Friday, June 22, 2007

Just Sign and Pass it on

even if you "Dont" Want to sign this petition~ Please pass it on` as it
says if not forwarded on ` All names will be lost.......Remember It's
your Future!!!!!!

Subject: Fw: For Your Protection -- Please Sign

If you don't want to sign this, please ... just pass it on.

Social Security Changes

It does not matter if you personally like or dislike Bush. You need to

sign this petition and flood his e-mail box with e-mails that tell him

that, even if the House passes this bill, he needs to veto it. It is
already impossible to live on Social Security alone. If the government

gives benefits to "illegal" aliens who have never contributed, where
does that leave those of us who have paid into Social Security all our

working lives? As stated below, the Senate voted this week to allow
"illegal" aliens access to Social Security benefits. Attached is an
opportunity to sign a petition that requires citizenship for
eligibility to that social service.

You can Agree or Delete. Instructions are below.

If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all
these names. If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to
everyone you know.

Thank you!

To add your name, click on "forward" or better yet, "copy and paste"
if you know how. You will be able to add your name at the bottom of
the list and then forward it to your friends.

When the petition hits 1,000, send it to

PETITION for President Bush:

Dear Mr. President:
We, the undersigned, protest the bill that the Senate voted upon
recently which would allow illegal aliens to access our Social

We demand that you and all Congressional Representatives require
citizenship as a prerequisite for social services in the United

We further demand that there not be any amnesty given to illegals, NO
free services, no funding, no payments to and for illegal immigrants.
We are fed up with the lack of action about this matter and are tired
of "paying" for services to illegals!

Agree or Delete: Instructions to sign are at the bottom.

