Saturday, February 11, 2006

To Laura

I realize that I am not standing tall, you've seen me when I couldn't stand at all.
I must look so natural when I am not on my feet. But I wish you would look
down here at me. I'm not playing marbles, I 'm not shooting dice,
I'm not down here looking for my kids. I'm down here praying,
that you'd be staying. Thats why I'm down here on my knees.
You might think I look just like a fool, that because
I might loose my mind if you go walking out that door I wish you would
stop and look at the floor. Thats why I'm down here on my knees.

Breaks my Heart

The note was short, the note was so strong, it simply said I just can't go on,
to live a life with someone I don't love. She couldn't tell me face to face,
oh but how my world would change, by the hand that held the pen,
that the broke the words, that broke the heart, of the one, the only one,
that really loves her. My tears fell down like falling rain.
But they can't wash away the pain. How I lye to sleep without her in my arms.
She never meant to break my heart, but how my world was torn apart.
With one stroke of a pen she wrote off what was my dreams,
she eraseing all the plans we made together. I 'm the one that was to blame
oh but how my world has changed.

Buy a Rose Today.

Sun goes down, in Calvin county, neon lights from an old beer sign,
shown throu the window, out on the side walk, As I walked in, to pass the time.
I looked around, sat down at a table, ordered beef on rye, and a glass of wine,
and through the door came a little old lady, she was selling paper roses,
and they only cost a dime. Paper Roses, Paper Rosie, she sold paper roses,
but they only cost a dime. Silver hair thats lost its gold. Trembling hands
as she passed the rose, red crape paper, made natures bouquet,
help a little old lady, buy a rose today. I took the rose from her trembling hand,
But her eyes were vague, she smiles and walked away, like the breathe of spring,
I could smell the rose. It came alive as I heard her say, Buy my roses,
pretty roses, there only made of paper but they only cost a dime.
I went to look for her outside, a spray of roses layed by her side, the sky lit up
and the choir sang, A thousand voices as the church bells rang.

Healing for Keenan

SUBJECT: Healing for Keenan
Please send healing support to Keenan Brogdon of Scottsdale,
Arizona. He went to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon,
February 8 due to severe stomach pains and heart problems.
May the source of Keenan's health problems be discovered,
may he receive the correct treatment, and may he be restored
to good health. Also, please send support to his family, including
his mother Neta Gilbertsen, who has been associated with Circle
for more than twenty years. Well wishes of support for him.

Well Wishes for Shine

SUBJECT: Well Wishes for Shine
Long-time Circle Minister Shine (Linda) requests our
healingsupport as she fights the pain and immobility associated
with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Presently, Shine is pretty much confined
to bed and is taking pain medication. Arthritis is affecting her lower
spine and her left hip and leg, including the ankle and upper left foot.
Shine is currently undergoing tests to determine what traditional medical
options are available.