Saturday, December 29, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the
kitchen I was cooking and baking and moanin'
and bitchin'.
I've been here for hours; I can't stop to rest,
This room's a disaster, just look at this mess!

Tomorrow I've got thirty people to feed.
They expect all the trimmings. Who cares what I need!
My feet are both blistered; I've got cramps in my legs.
The cat just knocked over a bowl full of eggs.

There's a knock at the door and the telephone's ringing;
Frosting drips on the counter as the microwave's dinging.
Two pies in the oven, dessert's almost done;
My cookbook is soiled with butter and crumbs.

I've had all I can stand, I can't take anymore;
Then in walks my husband, spilling rum on the floor.
He weaves and he wobbles, his balance unsteady;
Then grins as he chuckles "The eggnog is ready !"

He looks all around and with total regret,
says "What's taking so long...aren' t you through in here
yet ??"
As quick as a flash I reach for a knife;
He loses an earlobe; I wanted his life !

He flees from the room in terror and pain
Now what was I doing, and what is that smell?
Oh, shit, it's the pies !! They're burned all to hell !!

I hate to admit when I make a mistake,
but I put them on BROIL instead of on BAKE.
What else can go wrong ?? Is there still more ahead ??
If this is good living, I'd rather be dead.

Lord, don't get me wrong, I love holidays;
It just leaves me exhausted, all shaky and dazed.
But I promise you one thing, If I live till next year,
You won't find me pulling my hair out in here.
I'll hire a maid, a cook, and a waiter;
and if that doesn't work, I'LL HAVE IT ALL CATERED!

April Marshall-Pettis. vcf
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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but
rather by those moments that take our breath away."

"All Gave Some,,, Some Gave all, and for those who have fought
for it,, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in
the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm!"
~ George Orwell

Above all else tis the land of the free because of the BRAVE.

Founder/President Pagans United
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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by
those moments that take our breath away."

"All Gave Some,,, Some Gave all, and for those who have fought for
it,, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night
to visit violence on those who would do us harm!"
~ George Orwell

Above all else tis the land of the free because of the BRAVE.

Founder/President Pagans United
PUC North Central Regional Director
PUC Georgia State Chair
Mentor VBOC Open Circle, Iraq

http://www.paganuni tycampaign. org/
http://groups. group/VBOC_ Baghdad/
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Greetings !

I shall be praying and sending energy to this situation. I find this
just pure childish !!!

I have just typed a letter to send to my local "letter to the editor".
I have written many of them in the past in order to give voice to ALL
FAITHS RIGHTS, and mentioning "Pagans", Witches, Druids, Earth -
Oreinted Religions. This most recent letter is in response to the "so
called Religion Page Editors, ( I call her the christianism page
editor), recent article of, "Do Not Wish Me Happy Holidays", etc. ....

God and Goddess, Give Us Your Strength !!!

Shining Wolf

Immediate Release

For immediate release:

Wiccan Pentacle Wreath Vandalized, but Yuletide Celebrations Continue

The Wiccan pentacle wreath next to the nativity scene above City Hall
in Green Bay, Wisconsin was removed and damaged by a vandal shortly
before 1 am today, Monday, December 17.

"What a way to begin Solstice week!" said Rev. Selena Fox of Circle
Sanctuary upon learning the news about the vandalism. Representing
Circle Santuary, Rev. Fox and Assistant Minister Robert Paxton
contributed the Pagan Yuletide wreath with pentacle last week to the
public holidays display above the entrance to the City Hall building
in Green Bay , Wisconsin .

"Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, has been celebrated by peoples
of many cultures and religions since ancient times, and we are among
the thousands of Pagans today around the world who continue to
celebrate it," Fox continued. "Winter Solstice is a sacred time of
religious observances for us, not just the official start of Winter."

"Yuletide is about connecting with family, friends, and community in
the spirit of peace, love, and joy. These spiritual values will
continue to be part of our Winter Solstice celebrations this year
despite the disrespectful actions of the Grinch who tried to steal
Solstice," says Fox.

Circle Sanctuary is celebrating Winter Solstice with a series of
events this week, including a talk and open house tomorrow night at
church headquarters near Barneveld, a multicultural and interfaith
Winter Solstice Pageant at the First Unitarian Meeting House in
Madison on Friday night, and a Community Yule Festival on Saturday.
More information about Circle Sanctuary's Winter Solstice events are
on-line: http://www.circlesa

Shortly before 1 am today, Monday, December 17, Green Bay police
received a report about the vandalism. Circle Sanctuary's Yuletide
pentacle wreath was found, damaged, in the bushes near where the
nativity scene still stands. The nativity scene, purchased and
placed at the building last week by the City Council President, was
not removed or damaged by the vandal, who left his ladder at the
scene of his crime. Both ladder and pentacle wreath are presently in
police custody, and the police are continuing their investigation.

"Circle Sanctuary contributed the pentacle wreath to the display at
Green Bay City Hall for several reasons," according to Fox. "First
of all, we contributed the pentacle wreath to celebrate Yuletide. We
wanted a symbol of Winter Solstice represented in this public display
in addition to the nativity scene representing Christmas since both
religious holidays are celebrated at this time of year."

Fox adds: "The opportunity to contribute to the public display
occurred during Wisconsin 's Interfaith Awareness Week. Circle
Sanctuary viewed our contribution of the pentacle wreath as an
additional way of participating in this annual celebration of
Wisconsin 's religious diversity. Furthermore, since the Mayor
publicly announced that the display was open to symbols of other
faiths, we thought that it was important to take him up on this
invitation and begin the process of having this public display on a
government property be interfaith."

Fox continues: "If there are to be religious emblems in the public
square, this means this opportunity must be open to many religions,
not any particular one – in other words: "Many, if Any."

Fox has been involved in interfaith work and religious freedom
activism for more than forty years. Her own ancestry reflects some
of America 's religious diversity. In addition to having Native
American ancestry, she is descended from Anabaptists, Roman
Catholics, Quakers, and others who settled America in the 17th and
18th centuries to escape religious persecution in Europe .

" America has been religiously pluralistic since its earliest
beginnings. In addition to the religions of Native American peoples,
there has long been a wide variety of Christian denominations and
other faiths in this land. The founders of our nation wisely put
religious freedom and separation of church and state as cornerstones
of the United States of America . It is important that we uphold
philosophical and religious freedom for all in this country."

Although Fox and Paxton are disappointed that Circle Sanctuary's
pentacle wreath was removed and damaged, they have already been in
touch with the City Attorney and other staff in Mayor's office
today. They have requested that the pentacle wreath, or a
replacement which they are willing to provide, be returned to its
place next to the nativity scene. In addition, Fox and Paxton plan
to contribute a Circle SanctuaryYuletide pentacle wreath next year
and in future years if the Green Bay City Council decides to have
this public holidays display at City Hall in the future. The City
Council meetings tomorrow night, Tuesday, December 18, to discuss the
future of the display.

More information see: http://www.circlesa gbpentacle

Green Bay Press Gazette - Monday, December 17

http://www.greenbay pressgazette. com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?
AID=/20071217/ GPG0101/71217010 /1207

For more information, contact:

Rev. Selena Fox

Circle Sanctuary

The Mystic Candle

The Mystic Candle has new winter hours.

Now on Demand. Please just call me if you need something out of the shop. I will be more than happy to meet you there.

Healing for Tom Burke of Wisconsin

Please send healing to Tom Burke of Wisconsin who is the father of
Circle Community member Peggy Burke. He has diabetes and is having
trouble with an infection and circulation in his legs. He is
currently in intensive care.

Also, send blessings to his family and friends who are giving him
support in this medical journey.

Well wishes can be sent to him via Peggy at:

Healing Circle: Thursday, December 20, 2007

Support to Carolyn Fisher and Aldag

Please send support to Carolyn Fisher, mother of A.C. Fisher Aldag of
Michigan who has been hospitalized with congestive heart failure, and
Dave & A.C. Fisher Aldag and family.

Well wishes can be emailed to:

Healing Circle: Thursday, December 20, 2007

Healing to Pakistan and the World

Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan, was assasinated
yesterday. She was killed by gunfire and a suicide bomb after
speaking ata Pakistan People's Party rally near Islamabad, the capital
of Pakistan.
Her funeral was held today and her body was buried next to that of her
father in Naudero, their ancestral village.

Bhutto was the first Muslim woman to head a nation -- she was elected
and served as Pakistan's Prime Minister twice. Trained at Harvard
and Oxford, she had strong ties to champions of democracy in America
and the UK as well as in other nations in addition to her native
Pakistan. She was loved by many around the world. However, she also
had enemies and faced many challenges in her life, including the
execution of her father and problems with some who were part of her
and other administrations, especially those who sought to oust her
from power.

Benazir was a strong, courageous, and determined advocate for freedom,
democracy, and human rights. She voiced her concerns for women's
health and social issues and sought to repeal ordinances that
curtailed women's rights. She is survived by her husband and three

The nation of Pakistan is mourning her death as are many in the world
today, ourselves included.

Some media coverage with more info:

Los Angeles Times: Thousands Throng Bhutto's Funeral,0,2681584.stor\

Malaysian National News: The Fearless & Gutsy Benazir Bhutto

Please join me and others in an Interfaith working today.

Kindle a candle in her memory, for the spirit of freedom, and for
healing and peace in Pakistan and the world:

* Please remember Benazir Bhutto, her courage, her contributions, and
her work for freedom, democracy, women's rights, support for the
poor, and human rights.

* Please send healing to her family and to all who loved her.

* Please send peace, healing, and stability to Pakistan which is in
political and social turmoil.

* Please send healing and peace to the world as a whole.

Thank you.

Rev. Selena Fox
Senior Minister, Circle Sanctuary
writing from a snowy Oak forest
near Barneveld, Wisconsin, USA

Healing Circle: Friday, December 28, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Send Support to Kennedy, George and Kay

Please send support to C. Kennedy Bozeman of Chicago, Illinois. He is
age 48, Jewish, and has been struggling with AIDS for more than 20
years. Recently, he took a turn for the worse.

Please send unconditional loving support to him as he deals with the
latest decline in his condition.

Also send support to his partner George Kruto and good friend and
Circle Sanctuary Community member Kay.

