Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Healing to NIU

Please continue to remember students, faculty, staff, families, and
others associated with Northern Illinois University in Dekalb,

Thanks for the healing blessings you have sent to those impacted by
the tragic shootings on campus last week.

On Sunday, February 24 at 7 pm, there will be a public Memorial
Ceremony at the NIU campus and on Monday, class sessions resume.
Some of those who are part of Circle Sanctuary's NIU support
response team will be attending the Memorial Ceremony and also will
be support counselors in Monday classes.

If you plan to attend the Memorial Ceremony and want to connect with
Circle Sanctuary support team members and other Pagans, please

Today, the one week anniversary of this tragedy, NIU and the
surrounding area will observe 5 minutes of silence beginning at
3:06 pm (central time) and then bells at the Holmes Student Center
on campus and churches in the area will chime until 3:11 pm, one
minute for each of the NIU students killed in the shooting. NIU's
President will introduce today's observance at 3 pm.

Please continue to send spiritual support to the NIU community and
those who are providing help.
Thank you.

Rev. Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Please send Healing to Tammy

Please send healing to Tammy of Four Winds Sanctuary in Illinois.

She is having surgery tomorrow, Tuesday, February 26, to treat the
severe scoliosis of Tammy's spine. The bend in her spine has begun
affecting her lungs and breathing.

Her surgical procedure, which is likely to take a minimum of fifteen
hours, is long and complex. The doctors will be fusing all of her
vertebrae and her pelvic bones and then placing a rod in her back
along her spine.

Mama Cat, her mother-in-law, is coordinating spiritual healing for
Tammy and asks that those doing workings on her behalf send it to a
spiritual energy area above the hospital so that it can be
harmoniously directed to Tammy, her doctors, and others providing

Her surgery is taking place at the University Hospital on the
University of Wisconsin campus in the center of Madison, Wisconsin.

Mama Cat also asks for spiritual support be sent to her son and
Tammy's husband, as well as well wishes to their children eight year
old Caleb, four year old Brianna and ten month old Matthew.

Send written well-wishes to Tammy and her family via the Four Winds
Sanctuary email:
Put: Healing for Tammy in the subject line.

Tammy and her family send thanks for all well-wishes and other
support you send. Although circumstances are such that emails sent
can not be individually acknowledged, know that every one is
appreciated and will be printed off and relayed to Tammy and her
Thank you!

Healing Circle: Monday, February 25, 2008

Send Healing to Will

Please send comfort, strength and healing to Will Krohn of the
Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Will is a long standing member of the Gaia's Womb/EarthTraditions
Tribe, and of Circle Sanctuary. He was recently released from the
hospital with a diagnosis of thyroid cancer and Hodgkin's lymphoma.
He will be undergoing treatment and he could use the support of the

Well wishes can be sent to

Healing Circle: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please Sending to Wesley

Please send healing to Wesley of Port Charlotte, Florida.

Wesley had to have emergency surgery for kidney stones on Tuesday,
February 19. Please send healing to him and also please send
strength, courage, and
great health to Marilyn who is Wesley's wife.

Send well wishes and other words of support to Wesley and family via
his daughter-in-law, Rev. Deborah Roberts, at:

Healing Circle: Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please send healing to Seta

Please send healing to Seta of Pennsylvania.

Seta has recently been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.
She has also been missing work lately for various health issues. Please
send healing and support for her health, work, and spiritual life.

Well wishes can be sent to Seta via

Healing Circle: Thursday, February 14, 2008

latest news on Saskia:

Carol Nowlan/Epona ( of the UK shares the
latest news on Saskia:

"All the prayers and ritual work that is being done by the Healing
Circle and others, appear to be helping and working. Although she is
still in isolation, Saskia has tolerated the Chemotherapy well and has
not developed any further infection. The doctors decided to use what
was harvested from her mother Angelika. Saskia has been perky in
recent days. Her condition continues to be monitored. All of us
continue to live in hope. Thank you so much for the on-going sharing
of support via prayers, meditations, and rituals, and well wishes
through the emails you have been sending. Know that although
circumstances are such that the family and I are not able to respond
individually, we send out appreciation to all of you through this email."

Healing Circle: Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Update on Baby Saskia

Update on Baby Saskia

Thank you to everyone who has sent healing to Saskia, a 2 1/2 year old
girl from South Africa now living with her parents in the UK.

