Saturday, February 11, 2006

Buy a Rose Today.

Sun goes down, in Calvin county, neon lights from an old beer sign,
shown throu the window, out on the side walk, As I walked in, to pass the time.
I looked around, sat down at a table, ordered beef on rye, and a glass of wine,
and through the door came a little old lady, she was selling paper roses,
and they only cost a dime. Paper Roses, Paper Rosie, she sold paper roses,
but they only cost a dime. Silver hair thats lost its gold. Trembling hands
as she passed the rose, red crape paper, made natures bouquet,
help a little old lady, buy a rose today. I took the rose from her trembling hand,
But her eyes were vague, she smiles and walked away, like the breathe of spring,
I could smell the rose. It came alive as I heard her say, Buy my roses,
pretty roses, there only made of paper but they only cost a dime.
I went to look for her outside, a spray of roses layed by her side, the sky lit up
and the choir sang, A thousand voices as the church bells rang.

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