Words of comfort and support can be sent to them via Kay:

Healing to Ellora

Please send healing to Ellora Atkinson of Madison, Wisconsin. She had
a heart attack on Friday night and is in the hospital. Earlier today
she had angioplasty.

Ellora is a member of the Sufi Order of the West and has collaborated
with Selena Fox & others in the Circle Sanctuary Community on
interfaith work and on shamanic networking.

She asks that you send her blessings of radiant light of well-being.

Updates on Deborah and Jeri

Updates on:

DEBORAH ANN LIGHT & JERI BALDWIN of Florida - I spoke with Jeri and got
an update. Deborah has been transferred from the hospital to a
rehabilitation facility where she is in the process of regaining her
strength and resting.
Jeri is getting over bronchitis. Please continue to send each of them
healing. They thank you for you care and your help.

JILL MEDICINE HEART & GERWIN "BEAR" COMBS of Ohio - I also spoke with
Jill. Bear is still in the ICU of the VA Hospital but his condition is
improving. She thanks everyone for your help. Please continue to
remember them.

Thanks for your support!
Selena Fox

Healing to Skip

Please send healing to Skip of Michigan. He is also the owner of
Thee Dragon Laire and vends at Pagan Spirit Gathering.

Skip has been diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer, and has just started
The prognosis is very good.

Messages of healing support can be sent to:

Updates on Jill and Bear

This is follow-up to last night's call for support for Jill Medicine
Heart Combs and her hospitalized husband Gerwin "Bear" Combs.

Bear's condition stabilized last night, but he continues to be
monitored in the ICU of the VA hospital in Ohio. He has been given
some additional medications. He is presently resting comfortably.

Jill expresses thanks for the emails and support she has been getting.
This outpouring of care is helping her quite a bit.

Please continue to send support and emails:

Selena Fox

Send Blessing to Jill and Bear

Please send blessings of strength, healing, solace, and support to
Jill Medicine Heart Combs of Ohio who has just learned that her
husband, Gerwin Bear) Combs has taken a turn for the worse. Jill is
presently driving to the hospital to be by his side.

Bear, a Wiccan veteran, has been in a coma in a US Department of
Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Ohio since August 2005. He has
just been rushed to the ICU of that hospital. He has both a MRSA
infection and pneumonia.

Jill and Bear were plaintiffs in the Circle Sanctuary vs. Nicholson
federal lawsuit against the VA, the settlement of which resulted in
the VA adding the Pentacle to its list of emblems of belief that can
be included on the gravestones the VA issues to honor deceased veterans.

Since Bear's prognosis is uncertain, rather than focusing on extending
his life or healing him or helping him cross over, please light a
candle for Bear and send a radiant light of unconditional love to him.

Please also send loving support to Jill.

Send messages of support to Jill:
Although circumstances are such that they may not be individually
answered, she thanks you in advance for all spiritual help that you
send to her and Bear.

Please pass this email call for spiritual help on to others.

Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Yule Celebration

Sheboygan County Pagans presents...

Yule Celebration

When: Dec. 22nd. 2007
Where: Random Lake, Wisconsin

Winter Solstice Celebration

Event Details: Details to come. There will be fire...lots of fire and a pagan gift exchange...Please bring a handmade or paganish gift ... this is a gift of the heart and your gift will go to whoever pulls your name out of a hat. Children will have a separate gift exchange in the same manner.

Troy will do a druid ritual (encore since Troy's ritual was enjoyed at Samhain) We will have a bonfire so bring chairs.... We also plan to burn the large burn pile to welcome the return of the sun. We just need to clear some snow to facilitate parking. If anyone has a plow and can come out Friday night it would be helpful.


Please call if you have any questions or suggestions for our Yule celebration!

Event Location: W4948 County Road SS in Random Lake
Event TIME Details: 4PM to ????

Directions: From Sheboygan take 23 W to HWY 57 at Plymouth.
Take 57 South approx 12 miles to Hwy SS.
Turn right (east) on SS. First Driveway on the right.

From Milwaukee take 1-43 North to Saukville
at Saukville take Hwy 57 N exit 97 (exit on the left)
Take Hwy 57 North about 10 miles
Turn left (east) on Hwy SS. First Driveway on the right.

Phone: (262) 573-0928

Mailing Address: W4948 County Road SS

Saturday, November 24, 2007

UPDATE & More Healing for Deborah & Jeri

Deborah Ann Light and Jeri Baldwin send thanks to everyone who has been
sending healing and support to them as a result of the call for healing
that has gone out to this Healing Circle and elsewhere.

When we spoke today by phone, Jeri asked me also to express their
for all the emails you have sent thus far. Although circumstances are
such that they can not be individually responded to, know that these
expressions of healing and support are helping both of them.

Deborah Ann Light is doing better. She is out of the ICU and her pain
subsided. She is continuing to undergo testing and treatment in the
hospital in Florida where she has been for more than a week. Please
continue to send healing to her .... it is much appreciated and has

Also, please continue to send support to her partner Jeri Baldwin --
send her healing as well.

Continue to use the photo of them as a focus:

Please continue to email words of healing and support to both Deborah

Thank you!
Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Healing Circle: Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Mystic Candle has new hours

The Mystic Candle has new hours
Monday through Thursday
1pm til 5pm
12pm til 3pm

Tuesday and Thursday

7pm til 9pm

One of a Kind RItual Wear

For those who want custom designed ritual garb, but can't afford
custom pricing, is now open for business. Every
Ravenworks cape, cloak or ruana is handmade by Raven and is infused with
positive energy during the making. These one-of-a-kind dress ritual wraps
capture the essence of the elements, and bring to light your inner
magic. All of the materials for Ravenworks creations are hand-selected by
Raven and custom sewn in the Ravenworks workshop. also
carries a line of dress circlets, elemental jewelry and outdoor
ritualwear to meet all of your magical needs. In addition to ritual attire, has a full line of divination items, books, music,
Goddess Statues and ritual tools. The website is brand new
with quality items being added daily, so please…come and visit, then
visit us again and again as we add new and exciting things to the site.

Condolences to Paula Johnson

Paula Johnson thanks everyone who responded to this morning's Healing
Circle message about her father's critical condition. Her father,
Leonard Caplan, died this afternoon at 12:32 eastern time. Your support has
helped her and her family deal with this transition.

Please continue to remember Paula and her family.

Send condolences:

Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Condolences to Skycat & Bella on the passing of Ralph Dare

On Tuesday, November 6, we requested that blessings be sent to
Skycat's father, Ralph Dare, who was in the final stages of life. Last night,
at 10:25 pm eastern time, Ralph died. Visitation will be tomorrow
afternoon, and his funeral will be held on Saturday morning. Ralph was a World
War II Army veteran and a lifelong member of the VFW. Blessings on his life
and service this Veterans Day weekend.

Selena Fox spoke by phone with both Skycat and Bella this afternoon
and they asked her to convey their appreciation to members of this
Healing Circle for your support during Ralph's dying transition.

Please continue to remember them and their other loved ones.

Condolences can be sent:

Healing Circle: Thursday, November 8, 2007

Send Healing to Leonard Caplan

Please send healing to Leonard Caplan, father of Paula Johnson of
Circle Sanctuary and the Lady Liberty League.

Leonard had a heart attack earlier this week and has three blocked
arteries that need bypass surgery. The surgery was scheduled for today but he
developed an infection and is now in the ICU in Long Island, New York
in critical condition.

Leonard is responding to antibiotics and they hope to operate early
next week as soon as the infection clears. He is in otherwise good health
and is expected to recover provided he can stabilize enough to have the
needed surgery. He is sedated heavily and ventilated in order to make
things easier on his heart. He is 67 years old.

To help visualize, go to the following website, and at the bottom
there is a picture of Leonard with his car.

Also send support to Paula and other family members.

Email well wishes:

Healing Circle: Saturday, November 10, 2007

Update on Deborah Ann Light

Update on Deborah Ann Light -- More Healing Urgently Needed

A short while ago, I spoke with Jeri Baldwin, Deborah Ann Light's
partner.Jeri, who continues to be at the hospital with Deborah, very much
appreciates all the emails and other support she and Deborah have
been receiving from the Healing Circle. Jeri has email access at the

Even more spiritual healing is needed. Deborah's condition took a
turn for the worse during the night and now she is in the intensive care unit
at the hospital in Florida where she has been for the past week.

Although Deborah has undergone many tests, the medical staff still
has not been able to determine the cause of her condition and have not yet
found a way to stabilize her blood pressure.

Please continue to do healing work on Deborah's behalf and encourage
others to do so.

And also send support and emails to Jeri:

Visualize Deborah surrounded by a beautiful green light of healing
that will stabilize her blood pressure and return her to wellness -- Deborah is
pictured to my right in the Pagan Delegates to the Assembly photo
included with this article:
Thank you!

Selena Fox

Healing Circle: Thursday, November 8, 2007

Send Blessings to Ralph Duke

Please send blessings to Ralph Duke who is 93 years old and is in the
final stages of life. He was hospitalized today in Lima, Ohio.

Please also send support to his son Skycat and to Skycat's longtime
friend,Bella, both of the Lady of the Sacred Grove and Stone Circle of Lima,
Ohio.Bella, Skycat, and other members of LSGSC are also long-time members of
the Pagan Spirit Gathering Community and facilitate the Bast Ritual and
1000 candles Labyrinth each year.

Email words of comfort to:

Healing to Deborah Ann Light

Please send healing to Deborah Ann Light, beloved Hedgewitch & Pagan
Elder, who has been hospitalized due to severe chest pains and blood
pressure problems. Deborah has been in a Florida hospital since

Please do rituals, meditations, and other healing work.
* Send comfort, healing, and well-being to Deborah.
* Send support to her partner, Jeri.
* Also send blessings to the doctors and others who are caring for
so that they correctly diagnose her condition and do effective

Please also email Deborah well-wishes -- send them to her via Jeri's
email: Although circumstances are such that they may
be individually acknowledged, know that your emails will be very much

Please help us network healing support for Deborah -- forward this
to others who may be willing to join this healing work.

For updates, please join our Healing Circle list -- subscribe to this
free, occasional ebulletin at
email the Circle Sanctuary office and ask to be subscribed


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reiki In Manitowoc County

If anyone is interested in having Reiki Sessions contact me. Hours are
Monday through Thursday 6pm til 9pm. For more information on Reiki
Sessions visit my websites at or

Or call my phone number listed on those sites. Call for your appointment today.