1. Mary Takami, Calif.
2. Connie Dodd. Calif.
3. Frank Beirau, Calif.
4. Barbara Murray, Calif.
5. Dody Farha, Okla.
6. Woody Farho, Okla
7. Donna Capatosto, CA
8. Larry Capatosto, CA
9. Ryan Capatosto, CA
10. Samantha Capatost, CA
11. Nancy Brown, Torrance, CA
12. Daniel Brown, Torrance, CA
13. Tamara Clark, Torrance, CA
14. Darrin Clark, Torrance, CA
15. J. L. Thome, Torrance, CA
16. J. E. Thome, Torrance, CA
17. Phillip Cook, Manhattan Beach, CA
18. Howard Thrall, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
19. Jim Lehman The Dalles, OR
21. Ed Melone Phoenix AZ
22. Laetitia Borden Phoenix AZ
23. Bob Reid, Mesa AZ
24. Janet Reid, mesa AZ
25. kaley Reid, mesa AZ
26. Antonio Reid, mesa AZ
27. Spike Graham, Paradise Valley, AZ
28. Wendy Graham, Paradise Valley, AZ
29. Joe Johnston, Gilbert AZ
30. Jerry Eppler, Carmel, CA
31. Mary Worth, Prescott AZ
32. Gary Carville, Los Altos, CA
33. Ron Jeziorski, Santa Clara, CA
34. Jeff Jeziorski, Thousand Oaks, CA
35. Gary Kos, Thousand Oaks
36. Susan Kos, Thousand Oaks
37. Pierre Gerardy, Fillmore, CA
38. Cynthia Nadeau, Van Nuys, CA
39. Sean Nadeau, Van Nuys
40. Kyle Nadeau, Van Nuys
41. William Coburn, Sherman Oaks, CA
42. James Harper, Sherman Oaks
43. Carver Shannon, Los Angeles
44. Paul Turgeon, Los Angeles
45. Cathy Wainwright, Redondo Beach
46. Thomas Raoch, Redondo Beach, CA
47. Doris Roach, Redondo Beach, CA
48. John Sabel, Redondo Beach, CA
49. Howard Wood, Redondo Beach, CA
50. Vincent Wainwright, San Diego, CA
51. David Kauffman, San Diego, CA
52. Don Jorgenson, Hawthrone, CA
53. Sam Gerardi, Redondo Beach, CA
54. Michele Crowley, PA
55. Richard Crowley, PA
56. Bill Thompson
57. Jan Thompson
58. Brit Lane
59. Therese Blyleven
60. Eugenia Barney
61. Larry Barne
62. Barbara M. Kohl Tonasket, WA
64. Deveta Papania, Yuma, AZ
65. B. Picciano, AZ
66. A. Picciano, AZ
67. J. Lang, AR
68. W.lang, AR
69. C. Gully, Ca.
70. J. Gully, Ca.
71. C Rusch Ca
72. Chryl Gallagher, Ca
73. Dominic Cerra, CA
74. Tracy Regan, Vista,CA
75. Yvonne Hamnquist, Vista,CA
76. Mike Hamnquist, Vista, CA
77. Myrrl Hamnquist, Vista, CA
78. Janette McLintock, Vista, CA
79. Robert McLintock, Vista, CA
80. Robert McLintock, Jr., Lincoln, NE
81. Katie McLintock, Lincoln, NE
82. J. Woodburn, Vista, CA
83. M. A. Woodburn, Vista, CA
84. C. A. Woodburn, Vista, CA
85. Gerald A. Boswell, Prescott, AZ
86. Rehab S. Boswell, Prescott, AZ
87. Oliver Taylor, Prescott, AZ
88. Carolyn S. Taylor, Prescott, AZ
89. Thomas A. Reid
90. Shirley L. Reid
91. Susan Whiteley Las Vegas, NV
92. Paul Whiteley Las Vegas, NV
93. Barbara Meyer, CA
94. William Damery
95. Richard Anderson, Pioneer, CA.
96. Debbie Anderson, Pioneer, CA.
97. Gary Dorall, Pioneer, CA
98. Jean Dorall, Pioneer, CA.
99. Janice Anderson, CA
100. Orville Anderson, CA
101. Charles Scanlon, CA
102. Dolores Scanlon, CA
103. Donald R Burr
104. Darlene Y. Burr
105. Richard W. Bothman
106. Dennis Holmes, California
107. Harlan L. Bowe, Sierra Vista, AZ
108. Larry Bonham
109. Merle Forst Oregon
110. Marlena Forst, California
111. Gayle Heiser, Oregon
112. Pat Wells, California
113. Jan Wendell, Texas
114. Sharon Schutz, Texas
115. David Schutz, Texas
116. Kitty Jones, Texas
117. Carolyn Joynt, Tennessee
118. Paul Brown, MS
119. Connie Brown, MS
120. Johnny L. Sanders, LA
121. Rebecca T. Sanders, LA
122. John Dukes, La.
123. Lois M. Dukes, La.
124. Terry Wilson , La.
125. Dean Wilkerson, AR
126. W. Curtis Hicks
127. Gypsy N. Hicks
128. Neil H. Dobbins, AR
129. Regina M Dobbins, AR
130. Ida L. Kennedy, AR
131. Frank Bonner, Ca
132. DeAndra Boydd, CA
133. Marcus Boydd, CA
134. Danny Michaels, CA
135. Daniel Meditz, CA
