Saturday, December 29, 2007

Healing to Pakistan and the World

Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan, was assasinated
yesterday. She was killed by gunfire and a suicide bomb after
speaking ata Pakistan People's Party rally near Islamabad, the capital
of Pakistan.
Her funeral was held today and her body was buried next to that of her
father in Naudero, their ancestral village.

Bhutto was the first Muslim woman to head a nation -- she was elected
and served as Pakistan's Prime Minister twice. Trained at Harvard
and Oxford, she had strong ties to champions of democracy in America
and the UK as well as in other nations in addition to her native
Pakistan. She was loved by many around the world. However, she also
had enemies and faced many challenges in her life, including the
execution of her father and problems with some who were part of her
and other administrations, especially those who sought to oust her
from power.

Benazir was a strong, courageous, and determined advocate for freedom,
democracy, and human rights. She voiced her concerns for women's
health and social issues and sought to repeal ordinances that
curtailed women's rights. She is survived by her husband and three

The nation of Pakistan is mourning her death as are many in the world
today, ourselves included.

Some media coverage with more info:

Los Angeles Times: Thousands Throng Bhutto's Funeral,0,2681584.stor\

Malaysian National News: The Fearless & Gutsy Benazir Bhutto

Please join me and others in an Interfaith working today.

Kindle a candle in her memory, for the spirit of freedom, and for
healing and peace in Pakistan and the world:

* Please remember Benazir Bhutto, her courage, her contributions, and
her work for freedom, democracy, women's rights, support for the
poor, and human rights.

* Please send healing to her family and to all who loved her.

* Please send peace, healing, and stability to Pakistan which is in
political and social turmoil.

* Please send healing and peace to the world as a whole.

Thank you.

Rev. Selena Fox
Senior Minister, Circle Sanctuary
writing from a snowy Oak forest
near Barneveld, Wisconsin, USA

Healing Circle: Friday, December 28, 2007

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