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Traditions Magazine

Item: Traditions Magazine - Volume 1 - Winter 2004
Price: $2.50 USD
Condition: NEW

Description: A journal of folklore and magic. Thisis the premier first edition of the magazine known as Traditions Magazine which ceased publication in 2005. The magazine is currently out of print. These are the last known copies of the magazine whichwere obtained directly from the publisher and are in NEW condition.

Number of Available Copies: 10

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Healing to Ana Blechschmidt

Please send healing blessings to Ana Blechschmidt of Illinois. She was
just admitted to a Dekalb hospital for treatment of pneumonia in her left
lung and some infections.

Ana has been part of the Pagan Spirit Gathering Community and
associated with Circle Sanctuary for many years.

Please also send blessings to her husband Jim and her friend Barb who
are providing support.

Email well-wishes to Ana:

Healing Circle: Monday, May 12, 2008

Healing to Matthew of Illinois

Please send healing to Matthew, thirteen month old grandson of Mama Cat
of Four Winds Sanctuary in Illinois.

He broke his leg last night while going down a slide with his older
brother. Matthew is now in a splint from his ankle to his pelvis to reduce
swelling. Next Tuesday he will get a cast and have it on about a month.

Matthew had been walking for four months and this mishap has been
challenging for him and his family.

Please send healing to Matthew, support to his brother Caleb who was
with him when the accident occurred, to their parents, and to Mama Cat and
other loved ones providing support.

Email well wishes:

Healing Circle: Thursday, May 15, 2008

Healing Update for Ana

Thanks to everyone who has been sending healing blessings and other
support to Ana Blechschmidt in Illinois. She was released from the hospital
yesterday and is now home and doing much better.

She appreciates all the care and support she has received.

Continued well wishes can be sent to her by email:

Healing Circle: Thursday, May 15, 2008

Healing to Cammy

Send healing to Cammy of Maine. She had gall bladder surgery on
Friday, May 16, 2008. The surgery went well but she is still experiencing quite a
bit of pain and is having difficulties with eating. Please remember her
and her mother, Jeannine aka Lady Lyra, who is providing support. Send healing
support in your Full Moon Circles and other meditations and rituals.

Well wishes can be emailed to her via her mother, Lady Lyra:

Healing Circle: Monday, May 19, 2008

Healing to Gloria Villanueva

Please send healing to Circle Sanctuary priestess Gloria Villanueva of
Racine, Wisconsin.

Gloria has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer. She had a biopsy
yesterday and later this week, she will be getting more information
about the type of cancer and treatment options.

Please send her healing blessings. If possible, please email well
wishes to her:

Healing Circle: Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Support to Luna Lynn

Send blessings to Luna Lynn of Wisconsin for her pregnancy. May she
and the baby in the making be blessed with good health and well-being.
Blessings also to Andrew, her husband, who is giving her support.

Well wishes can be emailed to Luna Lynn:

Healing Circle: Tuesday, May 21, 2008

Healing to Alex

Healing to Alex, son of Pagan priestess and author Margot Adler and her
husband of New York. Alex has a serious and massive sinus infection
and a deviated septum and will be having sinus surgery on June 3, 2008.

Please send healing to Alex, and support to his parents.

Healing Circle: Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Healing for Gloria & Update

Please continue to send healing blessings to Gloria Villanueva, Circle
Sanctuary priestess from Racine, Wisconsin.

This is follow-up to the call for we sent out last Tuesday, May 21,
2008 to the Healing Circle.

Photos of Gloria that can be used as a focus in spiritual healing are
now on-line:

Additional testing done last week indicates that Gloria has stage 3
stomach cancer in her stomach, in lymph nodes near her stomach, and a
bit in a bone in her chest.

Gloria decided to start treatment right away. She was admitted to St.
Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this morning, where she
will be staying all week and receiving daily chemotherapy.

Gloria thanks everyone for the healing prayers, rituals, meditations,
and emails sent to her and her family over the past week. Your caring and
blessings are a great comfort and help.

