Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Healing to those impacted by California Wildfires

Please send blessings of healing, strength, and protection to those who
suffering as a result of the many wildfires that have been raging in
southern California all week. Humans, animals, plants, and places are
need of healing support.

Pagans, including some who are part of Circle Network, are among those
have been harmed by the wildfires.

I have been in contact throughout this week with Jo Millgate and her
who are being stressed by the Harris Fire, which is still only 20%
contained. Please send emails of support and healing to them:

We are including names of those stressed by the fires on our Healing
at Circle Sanctuary as part of the healing support work we are doing.

If you wish to have your name and/or the names of loved ones added to
Wildfire Healing part of our altar, please email:

Be sure to include complete contact information (name, address, phone
number(s), email addresses) so we have multiple ways of being in touch
-- we
will keep contact info we receive confidential, unless you specify

Please join us at Circle Sanctuary and others in doing healing rituals,
meditations, and other spiritual support work for those in need.

Selena Fox
High Priestess, Circle Sanctuary

Healing Circle: Thursday, October 25, 2007

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