Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Virtual March

Cindy McNamara has joined the Virtual March on Washington to Stop Global Warming and hopes you will, too!
Cindy says: Join me on the StopGlobalWarming.org campaign.
From the vanishing glaciers in Montana to the damaged coral reefs of Florida;
to sinking villages in Alaska and wild fire outbreaks in California,
the impacts of global warming are a part of daily life across the United States.
It is crucial that you join the March because the consequences of doing nothing are unimaginable.
It affects everyone. Young, old, rich, poor, urban, rural, right wing, left wing,
those in the middle. Global warming is a national security problem, an
economic problem, and a public health problem. And it's not going to get better
unless we act now.
And so we need all Americans to join together and urge our leaders to take
action to stop global warming. Leading scientists, political and religious leaders,
prominent Americans and concerned citizens have joined but we can't achieve
our goals without you. It is through our numbers and personal stories that we will spur our community, government and business leaders to take action against global warming.

Analogy of Being of One God

I awoke one day to find I have all the power in the Universe, but I am completely alone.
I asked myself, what shall I do with all my power, I am all alone with no one to play with.
So I decided I would divide myself up into an infinite amount of different things.
I will become an infinite multitude of conscious and unconscious entities/objects.
Everything shall be apart of me. I will take all of the parts of myself which are conscious,
and make them temporarily forget the whole of myself. I shall through out eternity
play an endless game of "hide and seek" with myself. I will make this illusionary
game so realistic that when I play the part of a human, I will not realize that all the
other humans I interact with are simply parts of myself.
I will play this game through out eternity for I have nothing else to do but play.
I will experience every possible experience, for I live forever. Being that I know all things,
I know the out come ofeach experience I will have. The whole of myself understands this,
but now I shall take the whole of myself and go back to sleep, and forever allow the parts of myself to dream/play forever.

Healing to Bear

Please continue to send healing to Bear,
husband of Jill Medicine Heart.Today Bear was transported
to the VA Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio in anattempt to save his life
and learn more about what is causing the strokes hehas been having.
Please continue to send healing to Jill and to Bear's family and friends.
If you are in the Cincinnati area and are able to visit her by Bear's
sidein the hospital, please be in touch with Jill as soon as possible:medicineheart@yahoo.com Healing Circle: Friday, September 16, 2005

Healing to Basia

Send Healing to Basia
Please send positive, rejuvenating, healing energies to Basia and
specifically, her left knee. She took a spill and pulled/twisted her knee
severely enough to where, at this point, she has lost mobility.
Basia is awaitress and needs to be physically functional in order
to do her job andhave an income.Send healing messages to Basia at: winefaery@yahoo.com
Healing Circle: Monday, September 19, 2005

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hurricane Relief

For those who donnae' know me, just call me Shadow... I'm from the Domain and Realms: a micronation dedicated to all things magickal...But I'm not here tonight to talk about the Domain and Realms...But about the people - both magickal and mundane - who have suffered the wrath of Hurricane Katrina... And how I'm working to help the people down there and along the Gulf Coast as best as possible... Particularly for the children who have suffered...For those of you who believe in magick, I encourage you to use what magick you posess and focus it towards the healing of the Gulf Coast however you can... However your heart and soul guides you to... Whether you be Christian, pagan, or otherwise... They are not refugees... I am Domani... but I am still an American... They are our people... They need our help... As much as we can give...I also enocurage more mundane help in the form of donations to the American Red Cross towards hurricane releif, either in the form of money, food, or clothing... I myself am in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, and will be contacting magick and pagan groups in that area and getting together to see about working with either the Red Cross or the Marine Corps in organizing a supply drive to send down to the Gulf States... If any who read this live in or around the Milwaukee, feel free to contact me at guardianargreg@yahoo.com to find out more... For the rest of you, I encourage you to do something similar...Do what you can... However you can... When you can... I wish you all Good Dreaming and Blessed Be...Sincerely, -ShadowThe Domain and Realms - http://thedomainandrealms.batcave.net

Healing Howard

Please send healing to Howard/Druid Thor and Tillaina/Sharon (Sheri) and
their family. Sharon's father died on Monday, September 5, 2005. Send
healing messages for the family to Thor:


Healing for Lady Titania

Lady Titania requests healing prayers. She is stressed from being separatedfrom her grandchildren. Please send healing to her, her grandchildren, andthis situation. Emails of support can be sent to her at:groveofthesacredoak@juno.comHealing Circle: Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Healing Drake

Send blessings to Circle minister Drake Spaeth and to his loved ones in the death of his father, Richard Spaeth, who died early this morning. And send blessings to Richard as he joins his ancestors in the Otherworld.Condolences and support can be emailed to Drake: SilverDrake@GaiasWomb.com
Blessed Be,Selena

Healing for Jill

Send healing to Bear, husband of Jill Medicine Heart. Bear is in the hospital and the latest report is that there appears to be bleeding in the brain. This bleeding needs to get under control if he is to survive and regain his health. Also send healing support to Jill and to Bear's family and friends. Emails of comfort and well wishes can be sent to Jill:medicineheart@yahoo.comHealing Circle: Friday, September 9, 2005