Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Analogy of Being of One God

I awoke one day to find I have all the power in the Universe, but I am completely alone.
I asked myself, what shall I do with all my power, I am all alone with no one to play with.
So I decided I would divide myself up into an infinite amount of different things.
I will become an infinite multitude of conscious and unconscious entities/objects.
Everything shall be apart of me. I will take all of the parts of myself which are conscious,
and make them temporarily forget the whole of myself. I shall through out eternity
play an endless game of "hide and seek" with myself. I will make this illusionary
game so realistic that when I play the part of a human, I will not realize that all the
other humans I interact with are simply parts of myself.
I will play this game through out eternity for I have nothing else to do but play.
I will experience every possible experience, for I live forever. Being that I know all things,
I know the out come ofeach experience I will have. The whole of myself understands this,
but now I shall take the whole of myself and go back to sleep, and forever allow the parts of myself to dream/play forever.

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