Although her circumstances are such that Gloria is not able to
individually reply to all the well wishes emails she has received thus
far, know that she very much appreciates them. Additional emails can
be sent to her:

In doing healing rituals, chants, visualization, prayers, meditation,
and other spiritual work, Gloria asks that you focus on stopping and
dispelling the cancer, on healing her body, and on sending her
physical, mental, emotional, social, behavioral, and spiritual well-being. She
asks for strength and other support for the medical treatments she will
be receiving at the hospital and elsewhere.

In addition, Gloria welcomes information about complementary therapies
that could assist in her healing journey -- email her, with cc to
Selena Fox (

Please also continue to send blessings to her husband, Martin, and to
her other family and friends who are providing support.


Healing Circle: Monday, May 26, 2008

Healing to Chante & to Parkersburg, Iowa

On Sunday afternoon, May 25, 2008, a tornado destroyed a large part of
Parkersburg, Iowa.

Please send healing blessings to those of Parkersburg, Iowa, including
long-time Circle Sanctuary Community member Chante and her adult
daughter Veronica. Although Chante, Veronica, their creature companions, and
their home survived the tornado, they are still impacted. They knew some of
those who were killed and some who were injured. Chante and Veronica are
part of the post-tornado recovery efforts for the local town.

Chante, a pipecarrier trained in traditional ways and who works
multiculturally, has lead sweatlodges and done teaching at the Pagan
Spirit Gathering over the years. In phone calls with Selena and Skye, she
asks the Healing Circle to send spiritual healing support to those in
Parkersburg and surrounding areas.

Chante also thanks those who have been sending her healing for her back
problems. Please continue to send spiritual healing to her back and
arms as well as support to her for her upcoming surgery later this year.

Healing Circle: Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stone Rune Set With Casting Bowl and Cloth

Handcrafted Stone Rune Set With Casting Bowl and Cloth
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Description: Includes a set of 24 hand carved stone runes, a hand embroidered casting cloth, and a customer designed and hand painted casting bowl. This is a very unique set and is truly one of a kind with detailed symbolism and imagery. The rune stones are large, carved deep, and you can feel them fit nicely in your hands when you work with them. Each aspect of this set is handmade with great thought and it is truly hoped that the set will go to someone who will work with the runes. Allot of time and care has been invested into their creation and now it is time for them to find their new owner.

Please click on the links to the auctions to view more details, photos, and to see more. The bowel and cloth are also very beautiful and I think that each piece of this set could stand alone, but as a set they are complete and therefore the auction includes all three items together.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Send healing to Michaelino

Please send healing and support to Michaelino/Michael who is having
sinus surgery tomorrow, Friday morning, May 9, 2008 at 7:15 am.
Michaelino is a member of the Circle Sanctuary Community and lives
near Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve in southwestern Wisconsin.

The surgery is being performed at the University of Wisconsin Hospital
outpatient surgery center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Please send strength, healing and support to Michaelino as well as
blessings to the medical team caring for him.

Please send well wishes to:

Healing Circle: Thursday, May 08, 2008

Please send healing and support to twin babies, Avery Lee & Elliot

Please send healing and support to twin babies, Avery Lee & Elliot
James,who are in the intensive care unit in a hospital in Milwaukee,
Also send blessings of their support to their parents and other family,
including MoonFeather of the Circle Sanctuary Community.

These identical twin grandbabies made their entrance 6.5 weeks early on
Saturday May 3rd. As preemies they are struggling with their lungs, are
not able to be touched by parents and other families due to being in
an incubator, and are having jaundice and other challenges.

Please send strength, healing, and support to the twins and their loved
ones, as well as blessings to the medical team caring for them. Thanks!

Healing Circle: Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Please send healing to Chante

Please send healing to Chanté that her back pain and related problems
be dispelled and she be well. Also send support to those caring for
her including medical staff that are endeavoring to correctly diagnose
her condition and treat it.

Chanté has been a member of Circle Sanctuary for many years and is
presently living with family in Iowa. A teacher for women's groups
and women's ways through the Lakota tradition as well as a Pagan,
Chanté has facilitated women's and mixed sweatlodges at Pagan Spirit
Gathering over the years and has done teaching in the US & Germany.

Please email well wishes for Chanté to her friend Skye who will relay
them to her:

Healing Circle: Monday, April 28, 2008