Sunday, January 28, 2007

Harrison Update

Brad and Emily express their gratitude for the healing
support everyone sent.

They have reported that Harrison is doing wonderful.
The surgery was a complete success, and his initial response
to the recovery was much better
than the doctors anticipated. They were in the ICU
for a few days mostly for
precautionary observation. All indications are that
Harrison will be able to
live a full and normal life. Brad and Emily thank the
Healing Circle for the
positive support.

Continued well wishes can be sent by email to them:

Healing Circle: Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What is Truth

The old man turned off the radio
Said, "Where did all of the old songs go
Kids sure play funny music these days
They play it in the strangest ways"
Said, "it looks to me like they've all gone wild
It was peaceful back when I was a child"
Well, man, could it be that the girls and boys
Are trying to be heard above your noise?
And the lonely voice of youth cries "What is truth?"

A little boy of three sittin' on the floor
Looks up and says, "Daddy, what is war?"
"son, that's when people fight and die"
The little boy of three says "Daddy, why?"
A young man of seventeen in Sunday school
Being taught the golden rule
And by the time another year has gone around
It may be his turn to lay his life down
Can you blame the voice of youth for asking
"What is truth?"
A young man sittin' on the witness stand
The man with the book says "Raise your hand"
"Repeat after me, I solemnly swear"
The man looked down at his long hair
And although the young man solemnly swore
Nobody seems to hear anymore
And it didn't really matter if the truth was there
It was the cut of his clothes and the length of his hair
And the lonely voice of youth cries
"What is truth?"

The young girl dancing to the latest beat
Has found new ways to move her feet
The young man speaking in the city square
Is trying to tell somebody that he cares
Yeah, the ones that you're calling wild
Are going to be the leaders in a little while
This old world's wakin' to a new born day
And I solemnly swear that it'll be their way
You better help the voice of youth find
"What is truth/"


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Need New Post

Please feel free to post your want ads, for sale ads, or even any sales, or healing you want to send out. It's free. Please keep it clean.. just send it to www.groups/

Healing and Support Mamma Cat

Please send healing to Mama Cat of Four Winds
Sanctuary in Illinois. She is
going to be in Monroe Clinic Hospital in Wisconsin
for the next week for the
second part of her total knee replacement surgery.
The surgery will take
place on Tuesday, December 5. Please send her
healing energy during her
surgery and for a rapid recovery afterwards.

Since she will be off-line during the surgery and
recovery period, her son will be checking email for her --
send well wishes to her via him:

Mama Cat is open to visitors during her week at the
hospital as well as during her post-surgery recovery at home.
For info about the location of
her room, visiting hours, and directions to the hospital,
call the hospital:
608-324-1000. Those wishing to visit her at home should
email her via her son to make arrangements.


Circle Sanctuary Community member Traci Gardner
thanks everyone for their
support and healing blessings for dealing with a
child custody battle. The judge ruled in her favor,
permitting her to remain as custodial parent with
joint custody and 50/50 visitation. The custody arrangements
will be finalized on January 29.

Traci says: "Thank you for all of your prayers, energy,
laughter, kicks in the head and encouragement."

Well wishes can be emailed to her:

Healing to Harrison

Brad and Emily Stewart of Illinois write:

"Please keep our 4 month old son, Harrison James Stewart,
in your healing thoughts and help us ensure that he has a
successful surgery for his heart repair and a full recovery.
The date will be Wednesday, January 17,2007.
It will start around 10 am and will go for 2-3 hours.
It will take place at
Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois,
which is a suburb bordering nortwest Chicago."

Well wishes and other words of support can be emailed to them:

Well Wishes for Eric and Family

Please send spiritual healing and support to
Eric Erickson of Wisconsin and his family,
who are part of the Circle Sanctuary Community.

On Saturday, December 30, 2006, Eric was hospitalized
and testing revealed that he has a brain tumor.

On Tuesday, January 9, 2007 Eric will have surgery at
Meriter Hospital in
Madison, Wisconsin to remove the tumor.
The surgery begins at Noon and is expected to take
six hours or more.

Please send support to Eric and his family as
he prepares for this surgery.

Please send blessings that the surgery go well,
and that any follow-up therapies will be successful.

Please send healing to Eric for a complete and
speedy recovery from the surgery.
Please send well wishes that Eric's good health be restored.

Please send blessings to Eric's family and friends
who are supporting him.

In addition to remembering him and his family in
your circles,meditations,
and prayers, if possible please email well wishes to
Eric and his family:

Selena & Circle Sanctuary