A photo to use as a healing focus as well as information about her
condition is on-line:

Here is the latest info:

>From Carol/Epona in the UK on February 1: To all who have sent good
wishes to Saskia and her family via email to me - heartfelt thanks.
I have passed on all messages to Bill, who in turn has printed them
and taken them to Angelika who is at the hospital with Saskia. They
are overwhelmed with the response and kindness. Thanks for your
prayers, please keep them going!

Email additional well wishes to Saskia & family:

Saskia's dad, Bill, an American citizen from New England, relays the
following update:

"Saskia has had her bone marrow transplant yesterday and now we wait.
The BMT is a very simple procedure. My wife, Angelika, had a very
successful `harvest' of stem cells last Monday. Now we wait for
Saskia's bone marrow to start producing neutrophils. The wait can
take up to three weeks but we can start seeing results as early as
ten days (very optimistic).

Saskia may develop `Graft versus host disease', or GVHD, is a
problem that may occur after the bone marrow transplant.

When Angelika's stem cells (the graft) were given to Saskia, the new
stem cells traveled (and are still traveling) to Saskia's bone marrow
and begin to grow there and produce new blood cells (engraftment).
These new blood cells include the white cells that form the immune
system. This means that Saskia will have the immune system of
Angelika. Saskia will also have my wife's DNA. Saskia's immune system
normally will recognize my wife's cells
and attack them. Or Angelika's white cells may attack Saskia's.
This is GVHD.

The doctors want to see GVHD initially and to a small degree – that
means Saskia's immune system is producing the neutrophils. Then they
have contingencies in place to combat GVHD. Symptoms can vary from
jaundice, dry mouth, rashes or blistering, stiff joints, stomach
pain, and can affect the liver.

The doctors are very pleased at Saskia's improvement. Her attitude
and spirit are excellent. Phil and I spent most of the day with
Mother and Baby – both are amazing. I am so fortunate to be blessed
with two beautiful and perfect women."

Healing Circle: Friday, February 1, 2008

Please send healing to Gene

Please send healing to Gene of Jamestown, North Carolina.

Gene has been battling various forms of cancer since the early 90's. A
couple weeks ago he learned that the esophageal cancer has come back.
Chemotherapy is his only option. His first treatment of chemo started
this week. Please send blessings to Gene and his family, plus to his
doctor and others on his medical team.

Send well wishes and other words of support to him via his daughter,
Red Eagle, at:
Gene's family thanks everyone in advance for the healing & strength

Healing Circle: Friday, February 1, 2008

URGENT Call for Healing

URGENT Call for Healing

Please send healing to Saskia, daughter of Angelika DesRosiers.
Saskia is 2 1/2 years old and is about to undergo a medical
procedures that can save her life, but will be putting her life at risk.

Saskia is in the hospital with a very rare type of Aplasmic Anaemia.
This weekend, she will be undergoing a stem cell and bone marrow
transplant. These are very dangerous procedures since it will kill off
her immune system as part of the healing process.

Saskia and her family, originally from South Africa, are now living in
the UK. Saskia's mother, Angelika, first connected with Selena Fox
and some others associated with Circle Sanctuary during the
Parliament of the World's Religions in South Africa in 1999.
Angelika and her family need help.
Epona Moondancer/Carol Nowlan, a long-time friend of Angelika's and a
priestess connected with Circle in the UK is among those coordinating

Use the photo at our healing site as a focus -- Saskia is the one with
the teddy bear. Her brother is shown with her.

Epona's recent networking email is on the page with the photo and
contains more details.

Please take a few minutes right now and send Saskia healing blessings
as well as strength and support to her mother, other family, and to
Epona Moondancer/Carol Nowlan ... And blessings to the medical team
working to save Saskia's life.

Email well-wishes for Saskia and her support team to Epona/Carol:

Thanks in advance for all help that you send -- and know that your
spiritual support and any well wishes by email you send are greatly
appreciated even if they are not individually acknowledged due to the
demands of this situation.

Please forward copies of this email on to others who can help. It is
OK to post on blogs, websites, and discussion lists. Thank you!

Selena Fox, High Priestess of Circle Sanctuary

NOTE: Selena is presently at the Sacred Space Conference in Laurel,
Maryland and is doing healing work for Saskia during the conference,
including as part of the Brigid Healing Ritual she is facilitating on
Sunday afternoon from 4 - 6 pm Eastern Time -- if you wish to attend
this working in person, more info about location, registration, etc.
is on-line: -- or spiritually join in during
times. Thanks!