Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Healing and Support Mamma Cat

Please send healing to Mama Cat of Four Winds
Sanctuary in Illinois. She is
going to be in Monroe Clinic Hospital in Wisconsin
for the next week for the
second part of her total knee replacement surgery.
The surgery will take
place on Tuesday, December 5. Please send her
healing energy during her
surgery and for a rapid recovery afterwards.

Since she will be off-line during the surgery and
recovery period, her son will be checking email for her --
send well wishes to her via him:

Mama Cat is open to visitors during her week at the
hospital as well as during her post-surgery recovery at home.
For info about the location of
her room, visiting hours, and directions to the hospital,
call the hospital:
608-324-1000. Those wishing to visit her at home should
email her via her son to make arrangements.

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