Healing to those impacted by California Wildfires

Please send blessings of healing, strength, and protection to those who
suffering as a result of the many wildfires that have been raging in
southern California all week. Humans, animals, plants, and places are
need of healing support.

Pagans, including some who are part of Circle Network, are among those
have been harmed by the wildfires.

I have been in contact throughout this week with Jo Millgate and her
who are being stressed by the Harris Fire, which is still only 20%
contained. Please send emails of support and healing to them:

We are including names of those stressed by the fires on our Healing
at Circle Sanctuary as part of the healing support work we are doing.

If you wish to have your name and/or the names of loved ones added to
Wildfire Healing part of our altar, please email:

Be sure to include complete contact information (name, address, phone
number(s), email addresses) so we have multiple ways of being in touch
-- we
will keep contact info we receive confidential, unless you specify

Please join us at Circle Sanctuary and others in doing healing rituals,
meditations, and other spiritual support work for those in need.

Selena Fox
High Priestess, Circle Sanctuary

Healing Circle: Thursday, October 25, 2007


Reiki Sessions Available

If anyone is interested in having Reiki Sessions contact me. Hours are
Monday through Thursday 6pm til 9pm. For more information on Reiki my
Sessions visit my websites at or

Blessed be

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Modern Day Witchunt in Custody Case...please help!

On 9/27/07, jcompwiz < vashti@brumepath. com> wrote:

Hello PUC-CO friends,

I'm so scared, and I don't know where to turn. I'm involved in a
custody battle with my ex-husband. I have had full custody of my
children since our divorce five years ago. He is suing me now,
because he states that my religious beliefs are harmful to my
children. I am a solitary Wiccan, and practice a bit of Buddhism as
well. Today in court, I was asked the following questions, and much

Are you a witch? Can you define witch? Do you cast spells? Do you
cast spells on other people? Did you cast a spell to win this court
hearing? Do you practice in the nude? Do you children see you nude?
Do you attend festivals where people are nude? Do your children
encounter discrimination at school because of they're religious
practices or paraphernalia? Do you worship Satan? Is your religion

It was so frightening. The judge made it very clear that he thinks my
religion is wrong, and I'm afraid that they may think that I have
some kind of weird sexual practice…even though I don't practice
skyclad, and have never taken my children to a festival where people
were skyclad.

I made a belly casting of my pregnant belly that was thought to be a
strange sexual practice. I also had a friend body paint me as gaia
and photograph me for an artist that was going to paint me. I also
walked around my country property nude while I was in labor in the
middle of the night with my husband (my children were visiting my
parents at the time). All of these incidences were discussed at
length in court, and they said that it was dangerous for my children.

Please tell me if you can assist me in my case, or if you can refer
me to someone who may be able to help. I'm so very frightened. I
don't want to loose my children! I live in a rural area where nearly
everyone here is Christian. My ex-husband is a police officer, and he
knows the judge very well from work. I think that they are friends
and the judge hearing my case will not be fair.

Thank you kindly for reading my email. If you have any kind of
advice, I will follow it to the letter.

I live in Wiley, Colorado, but the case is being heard in court in
Lamar, Colorado about 15 miles from my home. Our next court date is
scheduled for October 12, 2007 at 2pm. It may be pushed ahead,
however because they expect there to be a problem with the court
reporters. I don't have much time to get help! I would have sought
help much sooner, but had no idea that my religion would be the focus
of the case. I was told by three different attorneys that it would be
easy, and that my husband could not use my religion against me. It
seems that is not the case here.

My name is

Janeen Rayell Brown my spiritual name is Vashti UthPisces

719-829-4832 home 719-688-9958 cell

Rev. John B. Brown

Mountain Regional Director & Arizona State Chair

Pagan Unity Campaign

Check out my radio station at: http://www.live365. com/stations/ john196920022001

"Hate is baggage!"

Pagan Potluck October 13th

If anyone would like to join us, we are holding the 1st Annual Samhain
Moon Pagan Potluck in Barneveld, WI on October 13th from 1:00 pm
through ????. Bring the family, bring the kids, bring a dish to share
and have fun!

If you are interested in attending, please email and directions will be provided.

Thanks and blessings -


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letter Home to Pagan Parents from Elementary School Teacher

Letter Home to Pagan Parents from Elementary School Teacher
> Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,
> I write this letter in concern of your daughter, Aradia Moon. Please
> don't take this the wrong way, however, although she is a straight A
> student and a very bright child, she has some strange habits that I
> feel we should address.
> Every morning before class, she insists on walking around the room
> with her pencil in the air. She says she is "drawing down the moon." I
> told her art class is in an hour and to please refrain until then to
> do any drawing.
> And speaking of art class, whenever she draws a night sky, she insists
> on drawing little circles around all the stars and people dancing on
> the ground. And that brings up dancing, I had to stop her twice for
> taking off her clothes during a game of Ring Around the Rosés! By the
> way, what does "sky clad" mean?
> Aradia has no problem with making friends. I always find her sitting
> outside during recess with her friends sitting around her in a circle.
> She likes to share her juice and cookies. It is nice how she wants no
> one to ever thirst or hunger. However, when I walked over to see what
> they were doing, she jumped up and told me to stop, pulled out a
> little plastic knife and started waiving it in front of me. I thought
> this a bit dangerous, so I took her to the Principal's Office. She
> explained to the Principal that she was "opening the circle" to let me
> in. She also said that her Mommy and Daddy always told her not to play
> or run with an "athame" in her hand, that she could put someone's eye
> out. I don't know what an "athame" is, but I'm glad she keeps it at
> As for stories, your daughter tends to make up some whoppers. Just
> yesterday while I was talking sternly to Tommy Johson and shaking my
> finger at him, he started screaming and ran from the room. When I
> finally caught him, he told me Aradia told him and the rest of the
> class that the last time I shook my finger at someone, they caught the
> chicken pox. I explained to him that the Sally Jones incident was just
> a coincidence, and that things like that don't really happen.
> One of the strangest things that happened was when I asked the
> children to bring in Halloween decorations for the classroom. Aradia
> brought in salt, incense, and her family album. I see she has quite a
> sense of humor.
> One of Aradia's worst habits is that she is very argumentative. We
> were discussing what the Golden Rule was (Do Unto Others as you would
> have them Do Unto You), she firmly disagreed with me and stated that
> it was "Do As you Will, but Harm None" and she will not stop saying
> "So Mote It Be" after she reads aloud in class. I try to correct her
> on these matters and she got very angry. She pointed her finger at me
> and mumbled something under her breath.
> In closing, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, I would like to set up a
> parent/teacher conference with you sometime next week to discuss these
> matters. I would like to see you sooner, but I have developed an
> irritating rash that I am quite worried about.
> With deep concerns,
> Mrs. Livingston
> P.S. Blessed Be. I understand this is a greeting or closing from your
> country that your daughter informs me is polite and correct.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Witch Trials Still Continue in South Carolina

This is a more detailed account.
The more attention I can get on this the better! Please pass around
to anyone you think might listen.
Thanks. We are unable to go home at the moment because it isn't safe
for us there. They are always watching what we are doing and we are
afraid of more Police retribution so are staying at my Mother in-
law's house, but this isn't I am trying to get on the
computer whenever possible so bear with me....My life is turned
inside out right now.

Witch Trials Continue In South Carolina!

My name is Rhonda Gruber AKA Wicked Lil Witch and I am a Proud Witch.
I am currently being persecuted as a Witch by a Lt. Kevin Duke of the
Horry County Police Dept. My life and the lives of my family and
friends are being threatened and destroyed by this man with the
backing of countless other officials. I was arrested Monday Sept
10th '07 by Lt Duke for Breach of Peace, Child Endangerment/ Neglect
and 1st degree Harrassement.
This all began around the end of May '07 from many false police
reports from a neighboring family, The Luisettis, who also seemed to
think I deserved to be arrested for my religious beliefs. They stated
such in their police reports. When this began to become a pattern of
filing false reports, we began seeking Police protection FROM them.
We were told numerous times that we had no reason to receive their
protection, just to ignore them. Yet they continued to file their
reports on us. We were told the only we could do is file a Civil
Suit. This wouldn't fix the problem for quite awhile if ever.The
Police Dept on numerous occasions, even refused to file any reports
for us. We had at one point searched out help from Magistrates in the
area. One told us that filing these reports was most definitely
something the Police could do something about and that they should
but he was fairly certain that they wouldn't. He went on a 10 min
rant about it to us. He even took the time to gives us copies of the
laws on filing false reports, which we took to this Lt Duke, who
after realizing we weren't going to leave his office too easily, Then
wrote us report stating that the report from the Luisettis was
investigated and the allegations were unfounded and seemed to be
stemming from harrassement from the neighbors.
Now Monday, my 16 yr old son was targeted for their harrassment . In
the morning the Luisetti's daughter had a young man assualt him at
the bus stop. We filed a report that morning. That afternoon another
allegation from their daughter that he beat her up Friday on school
property which led to his suspension since the school wouldn't
investigate it other than her statement and her 2 friend's
statements. She would have been getting on the bus at the time while
he was on the other side of the building getting a ride from one of
his friends. Then as we were sitting in my garage workshop working on
getting the suspension investigated by the school board, waiting to
see if the death threat my son received was going to take place. The
threat came from the Luisetti's daughter getting a young man
to "kill" my son due to the beating she received from him. He was
supposed to be coming to our house after school. We were then
visited by an irrational Lt. Duke as he whipped into our driveway
screaming that Spencer was reported to be brandishing and pointing an
assault rifle at the Luisettis. Which isn't even close to what he was
doing. Duke then stated that is is tired of all this and someone is
going to jail. He didn't care to hear anything we had to to say about
our side. Anytime I was trying to say something I was told to shut up
or be arrested. He was VERY aggressive and yelling. He seemed to
trying to provoke an altercation. I freely admit I was upset and a
little loud but I was trying to defend my son. I was never violent or
out of control. I was just pissed and trying to make some sense out
of the situation. When I was told to shut up I did which seemed to
further anger Duke. I was only arrested after they put the cuffs on
my son. I then told my Husband to find a attorney and quick.
This was when they arrested me.
I was never read my Miranda Rights to this day but the questions they
asked me were used in my arrest. Doesn't seem legal to me...
My charges of Child Endangerment were due to the fact that we have
several legal weapons around a minor. I must inform you my son is an
ROTC member with Marine Boot Camp training in weapons, can
disassemble/ reassemble an M16 on the field. He was also on the Rifle
Team last year and is Athletics Team Commander. He also knew our
weapons, from target shooting and cleaning. He even pointed out to
the Police Weapons Expert how to release the clip and open the bolt
chamber as they couldn't. He is very safe and well versed in weapons.
I must point point that is legally old enough to have a hunting
license. He is also looking to join the National Guard on his 17th B-
Day, Oct 3rd this yr. Upon his 18th B-Day he was planning a Military
career. We are proud of him and is a really good person. We are very
upset with all the things being alleged about him.