136. Dorothy Gehring, CA
137. Harvey B. Walker, Anaheim,Ca
138. Linda L. Walker, Anaheim, Ca
139. KC Douglas, Anaheim, Ca
140. Brandi L. Walker Anaheim Hills, Ca
141. Zach Bevans, Anaheim Hills, Ca
142. Devin D. Schroeder, Corona, Ca
143. Paul Schroeder, Corona, Ca
144. Nancee Micham, Taneyville, MO
145. Mike Micham, Taneyville, Ca
146. Helen Sabin, Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca
147. Julie Clarke, San Pedro, CA
148. Nikola Brajevich, Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca
149. Richard Bulot, San Pedro, CA
150. Joe B. Cagle, Irvine, CA
151. Ronald A. Cotta, Redondo Beach, CA
152. Carol Waselenchuk, FL
153. Jeanette J. Brooks
154. Sheryl L Brooks
155. Kyleen Madsen, FL
156. Rand Madsen, FL
157. David A. Whitehorn, Fl
158. Mary Whitehorn, Fl
158. James H. Peak
159. Janith E. Peak
160. Bill Millholland
161. Barbara Millholland
162. Gerald Powell
163. Linda Powell
165. Dolores Kuhn
166. Roger Parrish
167. Joanne Parrish
168. Mike Volpe, Florida
169. Betty Volpe, Florida
170. Kyle L. Hartzell, Florida
171. Thom Milnor, Douglasville, GA
172. Eileen Milnor, Douglasville, GA
173. Gary Milnor, Douglasville, GA
174. Jackie Francis, Douglasville, GA
175. Lawrence P Pate, Avon Park, Florida
176. Penny Socin, Arlington, Texas
178. Jerry Socin, Arlington, Texas
179. Rader, Belvidere, Illinois
180. Marnie Mowles, Marion, Montana
181. William R. Miller Jr, KANSAS
182. Linda Miller, KANSAS
183. David Dielman
184. Orland Rosell
185. Amber Brooks
186. Jason Rosell
187. Courtney Brooks, Pensacola, Florida
188. Becky Brooks, Pensacola, Florida
189. Pam Leonard, Cantonment, FL
190. James T. Pensacola, FL
191. W.Thomas TN
192. H Thomas TN
193. Fort Wayne Hopper, AL
194. B Clark, AL
195. C. Jordan, Al
196. R. Knight
197. D. H. Blackwelder, FL
198. K. Dougherty, MD
199. R. Dougherty, MD
200. M Ranalla, ME
201. C. Ranalla, WA
205. Josh Gabriel, TX
206. William Young Levittown, PA
207. Karren Young Levittown, PA
208. Betty Lefevre
209. Carl D. Hoagland
210. Maxine Hoagland
211. William Jarvis Albany, Ga.
212. Elizabeth Jarvis Albany, Ga.
213. Jane Lyons Elwood, In
214. Rachel Lyons Elwood, In
215. Mary McFall Elwood , IN
216. Louis Frederick
217. James Davis
218. Gary Rogers
219. Rita Rogers
220. Yolonda L. Hiser
221. sonja boozier FL
222. Phyllis Campeau, Clinton Twp., MI
223. Lowell Gordon, Montpelier, IN
224. Carolyn Gordon, Montpelier, IN
225. Charles D. Gordon
226. Wayne & Betty Lake Mi
227. Ron Phyllis Zacharias, stanwood Michigan
228. Vera Mihaltan Livonia, Mi.
229. David L. Deckard, Murfreesboro. TN
230. Wayne Fought, Elberta, AL
231. Stephen Reno, Trenton, MI
232. Lorraine Reno, Trenton , MI
233. Randine Scheffler
234. Dennis Scheffler
235. Bart Jeannette
236. Tracy Jeannette
237. Brad Pruett
238. Carol Pruett
239. David M. Levely
240. Claretta Hegwood, Clinton Twp., MI
241. Nancy Zurawski, MI
242. Paulette Adams
243. Charleen Kaltz Michigan
244. Constance M.. Buffalo, New Baltimore, MI
245. Kathleen M. Allen, Warren, MI
246. Betty Delligatta, Anaheim, CA
247. Pat Delligatta, Anaheim, CA
248. Diane Motyka, Northfield, OH
249. Pat Bruckner, Mantua, OH
250. Bill Radke, Solon, OH
251. Deanna Radke, Solon, OH
252. Peggy Weist Bedford, Oh
253. Thomas Manacapilli Universal City, TX
254. Sharon Manacapilli Universal City, TX
255. Sarah Manacapilli Universal City, TX
254. Luke Manacapilli Universal City, TX
257. Rita Dufala Northfield Center, OH
258. Naomi Polovich, Coconut Creek, Florida
259. Linda L.Emery, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
260. Melinda Bindas, Girard, OH
261. Mary Petersen, Orwell, OH
262. Tracey Myers, Warren, OH
263. