Friday, May 14, 2010

Sacred Harvest Festival first registration deadline July 1

What: Sacred Harvest Festival
Where: Harmony Park, just north of Albert Lea, Minnesota
When: August 7-15, 2010

Spring is here, the days are warmer, and we can practically taste the
coming of summer. That means that many of us are beginning to think about
the upcoming summer Pagan festivals, including Sacred Harvest Festival!

Sacred Harvest Festival is the largest Pagan festival in Minnesota, and
one of the largest family friendly Pagan festivals in the nation. This is
a festival so engaging that people have actually moved to Minnesota to be
closer to the tribe which creates it. It is a festival known for its
wonderful community, moving rituals every day, and it's commitment to its
yearly theme.

This year's theme is "Seducing the Muse". That means that this year the
rituals, choice of nationally known guests, and workshops will seek to
empower the inspiration and artistry of those attending. This should be a
year of creative expansion at Sacred Harvest Fest.

The first registration deadline is July 1, so be sure to register early
for the best rate. There are special rates for 3 days, 5 days, the full 9
days, and family discounts.

Register at

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Recipe For Red skin or Rough Skin

An age-old folklore ideas that seem to have been lost with time. But if you follow step by step instructions it can benefit you. Cut a tomato in half sprinkle just a touch of salt on it. Rub it on your red or toughened skin. Don't worry about seed or dribbling juice; you will be able to was it off in an half and hour after it dries. Then wash off, swab the treated area with a quart of boiled water which you have added a tablespoon of white vinegar. Do not use soap, ointments or lotions beyond the tomotoe and the vinegar-water. If the redness is still apparent after 2 hours repeat the treatment.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Beltane Year Cycle

Many of us celebrate May festivals demonstrates how Pagan survived the Christanization of the British Isles. The May Queen is simply a disguise for a Goddess proxy. Even the May pole the very heart of our holy day, is a symbolic merger of soft feminine ribbons playfully winding around an erect phallus. Celebrate May Eve at sundown or May 1st also known as May Day. Named for the Celtic God of light. Witches calender beginning of summer, the first day of fout Celtic fire festivals.
The Beltane Craft summer festival observed on the full moon nearest May Ist. Which would of been April 28.