To summarize:
We are being persecuted because of my spiritual choices, not being
Christian. Lt. Duke has a web page stating his religious beliefs and
infertility and adoption problems which leads us to the belief that
he can no longer separate his personal feelings from his ability to
do his job in an objective manner. He seems to have appointed himself
as a personal victim's advocate for allegedly neglected and abused
children. The fact that I am a practicing witch is being noted in
complaints and warrants against me and my family. It has even been
voiced in court along with allegations stating I have cast spells on
2 cops and the luisetti family by the solicitor during proceedings.
My familiar pyewacket seems to have been mishandled during the search
of our home. She was running and flinching from us the day after. I
am very hurt by this. Though this can't be proven, I know my animal
and this is not her normal behavior.
We have always tried to help others and be good people, so this is
very hard for us to deal with. I am lucky to have a very strong
supportive circle of friends and family or we would still be in jail.
My in-laws had to take the majority of their retirement fund for some
20 thousand dollars to hire a powerful law firm to help us. Though I
will never be ashamed of being a witch, I am so very sorry for all
the trouble and loss of money it has cost them to stand up for us.
The reason for this letter is that we need all the help we can find
to fight this. Whether it is positive protective energy, advice, or
donations to help pay for this. I will not rest until I have made a
difference for all that believe in freedom of religion. I don't want
this to just disappear, I want to make a stand for all free thinkers
against persecution. We all know the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
For all that believe in freedom of choice, please stand behind me or
even beside me in court while I fight. I am not a quitter and I have
a loud voice. I always stand up for what I believe in, all I ask is
to not have to stand alone in this. It's time to fight for what we
all believe in, not just lie down and take it. I have enclosed the
papers that are in my possession to prove my claims. I will include
more as they come into my possession. I am not easily scared although
they are trying to intimidate us. Threatening phone calls have been
made to family and friends even now. In supporting us, you are also
supporting yourselves.
We are looking to get this story out to as many places as possible.
The more people who are aware the harder it will be for them to get
aware with it!

We NEED your help!!!
Blessed be.
Rhonda Gruber
AKA wickedlilwitch@

New and Interesting Issues

Hi gang,

I know that I've been quiet for quite some time - life tends to get
in the way of my preferred activities :) There are several issues
coming up that I have recently been made aware of and would like a
little advice. The Arkansas Legislature has, unfortunately, voted -
several years ago - to not separate church and state. Now, a local
group - Arkansas Family Counsel - is trying to get a measure passed
to not allow same sex couples to act as foster parents or to even
adopt. I find this very offensive and a potential problem for the
pagan community. I have posted this information to the AR_PUC group
and am hoping to have some type of feedback and action.

The next issue is one that concerns all progressive groups across the
board. It seems that many Christian groups have been doing their
best to take up all of the available radio frequencies thereby
blocking new and upcoming radio stations that are non-profit and very
progressive. The Christian radio groups are also in violation of FCC
regulations by not staying within or on their assigned frequencies.
Folks are hesitant to turn them in because they are 'a christian
group' and all of that nonsense. This is a perfect opportunity for
the pagan community to work with many of the progressive peace and
justice groups out there. I have found that several of these groups
are very welcoming and sincerely want to work with pagan groups for
peace and justice ends. This could be a very powerful and validating
opportunity for the pagan community to move into the mainstream of
activism. What do you all think? I am hoping for further discussion
and ideas on this.

Thanks for your time and advice.

Bright blessings, Jasmin.

Healing for Rosemary Williams

Please send healing to Rosemary Williams of Illinois who was
hospitalized on
Saturday, September 22 in Illinois. Rosemary already is improving,
she expected to be in the hospital until at least the end of this week.
Please remember her in your meditations and rituals.

Mama Cat of Four Winds Sanctuary thanks everyone who was part of the
working for Rosemary during Circle Sanctuary's Fall Equinox Festival on
Sunday, September 23.

Well wishes for Rosemary can be sent by emailing Mama Cat:

Healing Circle: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Healing & Help for Indigenous Women Leaders in the Amazon

Send healing to Gloria Ushigua & Rosa Gualinga, Indigenous Women
Leaders in the Amazon

Healing Circle: Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Andras Corban Arthen who sent the following report to me is a long time
friend of mine as well as a colleague in international and interfaith

Usually the Circle staff only sends short healing messages out as part
of this Healing Circle list --- however, in order to help with networking
and to encourage the drafting of letters of support for this urgent
situation involving Gloria & Rosa, we are including both Andras' introductory
email as well as the report he received from a contact who works with the Zapara
and who has just departed for South America to help with this situation.

* Please remember Gloria and Rosa, their peoples, and their lands in
your meditations, prayers, rituals, and other spiritual workings.
* Please send emails to the authorities listed below.
* Please help with networking efforts by forwarding this email or a
summary of it to those you know who may be willing to help.


Selena Fox
High Priestess, Circle Sanctuary
(608) 924-2216

Dear friends,

I apologize in advance for any multiple posts you may receive on this
subject. I'm forwarding you a very distressing news report and urge
you to take prompt action by writing to the addresses listed below. Of the two
women mentioned in this article, I personally know and have worked with
Gloria Ushigua, the Zápara leader; I've found her to be a strong,
wise, sincere, deeply-committed, and thoroughly delightful person. Gloria is
the daughter of César Ushigua, the last Zápara shimano (shaman) from
Ecuador, who died a few years ago. She was taught by her father, and is now
completing her training with the last remaining Zápara shaman from

Gloria Ushigua has dedicated her life to work on behalf of her people,
a tiny tribe comprising just a few hundred members who live in isolated
villages in the jungles of Ecuador. The Zápara were long thought to be
extinct, until a few of them were sent to make contact with the outside
world in the hope of securing help so that their families could
survive. As a result, the government of Ecuador granted them ownership of their
tribal lands, though to the Zápara, the idea that humans could "own" the
Earth makes no sense. Despite that attitude, they now find themselves in the
difficult position of struggling to retain that ownership as the only
way to protect those lands from the multinational petrochemical corporations
that want to raze the forest in order to dig wells, and the pharmaceutical
conglomerates seeking to gain control of the many rare medicinal plants
that abound in the Ecuadorian wilderness.

One of Gloria's sons was murdered several years ago in retaliation
for her activist efforts; now she and her collaborator, Rosa Gualinga, have
been directly attacked and almost killed, and remain in dire need of medical
help which, being "poor Indian women," is being denied them.

Please contact the authorities listed below --- it doesn't matter if
you can't do it in Spanish --- to express your support for Gloria and
Rosa, and make sure to tell them what country you live in, so they will
understand that, truly, the whole world is watching. Feel free to forward this to
any others who may also be willing to help.

In the Spirit of the Earth,
Andras Corban Arthen
Director, The EarthSpirit Community

Ecuadorian indigenous women leaders attacked, left for dead.

At the end of August, two indigenous leaders in Puyo, Ecuador were
attacked after months of receiving death threats for their efforts to protect
the territory of the Zápara people in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Gloria Ushigua and Rosa Gualinga were beaten until unconscious, thrown
in the trunk of a car, and later left for dead.

Both women are internationally known human rights defenders. Gloria
Ushigua is a leader of the Zápara people. Rosa Gualinga is of the Andoas
people and works closely with the Zápara. The Zápara are an indigenous people in
danger of becoming extinct, with a current population in Perú and Ecuador of
approximately 650. Gloria is an elected representative of Nacionalidad
Zápara de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana (NAZAE), the official representative
organization of the Zápara people in Ecuador, which works to promote
and protect the lives and lands of the Zápara people.

Zápara territory is rich with natural resources, like oil, timber and
botanical medicines, and there are varied interests who are trying to
exploit them --- oil companies, the military, illegal loggers,
settlers, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as fraudulent
"indigenous rights" groups who want to act as middlemen in the exploitation of
those resources, and who appear to be willing to do pretty much anything to
get a piece of the pie. For quite some time, one of those bogus groups of
people who are not Zápara have made several attempts to illegally seize from
NAZAE the official right to represent the Zápara people and take control of
Zápara land. Several individuals in this group have been threatening Gloria
and Rosa for more than a year. In recent months, after NAZAE won a legal
victory over the group, these threats have intensified.

On Sunday, August 26th, a woman approached Gloria in the street in
downtown Puyo. She said that her mother was Zápara and that she had an
organization that worked with indigenous communities. She invited Gloria and Rosa to
her house to discuss her work and the possibilities of collaboration.

At about 9 pm, they were sitting in the patio area outside of the
woman's house when a man entered, kicked Rosa, and sprayed Gloria and Rosa in
the face with a large quantity of what appears to have been tear gas. Three
other men followed, and the four of them viciously beat Gloria and Rosa
with fists, feet and clubs. Gloria was hit on the head with a rock.
Witnesses say that the four men threw the two unconscious women into the trunk of a
car and sped off.

Gloria and Rosa were found in the middle of the night, still
unconscious, in the middle of a road. Gloria's son got them home, where they regained
consciousness at around 4am on Monday. Although they have been to the
military hospital in Puyo several times, they have still not been given
a proper medical examination. Gloria's arm is broken and she has a high
fever. They are both in need of medical treatment and a complete examination
so that they can know the full extent of their injuries.

Gloria and Rosa were able to identify the first man who attacked them,
and a witness recognized a local police officer as another of their
attackers. Although Gloria and Rosa went to the police station in Puyo to file
criminal complaints against these men, they have been largely ignored and, to
date, no arrests have been made. Until justice is served, it is reasonable to
assume that the two women's lives remain in danger.

