Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update on Baby Saskia

Update on Baby Saskia

Thank you to everyone who has sent healing to Saskia, a 2 1/2 year old
girl from South Africa now living with her parents in the UK.

A photo to use as a healing focus as well as information about her
condition is on-line:

Here is the latest info:

>From Carol/Epona in the UK on February 1: To all who have sent good
wishes to Saskia and her family via email to me - heartfelt thanks.
I have passed on all messages to Bill, who in turn has printed them
and taken them to Angelika who is at the hospital with Saskia. They
are overwhelmed with the response and kindness. Thanks for your
prayers, please keep them going!

Email additional well wishes to Saskia & family:

Saskia's dad, Bill, an American citizen from New England, relays the
following update:

"Saskia has had her bone marrow transplant yesterday and now we wait.
The BMT is a very simple procedure. My wife, Angelika, had a very
successful `harvest' of stem cells last Monday. Now we wait for
Saskia's bone marrow to start producing neutrophils. The wait can
take up to three weeks but we can start seeing results as early as
ten days (very optimistic).

Saskia may develop `Graft versus host disease', or GVHD, is a
problem that may occur after the bone marrow transplant.

When Angelika's stem cells (the graft) were given to Saskia, the new
stem cells traveled (and are still traveling) to Saskia's bone marrow
and begin to grow there and produce new blood cells (engraftment).
These new blood cells include the white cells that form the immune
system. This means that Saskia will have the immune system of
Angelika. Saskia will also have my wife's DNA. Saskia's immune system
normally will recognize my wife's cells
and attack them. Or Angelika's white cells may attack Saskia's.
This is GVHD.

The doctors want to see GVHD initially and to a small degree – that
means Saskia's immune system is producing the neutrophils. Then they
have contingencies in place to combat GVHD. Symptoms can vary from
jaundice, dry mouth, rashes or blistering, stiff joints, stomach
pain, and can affect the liver.

The doctors are very pleased at Saskia's improvement. Her attitude
and spirit are excellent. Phil and I spent most of the day with
Mother and Baby – both are amazing. I am so fortunate to be blessed
with two beautiful and perfect women."

Healing Circle: Friday, February 1, 2008

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