Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Healing to Charlene

Please send healing to Charlene Vierke of Arizona. She is also known
as one of the Redneck Pagans of PSG.

Charlene is critically ill with cancer. It is an aggressive,
fast-growing cancer, and has metastasized throughout her body. She
is being treated for pain and is being moved into hospice care. The
cancer has spread and she is now too weak for chemotherapy. They are
trying to provide her with nutritional support in the hopes that she
might be strong enough to proceed with chemo, but that window may be
closing also.

Please send blessing for strength and healing to Charlene, and her best
friend, spiritual sister and Redneck Pagan, Jessa Wright, who is taking
care of her in Arizona.

Messages of healing support can be sent to: leldridge@amibestmed.c

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