Monday, November 22, 2010

Question of the Day about all this groping going on in Airports today? Would you go through the "naked" machine or go for the grope? Or tell them to shove it and leave.

Personally I think we should use profiling *GASP* (she said the profiling word) and better intelligence methods. But I'm sure that won't go over well either. Not PC. But works. Teach the screeners to read body language and facial expressions, tics, etc. Teach them the right questions to ask and how to judge the reactions. Use dogs. Also, I wonder if ultra sound technology could be adapted for use which would also show if anyone were carrying anything inside their bodies.

In the meantime I suppose if I really needed to go somewhere I'd simply step through the machine and deal with it. In the meantime, however, be working to get this changed...based on our 4Th amendment rights. After all, it's not like the do this to every single passenger.

I hear a huge uproar, but I'm wondering if these people will really all stand up for their rights by opting out in mass during the holidays.

I mean we've lead ourselves here by giving so much control for our safety over to the government. Complacency is never a good thing, yet we have been so I find it ironic when folks suddenly have a moment of independent thinking and cry fowl. I also find it funny when people cry and complain, yet they never come up with any alternative solutions. Instead they fill the Internet with complaints.

Calling all TSA agents pedophiles and perverts, claiming that next they will want to do body cavity searches, calling the scanners porno machines is simply not an intelligent way to get your point across or to make changes.

So what's your take on it? (my shameless attempt to get some discussion going here)

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More on the Food bill

The problem is that Big Ag has been/and continues to sacrifice food safety for profit. The bill is too weak to solve the problem, however it does reduce risk a little. IMO the bill is weak because politicians are under pressure from food safety groups to tighten regulations and from industry to allow industry to regulate itself. This ...bill is the compromise crafted between those interests, failing to get this bill passed just means the next set of food safety regulations will be even weaker.

That's my take on it.


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Coffee Ad

Ok the sender of the coffee ad just told another group not to open it, however, I see he hasn't come back here and told my groups. Hopefully you have not opened it. Please just delete the coffee email.

I have put his account on moderation until such time as I see what is going on. Same with Michelle's account.

In this day and age, it i...s best simply not to open any email unless you know the sender or it is a item you have subscribed to. If you open a email from one of those sources and it only has a link or ad like this coffee to click on. Don't click.

Keep your virus and other protective systems up to date. If you cruise the net alot, as I do, then I highly suggest you run daily scans.

There are a lot of nasty little bugs out there, we have to be even more carefull then ever. Computer repairs are not cheap.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interesting Article


Stunned scientists warn world could run out of breathable air
By Terrence Aym

Professor Ralph Keeling of Scripps Institute is worried. In fact, he's very worried. According to the data Keeling has meticulously collected since 1989 the world is running out of breathable air—and the rate that it's losing oxygen is now on the verge of accelerating. Monitoring oxygen levels around the world is Keeling's job. He's very good at his job. And the data confirms that Earth'...
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Stunned scientists warn world could run out of breathable air - by Terrence Aym - Helium
Professor Ralph Keeling of Scripps Institute is worried. In fact, hes very worried. According to the data Keeling has meticulously collected since..., Terrence Aym

Haiti Relief

I'm sure you've seen the stories of devastation in Haiti. The earthquake took hundreds of thousands of lives, and with the rainy season starting, floods are putting many more at risk.

I just joined J/P HRO, a relief organization started by Sean Penn, which is working to build shelters and provide medical care in Haiti. They have alread...y saved tens of thousands of lives. Please visit their website, sign up, and find out how you can help bring relief in Haiti.

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J/P Haitian Relief Organization | Home
The J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO) is working on the ground in Haiti to save lives and bring relief after the devastating earthquake in January 2010. It was founded by actor and humanitarian Sean Penn and philanthropist Diana Jenkins, who has since moved on to other philanthropic efforts

Send Healing to Sharon Colgan

Please send healing to Sharon Colgan, daughter of Circle Sanctuary Community member Beth Drake.

Sharon is having a kidney biopsy on Monday. She has Lupus which has been in remission for the past several years and is now active again. She has only 50% of her kidney function left and if this biopsy is bad, she could need a transplant w...hich could present additional challenges.

Sharon and her family thank you in advance for your healing prayers, meditations, and rituals.

Send well-wishes to Sharon via Beth:

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