribe to this
free, occasional ebulletin at
email the Circle Sanctuary office and ask to be subscribed