RECOMMENDED ACTION (please send appeals as quickly as possible):

- express concern for the safety of Gloria Ushigua and Rosa Gualinga,
and urge authorities to take immediate and effective action to protect them
and ensure that they receive the medical attention that they require.

- call on authorities to order a thorough investigation into this
attack, with results made public and those responsible brought to justice.


Ismael Fabricio Arcos Lopez
Gobernador de Pastaza
Calle Atahualpa y 10 de Agosto
Puyo, Pastaza
Telephone: 03-2885308 03-2885423
Fax: 03-2885457


Gustavo Larrea
Ministro de Gobierno
Espejo y Benalcazar
Quito, Ecuador
Telephone: 593 2 2955666

Dra. Lourdes Tiban
Secretaria Ejecutiva Nacional
Consejo de Desarrollo de las Nacionalidades
y Pueblos del Ecuador (CODENPE)
Ave. Garcia Moreno
Quito, Ecuador
Telephone: 593 2 258 1319
Fax: 593 2 258 1559, ext. 109

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wiccan Dedicate Grave at Arlington

Posted by: BettyJane on Monday, July 09, 2007 - 01:29 PM

Wiccans dedicate grave at Arlington
WASHINGTON — The Rev. Selena Fox said Wednesday wasn't the first
time she visited a Wiccan's grave site at Arlington National
Cemetery in Virginia. It was just the first time one was identified
that way.

"This is the first time the Christian cross and Wiccan pentacle have
both been engraved on a tombstone here, and it's great news for us,"
said the senior minister of Circle Sanctuary, a Wisconsin Wiccan
community. "It's recognition we've fought for for so long."

On Wednesday Fox, members of her congregation and other pagans held
a consecration ceremony at the grave site of Jan Deanna, a Wiccan
minister who passed away more than two years ago.

Her husband, Army Capt. William O'Rourke, passed away nine years
earlier and had the Christian cross engraved on his tombstone. But
Deanna's side was left blank, because until May the Department of
Veterans Affairs had no symbol to recognize her faith.

Wiccan groups have been pushing for the pentacle as a recognized
religious symbol for almost a decade, but efforts have been stymied
by paperwork and administrative delays by the Department of Veterans

This spring, after new rules from the department and continued
unsuccessful lobbying by pagan groups, Circle Sanctuary and
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State sued the
department for the right to put the symbol on gravestones and

In May the department settled the suit, agreeing to include it among
the 38 other religious symbols permitted for veterans' memorials.
Veterans and military spouses at Wednesday's event called it an
important First Amendment victory.

Retired Army Capt. Richard Briggs, who is working toward becoming a
Wiccan military chaplain, said over the years pagan servicemembers
have faced discrimination from commanders and other troops, but as
people learn more about the religion the military has become more

"Coming out of the broom closet can be dangerous, but we have to,"
he said.

Army Staff Sgt. Frederick Twombly, a member of the 63rd Engineer
Support Battalion, helped set up a Wiccan worship community in
Baghdad during both of his deployments over to Iraq.

"We had guys from all over, all different units, all different
ranks," he said. "People would look and say, `Wait, he's a major and
he's a Wiccan?' And then they'd understand that it's not just some
hidden thing."

The event was designed not just to celebrate the legal victory but
also to remember Deanna, who friends called a kind and generous
woman. The Rev. Paula Johnson, who belonged to the same worship
community in Florida, said she worked with local charities every
Christmas to help poor families with gifts for their children.

"A year before she died, she spoke often about not tolerating
religious persecution, " Johnson said. "She's an inspiration to us

Deanna's tombstone is one of two in the cemetery bearing the symbol;
Pfc. Abe Kooiman, a World War II veteran who died in 2002, also left
instructions to have his headstone marked once a Wiccan symbol was
approved. Fox said at least four other veterans have also had the
symbol etched into memorial plaques since the lawsuit was settled.

"And now, I'm hearing from people that are requesting and getting it
without me being included in a fight," she said. "That makes us
very, very happy."


http://www.pentacle magazine. org/pn760/ index.php?
name=News&file= article&sid= 2270

Wiccan Humour

How do you scare a UU (Unitarian Universalist) our of your neighborhood?
-Answer: Burn a Question Mark on their lawn

What's another name for Irish sunblock...?
A pub.

Carpe Nocturnum:
'We get more done after 2 a.m. then most people do all day'

Q: How many Druids does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Thirteen; one to hold the bulb, and twelve to drink enough to make the room spin.

Q: How many ceremonial magicians does it take to change a light bulb?
A: One; he stands still with the bulb, and the universe revolves around him.

Q: How many Thelemites does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None. Crowley never wrote a book about it.

Q: How many Witches does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Depends on what you want to change it into.

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?

" I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures "

A skeptic goes in to see a fortune teller. "You are the father of 2 children,"
the fortune teller says.
"That's what you think! I'm the father of 3 children!," says the man.
"That's what you think," says the fortune teller.

WASP...We Are Sexy Pagans

Witches do it in the moonlight

Practice safe hex

We're Gardnerians. with your clothes

I'm doin my part to piss of the religious right.....r u??

Did you hear, Easter is canceled this year........ yeah, they found the body.

Q: What do pagans put their trash in?
A: a wiccar basket

Q: What do you call a dating club for unattached Wiccans?
A: Craft singles!

Did you hear that Kraft was so offended by that last joke that they moved their macaroni plants to Israel? Yeah, now they're called Cheeses of Nazareth!

"Sorry I wasn't in church last Sunday, but I was practicing witchcraft."

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Wicca who?
Wicca dance in the moonlight together, yes?

Wiccan Teacher Wins Lottery

NOTTINGHAM, Md. - Elwood "Bunky" Bartlett says a New Age book store made it possible for him to become an overnight multimillionaire.

He and his wife, Denise, were on their way to the shop where he occasionally teaches Wicca and Reiki (RAY'kee) healing when they stopped at a liquor store and bought two $5 Mega Millions tickets for Friday night's estimated $330 million jackpot. On Sunday, he said one ticket was a winner.

"If it wasn't for this place I wouldn't have won the lottery," Bartlett said Sunday at Mystickal Voyage, the New Age shop.

Four winning tickets to the Mega Millions jackpot were sold in Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia. Lottery officials said Sunday they cannot confirm the validity of Bartlett's ticket before they meet with him on Tuesday.

"There's no reason to believe it's not legitimate, but it has to go through security," said Maryland State Lottery Director Buddy Roogow, who said he has spoken with Bartlett.

Bartlett, an accountant from Dundalk, said he made a bargain with the multiple gods associated with his Wiccan beliefs: "You let me win the lottery and I'll teach." Both tickets he purchased had numbers chosen randomly from the computer.

Bartlett had not decided if he will accept his winnings as an annuity or choose the lump sum cash option. The jackpot could get larger once ticket sales are tallied, Roogow said, but the lump sum payment would be at least $48.7 million, or about $32 million after taxes.

According to preliminary calculations, each ticket would be worth about $82 million if the prize were taken in 26 annual payments.

Bartlett said the money won't change him, although he plans to invest in Mystickal Voyage. "I'm going to live my life like I have been," he said.

The odds that any ticket would match all five numbers — 8, 18, 22, 40 and 44 — and the Mega Ball number — 11 — were one in 176 million.

If estimates of the jackpot hold true, it would be the fourth largest in the lottery's history. It was known as The Big Game when it awarded jackpots of $363 million in 2000 and $331 million in 2002.

Mega Millions tickets are also sold in California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Washington.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Handcarved wands and Walking Sticks

I am still creating handcarved wands and walking sticks. I also make
Celtic necklaces and bracelets with gemstones and totems. Email me
with requests for custom work or for a list of available items.

My other business is Pampered Chef. I am a new consultant and am
offering $25 in free products to anyone willing to host a party before
October 1, 2007. We have some great products for the Kitchen Witch.
Our cookwear is on special in September at 60% off for the non-stick
or stainless. All has a lifetime warranty. Email me if you are
interested in ordering or hosting or looking for a fun second income.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Want Ads and Articles

We need your wants and ads and articles to keep this newsletter going.
You must have some sorts of articles you want to share with our readers.
Poems, experiences any event you have planned.
Please get them in. Inquirer's minds want to know.

Wisconsin Pagan Trader

Update on Charlene

Update on a healing/spiritual support request for Charlene Vierke &
Jessa Wright that was sent out on Saturday, August 18:

Yesterday, in the early morning hours of Sunday August 26th, Charlene
Vierke crossed over to the Summerland with the presence of her best
friend and room mate of twelve years, Jessa Wright. Both women are
known to many in the PSG community as the Redneck Pagans.

Char had been unresponsive for the last day prior to her crossing.
While Char was in Hospice, Jessa played all of Chars favorite Pagan
musicians and created a spirit of calm and trust as well as a sacred
environment. With the placement of a speaker phone in the room she
was able to hear every phone conversation, prayer and blessing that
came to her. On Saturday night she was surrounded by a circle of
friends holding hands as all she received a prayer of release.

Earlier that day, they were able to make numerous phone calls and have
the opportunity to share final words with several friends. This
closure and the many prayers, blessings and permission allowed
Charlene to accept her time was drawing near and prepare for her journey.

Jessa asked me to let all of you that sent prayers and healing to them
via their good friend Linda Eldridge that she received and read all
50 emails to Char and they discussed every one. They were both deeply
touched by the outpouring of support from the PSG community!

Char will be cremated and there are plans for a memorial for her at
PSG 2008.

If anyone would like to send thoughts of support and love to Jessa who
now is in the process of moving out of the house she previously
shared with Char please send them care of the Circle Sanctuary
minister who has been providing support, Rev Nora Cedarwind Young:

Healing Circle: Monday, August 27, 2007

Healing to Charlene

Please send healing to Charlene Vierke of Arizona. She is also known
as one of the Redneck Pagans of PSG.

Charlene is critically ill with cancer. It is an aggressive,
fast-growing cancer, and has metastasized throughout her body. She
is being treated for pain and is being moved into hospice care. The
cancer has spread and she is now too weak for chemotherapy. They are
trying to provide her with nutritional support in the hopes that she
might be strong enough to proceed with chemo, but that window may be
closing also.

