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Modern Day Witchunt in Custody Case...please help!

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Hello PUC-CO friends,

I'm so scared, and I don't know where to turn. I'm involved in a
custody battle with my ex-husband. I have had full custody of my
children since our divorce five years ago. He is suing me now,
because he states that my religious beliefs are harmful to my
children. I am a solitary Wiccan, and practice a bit of Buddhism as
well. Today in court, I was asked the following questions, and much

Are you a witch? Can you define witch? Do you cast spells? Do you
cast spells on other people? Did you cast a spell to win this court
hearing? Do you practice in the nude? Do you children see you nude?
Do you attend festivals where people are nude? Do your children
encounter discrimination at school because of they're religious
practices or paraphernalia? Do you worship Satan? Is your religion

It was so frightening. The judge made it very clear that he thinks my
religion is wrong, and I'm afraid that they may think that I have
some kind of weird sexual practice…even though I don't practice
skyclad, and have never taken my children to a festival where people
were skyclad.

I made a belly casting of my pregnant belly that was thought to be a
strange sexual practice. I also had a friend body paint me as gaia
and photograph me for an artist that was going to paint me. I also
walked around my country property nude while I was in labor in the
middle of the night with my husband (my children were visiting my
parents at the time). All of these incidences were discussed at
length in court, and they said that it was dangerous for my children.

Please tell me if you can assist me in my case, or if you can refer
me to someone who may be able to help. I'm so very frightened. I
don't want to loose my children! I live in a rural area where nearly
everyone here is Christian. My ex-husband is a police officer, and he
knows the judge very well from work. I think that they are friends
and the judge hearing my case will not be fair.

Thank you kindly for reading my email. If you have any kind of
advice, I will follow it to the letter.

I live in Wiley, Colorado, but the case is being heard in court in
Lamar, Colorado about 15 miles from my home. Our next court date is
scheduled for October 12, 2007 at 2pm. It may be pushed ahead,
however because they expect there to be a problem with the court
reporters. I don't have much time to get help! I would have sought
help much sooner, but had no idea that my religion would be the focus
of the case. I was told by three different attorneys that it would be
easy, and that my husband could not use my religion against me. It
seems that is not the case here.

My name is

Janeen Rayell Brown my spiritual name is Vashti UthPisces

719-829-4832 home 719-688-9958 cell

Rev. John B. Brown

Mountain Regional Director & Arizona State Chair

Pagan Unity Campaign

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