Please send blessing for strength and healing to Charlene, and her best
friend, spiritual sister and Redneck Pagan, Jessa Wright, who is taking
care of her in Arizona.

Messages of healing support can be sent to: leldridge@amibestmed.c

Healing to Michelle Cooper

Please send healing to Michelle Cooper, who has recently returned home
from the hospital. Also send healing to her husband, Eric Cooper,
who has been undergoing tests. Eric & Michelle, of Desert Moon, live
in Washington

Well wishes can be sent to them:

Friday, June 22, 2007

Healing to Paula

Healing to Ray Support to Paula

Please send healing to Ray Johnson of Florida that his problems with
left eye be healed and his sight restored. Ray has been seeing eye
specialists all week in an attempt to have the problem correctly
and corrected.

Please send healing to Ray and support to his wife, Paula Johnson, a
Wiccan priestess who has been working with the Lady Liberty League and
Circle Sanctuary.

If possible, please do healing work today as well as in the days to

Email well wishes and reports of spiritual healing done on their behalf


Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Healing to Hethor

Please send healing to Hethor, the feline familiar of Kyra, Circle
Sanctuary Priestess living in Florida.

Hethor is in the veterinary hospital for at least the next two days
due to liver problems. As this time it is unclear what caused this
problem or the degree of its severity and treatability. Hethor is

Kyra asks for healing for Hethor so that she gets better, her liver
regenerates, and she is back to her playful self.

Please send messages of healing support to

Thank you!
Circle Sanctuary

Just Sign and Pass it on

even if you "Dont" Want to sign this petition~ Please pass it on` as it
says if not forwarded on ` All names will be lost.......Remember It's
your Future!!!!!!

Subject: Fw: For Your Protection -- Please Sign

If you don't want to sign this, please ... just pass it on.

Social Security Changes

It does not matter if you personally like or dislike Bush. You need to

sign this petition and flood his e-mail box with e-mails that tell him

that, even if the House passes this bill, he needs to veto it. It is
already impossible to live on Social Security alone. If the government

gives benefits to "illegal" aliens who have never contributed, where
does that leave those of us who have paid into Social Security all our

working lives? As stated below, the Senate voted this week to allow
"illegal" aliens access to Social Security benefits. Attached is an
opportunity to sign a petition that requires citizenship for
eligibility to that social service.

You can Agree or Delete. Instructions are below.

If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all
these names. If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to
everyone you know.

Thank you!

To add your name, click on "forward" or better yet, "copy and paste"
if you know how. You will be able to add your name at the bottom of
the list and then forward it to your friends.

When the petition hits 1,000, send it to

PETITION for President Bush:

Dear Mr. President:
We, the undersigned, protest the bill that the Senate voted upon
recently which would allow illegal aliens to access our Social

We demand that you and all Congressional Representatives require
citizenship as a prerequisite for social services in the United

We further demand that there not be any amnesty given to illegals, NO
free services, no funding, no payments to and for illegal immigrants.
We are fed up with the lack of action about this matter and are tired
of "paying" for services to illegals!

Agree or Delete: Instructions to sign are at the bottom.

1. Mary Takami, Calif.
2. Connie Dodd. Calif.
3. Frank Beirau, Calif.
4. Barbara Murray, Calif.
5. Dody Farha, Okla.
6. Woody Farho, Okla
7. Donna Capatosto, CA
8. Larry Capatosto, CA
9. Ryan Capatosto, CA
10. Samantha Capatost, CA
11. Nancy Brown, Torrance, CA
12. Daniel Brown, Torrance, CA
13. Tamara Clark, Torrance, CA
14. Darrin Clark, Torrance, CA
15. J. L. Thome, Torrance, CA
16. J. E. Thome, Torrance, CA
17. Phillip Cook, Manhattan Beach, CA
18. Howard Thrall, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
19. Jim Lehman The Dalles, OR
21. Ed Melone Phoenix AZ
22. Laetitia Borden Phoenix AZ
23. Bob Reid, Mesa AZ
24. Janet Reid, mesa AZ
25. kaley Reid, mesa AZ
26. Antonio Reid, mesa AZ
27. Spike Graham, Paradise Valley, AZ
28. Wendy Graham, Paradise Valley, AZ
29. Joe Johnston, Gilbert AZ
30. Jerry Eppler, Carmel, CA
31. Mary Worth, Prescott AZ
32. Gary Carville, Los Altos, CA
33. Ron Jeziorski, Santa Clara, CA
34. Jeff Jeziorski, Thousand Oaks, CA
35. Gary Kos, Thousand Oaks
36. Susan Kos, Thousand Oaks
37. Pierre Gerardy, Fillmore, CA
38. Cynthia Nadeau, Van Nuys, CA
39. Sean Nadeau, Van Nuys
40. Kyle Nadeau, Van Nuys
41. William Coburn, Sherman Oaks, CA
42. James Harper, Sherman Oaks
43. Carver Shannon, Los Angeles
44. Paul Turgeon, Los Angeles
45. Cathy Wainwright, Redondo Beach
46. Thomas Raoch, Redondo Beach, CA
47. Doris Roach, Redondo Beach, CA
48. John Sabel, Redondo Beach, CA
49. Howard Wood, Redondo Beach, CA
50. Vincent Wainwright, San Diego, CA
51. David Kauffman, San Diego, CA
52. Don Jorgenson, Hawthrone, CA
53. Sam Gerardi, Redondo Beach, CA
54. Michele Crowley, PA
55. Richard Crowley, PA
56. Bill Thompson
57. Jan Thompson
58. Brit Lane
59. Therese Blyleven
60. Eugenia Barney
61. Larry Barne
62. Barbara M. Kohl Tonasket, WA
64. Deveta Papania, Yuma, AZ
65. B. Picciano, AZ
66. A. Picciano, AZ
67. J. Lang, AR
68. W.lang, AR
69. C. Gully, Ca.
70. J. Gully, Ca.
71. C Rusch Ca
72. Chryl Gallagher, Ca
73. Dominic Cerra, CA
74. Tracy Regan, Vista,CA
75. Yvonne Hamnquist, Vista,CA
76. Mike Hamnquist, Vista, CA
77. Myrrl Hamnquist, Vista, CA
78. Janette McLintock, Vista, CA
79. Robert McLintock, Vista, CA
80. Robert McLintock, Jr., Lincoln, NE
81. Katie McLintock, Lincoln, NE
82. J. Woodburn, Vista, CA
83. M. A. Woodburn, Vista, CA
84. C. A. Woodburn, Vista, CA
85. Gerald A. Boswell, Prescott, AZ
86. Rehab S. Boswell, Prescott, AZ
87. Oliver Taylor, Prescott, AZ
88. Carolyn S. Taylor, Prescott, AZ
89. Thomas A. Reid
90. Shirley L. Reid
91. Susan Whiteley Las Vegas, NV
92. Paul Whiteley Las Vegas, NV
93. Barbara Meyer, CA
94. William Damery
95. Richard Anderson, Pioneer, CA.
96. Debbie Anderson, Pioneer, CA.
97. Gary Dorall, Pioneer, CA
98. Jean Dorall, Pioneer, CA.
99. Janice Anderson, CA
100. Orville Anderson, CA
101. Charles Scanlon, CA
102. Dolores Scanlon, CA
103. Donald R Burr
104. Darlene Y. Burr
105. Richard W. Bothman
106. Dennis Holmes, California
107. Harlan L. Bowe, Sierra Vista, AZ
108. Larry Bonham
109. Merle Forst Oregon
110. Marlena Forst, California
111. Gayle Heiser, Oregon
112. Pat Wells, California
113. Jan Wendell, Texas
114. Sharon Schutz, Texas
115. David Schutz, Texas
116. Kitty Jones, Texas
117. Carolyn Joynt, Tennessee
118. Paul Brown, MS
119. Connie Brown, MS
120. Johnny L. Sanders, LA
121. Rebecca T. Sanders, LA
122. John Dukes, La.
123. Lois M. Dukes, La.
124. Terry Wilson , La.
125. Dean Wilkerson, AR
126. W. Curtis Hicks
127. Gypsy N. Hicks
128. Neil H. Dobbins, AR
129. Regina M Dobbins, AR
130. Ida L. Kennedy, AR
131. Frank Bonner, Ca
132. DeAndra Boydd, CA
133. Marcus Boydd, CA
134. Danny Michaels, CA
135. Daniel Meditz, CA
136. Dorothy Gehring, CA
137. Harvey B. Walker, Anaheim,Ca
138. Linda L. Walker, Anaheim, Ca
139. KC Douglas, Anaheim, Ca
140. Brandi L. Walker Anaheim Hills, Ca
141. Zach Bevans, Anaheim Hills, Ca
142. Devin D. Schroeder, Corona, Ca
143. Paul Schroeder, Corona, Ca
144. Nancee Micham, Taneyville, MO
145. Mike Micham, Taneyville, Ca
146. Helen Sabin, Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca
147. Julie Clarke, San Pedro, CA
148. Nikola Brajevich, Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca
149. Richard Bulot, San Pedro, CA
150. Joe B. Cagle, Irvine, CA
151. Ronald A. Cotta, Redondo Beach, CA
152. Carol Waselenchuk, FL
153. Jeanette J. Brooks
154. Sheryl L Brooks
155. Kyleen Madsen, FL
156. Rand Madsen, FL
157. David A. Whitehorn, Fl
158. Mary Whitehorn, Fl
158. James H. Peak
159. Janith E. Peak
160. Bill Millholland
161. Barbara Millholland
162. Gerald Powell
163. Linda Powell
165. Dolores Kuhn
166. Roger Parrish
167. Joanne Parrish
168. Mike Volpe, Florida
169. Betty Volpe, Florida
170. Kyle L. Hartzell, Florida
171. Thom Milnor, Douglasville, GA
172. Eileen Milnor, Douglasville, GA
173. Gary Milnor, Douglasville, GA
174. Jackie Francis, Douglasville, GA
175. Lawrence P Pate, Avon Park, Florida
176. Penny Socin, Arlington, Texas
178. Jerry Socin, Arlington, Texas
179. Rader, Belvidere, Illinois
180. Marnie Mowles, Marion, Montana
181. William R. Miller Jr, KANSAS
182. Linda Miller, KANSAS
183. David Dielman
184. Orland Rosell
185. Amber Brooks
186. Jason Rosell
187. Courtney Brooks, Pensacola, Florida
188. Becky Brooks, Pensacola, Florida
189. Pam Leonard, Cantonment, FL
190. James T. Pensacola, FL
191. W.Thomas TN
192. H Thomas TN
193. Fort Wayne Hopper, AL
194. B Clark, AL
195. C. Jordan, Al
196. R. Knight
197. D. H. Blackwelder, FL
198. K. Dougherty, MD
199. R. Dougherty, MD
200. M Ranalla, ME
201. C. Ranalla, WA
205. Josh Gabriel, TX
206. William Young Levittown, PA
207. Karren Young Levittown, PA
208. Betty Lefevre
209. Carl D. Hoagland
210. Maxine Hoagland
211. William Jarvis Albany, Ga.
212. Elizabeth Jarvis Albany, Ga.
213. Jane Lyons Elwood, In
214. Rachel Lyons Elwood, In
215. Mary McFall Elwood , IN
216. Louis Frederick
217. James Davis
218. Gary Rogers
219. Rita Rogers
220. Yolonda L. Hiser
221. sonja boozier FL
222. Phyllis Campeau, Clinton Twp., MI
223. Lowell Gordon, Montpelier, IN
224. Carolyn Gordon, Montpelier, IN
225. Charles D. Gordon
226. Wayne & Betty Lake Mi
227. Ron Phyllis Zacharias, stanwood Michigan
228. Vera Mihaltan Livonia, Mi.
229. David L. Deckard, Murfreesboro. TN
230. Wayne Fought, Elberta, AL
231. Stephen Reno, Trenton, MI
232. Lorraine Reno, Trenton , MI
233. Randine Scheffler
234. Dennis Scheffler
235. Bart Jeannette
236. Tracy Jeannette
237. Brad Pruett
238. Carol Pruett
239. David M. Levely
240. Claretta Hegwood, Clinton Twp., MI
241. Nancy Zurawski, MI
242. Paulette Adams
243. Charleen Kaltz Michigan
244. Constance M.. Buffalo, New Baltimore, MI
245. Kathleen M. Allen, Warren, MI
246. Betty Delligatta, Anaheim, CA
247. Pat Delligatta, Anaheim, CA
248. Diane Motyka, Northfield, OH
249. Pat Bruckner, Mantua, OH
250. Bill Radke, Solon, OH
251. Deanna Radke, Solon, OH
252. Peggy Weist Bedford, Oh
253. Thomas Manacapilli Universal City, TX
254. Sharon Manacapilli Universal City, TX
255. Sarah Manacapilli Universal City, TX
254. Luke Manacapilli Universal City, TX
257. Rita Dufala Northfield Center, OH
258. Naomi Polovich, Coconut Creek, Florida
259. Linda L.Emery, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
260. Melinda Bindas, Girard, OH
261. Mary Petersen, Orwell, OH
262. Tracey Myers, Warren, OH
263. Norma Roudebush, Louisaville, OH
264. Barbara Orberson... Clarksville, Indiana
265. Norm Whiteland
266. Barbara Ann Bogue, Marshall, TX
267. Marion Lee Bogue, Marshall, TX
268. Sandra A. McCartney, Fort Worth, TX
269. Jack D. McCartney, Fort Worth, TX
270. Elaine Perry Verdin, LaMarque, TX
271. Adam J. Verdin, LaMarque, TX
272. Wade Verdin, Georgetown, TX
273. Carol Ann Verdin, Georgetown, TX
274. Brian Verdin, Krum, TX
275. Bonnie Regini, Bayou Vista, TX
276. Ray Regini, Bayou Vista, TX
277. Renee Hitchcock, Texas City, TX
278. John Hitchcock, Texas City, TX
279. Tiffany Hitchcock, Texas City, TX
280. Rose Mary Smith, La Marque, TX
281. Peggy Smith, La Marque, TX
282. Sue Porter, Commerce, TX
283. Schelly Porter, Commerce, TX
284. Paul Hooper, Missouri City, TX
285. Earl Gremillion, Ruidoso, NM
286. T.F. Hewell, Jr., Katy TX
287. Peggy Hewell, Nixon TX
288. John Hewell, Nixon TX
289. Shawn Hewell, Nixon, TX
290. Wildajean Hewell, Nixon, TX
291. Damita Cirillo Huffman, TX
292. Lewis Walker Huffman, TX
293. Denise Baker, Houston, TX
294. Cody Baker, Houston, TX
295. Roy Brown, Crockett, TX
296. Ruby Brown, Crockett, TX
297. May Ree Nix, Crockett, TX
298. Rachel Brown, Houston, TX
299. Vern DeSplinter, Houston, TX
300. Kathryn DeSplinter, Houston, TX
301. Lauri DeRouen, Orchard, Texas
302. David DeRouen, Orchard, Texas
303. Deanne Ewing, Orchard, Texas
304. Jeanne Jeffcoat, Galena Park, Texas
305. Jerry Coenen, Malibu, CA
306. Gloria Coenen, Malibu, CA
307. Dawne Salopek, Houston, TX
308. Karen I. Miller, Oak Creek, WI
309. Faith Hall, Crystal Falls, Mi
310. Terri Conde, Troy, TX
311. Willis Brewer, Lexington TX
312. Walter Johnson, Colorado City, TX .
313. Bobbie Johnson, Colorado City, TX
314. Kerry Sweatt Leakey TX
315. Monty Shank, TX
316. Ronny Fite, TX
317. Lynn Fite TX
320. Johnny Wesley, TX
321. Jennie Wesley. TX
322. Kay Howard, TX
323. Gary ledger TX
324. Mary Cowan TX
325. Bill Cowan TX
326. Jeff Cowan TX
327. Misty Vaughn TX
328. Linda Anderson Tyler, TX
329. Samuel G Anderson Tyler, TX
330. Deborah Carnes Flint TX
331. Ben Carnes Flint TX
332. Donna Partin Tyler, TX
333. Joyce Baham, TX
334. Jim Baham, TX
335. Ross Pittman TX
336. Beth Pittman TX
337. C. Robinson, Louisiana
338. Scott Glover
339. David A Calhoun Sr., Louisiana
340. Marj ie S. Calhoun, Louisiana
341. Gerald Wittenberg, Kansas
342. Maxine Wittenberg, Kansas
343. Lue Asmussen, Kansas
344. Dorothy McCaslin, Kansas
345. Carol Van Sickle, MI
346. Wayne Van Sickle, MI
347. Donna Barnickol, CA
348. Margaret Russell, Cornelius, OR
349. Michelle Case, Hillsboro, OR
350. Cindy Falter Vancouver, WA
351. Darlene Kieser, Brush Prairie, WA
352. Sammie Rhyne, Brush Prairie, WA
353. Brett Croft, Brush Prairie, WA
354. John J. & Nancy J. Kotrlik, Vancouver , WA
355. L Ceccoli, Brush Prairie, WA
356. Ken Love Battle Ground, WA
357. Julie Love Battle Ground, WA
358. Jon Love Vancouver, WA
359. Marc Love Vancouver, WA
360. Larry W. Shaw Reno, NV
361. Charlie Brown, San Antonio Texas
362. Roxie Brown, San Antonio, Texas
363. Randall J Lee, Fern Park, FL
364. Marie L Lee, Fern Park, FL
365. Robert E. Nicholl, FL
366. Janice Nicholl, FL
367. Scott liberty, FL
368. Janice Rathman, Fl
369. Betty Gill, Ga
370. Betty Hewitt, GA
371. Pat Smith
372. Bobby Hicks, Ga
373. Jackie Hicks, Ga
374. BJ. Hicks II, Ga
375. Tina Hicks, Ga.
376. Frank J Klima, GA
377. Tammie S Klima, GA
378. Bruce N Klima, GA
379. Richard Bennett, Ga
380. Sharon Bennett, Ga
381. Mark D. Sammons, Ga
382. Al Burgamy, Ga
383. Sheila Burgamy, Ga
384. David D. Settle, Ga
385. Gary P. Freeman
386. Terry Thompson, MO
387. Mickie Curt, MO
388. Warren Curt, MO
389. Sandy Counts, MO
391. Pam Bickelhaupt, SC
393. Lindsey Sheppard, TX
394. Rick Wright, IL
395. Marilyn McClure, IN
396. Kathy Miller, FL
397. Karen Rothrock
398. Martin Rothrock
399. Mike Succio FL
400. Myrtle Succio FL
401. Tonya Succio FL
402. Michael Succio FL
403. Billie Bordwine Fl
404. Larry Dickerson, Fl
405. Bob Register, Fl
406. Stan Phillips, NC
407. Willie Wright - NC
408. Thomas Sledge, NC
409. Etta Glover, NC
410. Kermit Glover, NC
411. Carolyn Garris, NC
412. Stanley Garris, NC
413. Gail Garris, NC
414. Adrian Garris, NC
415. Sandi Taylor, NC
416. Keith Taylor, NC
417. Annette Markham, NC
418. Marvin Markham, NC
419. Denise Landino, NC
420. Mark Landino, NC
421. William Mele, NC
422. JoAnn Forsythe, OR
423. Robert Benson, OR
424. Sharon Benson, OR
425. Richard Bogle, Or
426. Marcia Hocker, OR
427. Marilyn Layne, NY
428. David Hutcherson, Ga
429. Lena L. Solomon, NY
430. Mike Boylan, NY
431. Gwen Johnson, NY
432. Doris Johnson, NY
433. Vernon Symes, NY
434. Jacqueline Hardy NY
435. Joan Moses NY
436. Marlene Sherman VA
437. Enid Davidowitz, NY
438. Warren Kolinsky NY
439. Freyda Kolinsky NY
440. Max Konigsberg NY
441. Claire Konigsberg NY
442. Sharon Cernese, NY
443. Stephanie Jacobson, NY
444. Virginia C. Schroder, NY
445. Pattie Sullivan, GA
446. Joanne Pope, AL
447. Kathleen Hunter, AL
448. Sandra Kiser Stuart, FL
449. Harvey Kiser Stuart, FL
450. Carole Murphy, Temecula, Ca
451. Arthur Murphy, Temecula, Ca
452. Cindi Hitt, Simi Valley, CA
453. Anita Chrisman, Simi Valley, CA
454. Diane Kammerich, Simi Valley, CA
455. Judith Heinz, Palmdale, CA
456. Gyula Feher, Littlerock, CA
457. JAMES COLLINS, Simi Valley, Ca
458. Teresa Troutman Simi Valley CA
459. Tina Goodfellow, Moorpark, Ca
460. Marianne Hudis, AZ
462. Harold Wiener, Las Vegas.NV
463. Sandra Hollander, Las Vegas, NV
464. Joanie Mandel, Las Vegas, NV
465. Mary Hudson
466. Barry Hulunian, Las Vegas NV
467. John H. Warner, Marietta, GA
468. Kathleen Pace Warner, Fl
469. Donna Tidwell, Canton, Ga
470. Shayne Henderson, Gatlinburg, TN
471. Richard Henderson, Gatlinburg, TN
472. Shari Reagan, Gatlinburg, TN
473. Kenneth Collins, GA
474. Melissa Collins, GA
475. Cody Payne, GA
476. Ashley Payne, GA
477. Kasey Collins, GA
478. Kurt Payne, GA
479. Kyle Collins, GA
480. Brett Collins, GA
481. Tomi Payne, GA
482. Nick Pendergrass, GA
483. Hershell Pendergrass, GA
484. Eva Pendergrass, GA
485. Roy Pendergrass, GA
486. Francis Pendergras, GA
487. Deborah Harper, GA
488. Daniel Harper, GA
489. Chelsey Harper, GA
490. Rhett Harper, GA
491. Taylor Harper, Ga
492. Geneva English, GA
493. Raymond English, GA
494. Denise Davis, GA
495. Walt Davis, GA
496. Amber awkins, GA
497. Danny Hawkins, GA
498. Devon Birge
500. Thelma Wichman, TN
501. Charlotte Clark, TN
502. A. H. Clark, TN
503. Susan Koop. IN
504. Dennis Hites. Fl
505. Sandra Sexton, FL
506. Stanley B. Sexton, Fl
507. Louise sova Pa
508. Don Sova Pa
509. Jennifer Frazee Pa
510. Dee Frazee Pa
511. Lisa Stewart Pa
512. Jeff Stewart Pa
513. Wendy Mayo Pa
514. Mr. & Mrs Allen G. Wood,Cerritos, Ca.
516. L.B Strawn
517. Mary Strawn
518. Ann Tack
519. H. L. Williamson
520. Nancy Williamson
521. J H Arra
522. M A Arra
523. Susan Kent, Fountain Valley, CA
526. Pamela Thomas Saulls, Wetmore, KS
527. Anglo E.Saulls, Wetmore, KS
528. Jerry J. Thomas, Whiting, KS
529. brett Lyon Utah
530. Linda Moore Gardner, KS
531. Penny Bumgarner, MO
531. Jeff Bumgarner, MO
532. Joe Hess, MO
533. L.J. Lightle, MO
534. Jena Bernstein, MO
535. Evan Bernstein, MO
536. Janelle Ford
537. Aaron Ward, MO
538. Francine Medina, VA
539. Edward Medina, VA
540. Sylvia Harrison, TX
541. Jennifer Carson, GA
542. Steve Carson, GA
543. William Inman
544. Sylvia Inman
545. Ken Gillespie, GA
546. Annette Gillespie, GA
547. Carol Edwards
548. Valerie Dues, GA
549. Della Thomas, GA
560. Melba L. Wallace, GA
561. Nancy Lewis, VA
562. Melvin Lewis, VA
563. Beverly Grigsby, AR
564. Lyn Keaster, AR
565. Kathy Gonten, AR
566. Kathy Smith PA
567. Terry Smith PA
568. Tristan Smith ND
569. Nicholas Smith PA
570. Colin Smith PA
571. Dwight Damschroder OH
572. L. Anatra Ohio
573. Paul A. Nickles OH
574. Mary Ann Nickles OH
575. Martha Rae Enold OH
576. Ernest T. Enold OH
577. Suzi Jones OH
578. Ron Jones OH
579. Charles Clyne, Jupiter, Fl
580. E.Diane Clyne, Jupiter, Fl
581. Larry G. Schmidt Fl
582. Lori Arvik Fl
583. Billy Arvik FL
584. Sandra Arvik Fl
585. Shannon Walrath, Fl
586. Barbara Petitti, Fl
587. Liz Tarpein, FL
589. Angela M. Dugan, Florida
590. Mary Young, FL
591. Chris Martinkus
592. Melissa Martikus
593. Vincent Martinkus
594. Lisa Martinkus
595. Patrick Martinkus
596. Anne Martinkus
597. Kristen Sponseller
598. Jeffrey Collins
599. Andrea Williamson
600. Dennis Williamson
601. Amy Downs
602. Stephen Downs
603. Lori Miller
604. Zane Miller
605. Patricia Jackson
606. Terry A. Jackson
607. Troy Vinson
608. Terry Ellison
609. Donna White
610. Kimberly Fletcher, TX
611. Janet Harter, TX
612. Cynthia Sheppard, TX
613. Charleen Keith, TX
614. Willie Keith, TX
615. Randy Day, TX
616. Sandy Day, TX
617. Mattie Foster, Tx.
618. Jane Hull, TX
619. William W. Hull, Tx
620. Anna M. Hull, Tx
621. Lonny Leming Tx.
623. Gary S. Luckhardt, PA
624. Lisa A. Witman, PA
625. Jessica Neal
626. Sonny Neal
627. Maddie Neal
628. Donna Miller
629. Kalia Miller
630. Charlotte Goad
631. Deon Goad
632. Eric Goad
633. Jim Feild
634. Peggy Thorne
635. Tony Thorne
636. Charlotte Poehner, Tehachapi, CA
637. George Poehner, Tehachapi, CA
638. Ronelle Sorrell, Bakersfield, CA
639. Joseph Sorrell, Bakersfield, CA.
640. Scott M. Sorrell, Costa Mesa, CA
641. Katerina Sorrell, Costa Mesa, CA
642. Bessie Holmes, Phoenix, AZ
643. Ron Osentoski
645 Doug Marcum
646 Lee Marcum
647 Toni Marcum MI
648 Dana Marcum MI
649 Kevin Barrett, Britton, MI
650 Kendra Barrett, Britton, MI
651 Kendall Barrett, Britton, MI
652 Michael Jajuga addison mi
653 Charlita Mangrum Smith, Rockingham, NC
654 PennyJo Catrone, Massillon, OH
655. Carol Beiter, OH
656. Charles Beiter, OH
657. Jean Warstler, OH
658 Penny Michals, Jupiter Florida

When the petition hits 1,000, please email it to

If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all
these names. If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to
everyone you know.
Thank you!

To add your name, click "Forward," add your name at the bottom of the
list, then forward it to your friends. Before forwarding the email,
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Healing to John Martin

Please send healing to Circle Sanctuary Community member John Martin of
Wisconsin for a medical emergency. He has a huge hematoma in his head.
He is being admitted to a hospital in Milwaukee.

Well wishes can be relayed by email to him:

Selena Fox
of Circle Sanctuary

Friday, June 01, 2007

Healing to Emmrie, Amy and Sharon

Please send healing to Amy Johnson and her newborn daughter, Emmrie.

Emmrie was born last night (May 30) by emergency c-section and since
then has been in the ICU of the University of Iowa Hospital.

Emmrie had to have blood transfusions last night, and doctors are
still assessing her serious condition, its causes, and treatment options.

Please also send support to Amy & Emmrie's family -- especially to
MoonFeather/Sharon of Circle Sanctuary. She is Amy's mother and
Emmrie's grandmother.

The family is off-line right now and therefore not able to receive
emails of support. Do send your well wishes and prayers of support,
however --

Thank you!
Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Healing Circle: Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MO Man Burns Books as Act of Protest

By DAVID TWIDDY, Associated Press Writer Mon May 28, 7:19 AM ET

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tom Wayne has amassed thousands of books in a warehouse during the 10 years he has run his used book store, Prospero's Books.

His collection ranges from best sellers, such as Tom Clancy's "The Hunt for Red October" and Tom Wolfe's "Bonfire of the Vanities," to obscure titles, like a bound report from the Fourth Pan-American Conference held in Buenos Aires in 1910. But when he wanted to thin out the collection, he found he couldn't even give away books to libraries or thrift shops; they said they were full.

So on Sunday, Wayne began burning his books in protest of what he sees as society's diminishing support for the printed word.

"This is the funeral pyre for thought in America today," Wayne told spectators outside his bookstore as he lit the first batch of books.

The fire blazed for about 50 minutes before the Kansas City Fire Department put it out because Wayne didn't have a permit for burning.

Wayne said next time he will get a permit. He said he envisions monthly bonfires until his supply — estimated at 20,000 books — is exhausted.

"After slogging through the tens of thousands of books we've slogged through, and to accumulate that many and to have people turn you away when you take them somewhere, it's just kind of a knee-jerk reaction," he said. "And it's a good excuse for fun."

Wayne said he has seen fewer customers in recent years as people more often get their information from television or the Internet. He pointed to a 2002 study by the National Endowment for the Arts, that found that less than half of adult respondents reported reading for pleasure, down from almost 57 percent in 1982.

Kansas City has seen the number of used bookstores decline in recent years, and there are few independent bookstores left in town, said Will Leathem, a co-owner of Prospero's Books.

"There are segments of this city where you go to an estate sale and find five TVs and three books," Leathem said.

The idea of burning the books horrified Marcia Trayford, who paid $20 Sunday to carry away an armload of tomes on art, education and music.

"I've been trying to adopt as many books as I could," she said.

Dozens of other people took advantage of the book-burning, searching through the books waiting to go into the flames for last-minute bargains.

Mike Bechtel paid $10 for a stack of books, including an antique collection of children's literature, which he said he'd save for his 4-year-old son.

"I think, given the fact it is a protest of people not reading books, it's the best way to do it," Bechtel said. "(Wayne has) made the point that not reading a book is as good as burning it."

Why Wiccan Suck

I ran across this. You guys all read it and lets discuss what it says. There are several links that continue on this persons make sure you read them all.

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http://www.wiccaweb .com/suck_ immaturity. php

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by those moments that take our breath away."

"All Gave Some,,, Some Gave all, and for those who have fought for it,, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm!"
~ George Orwell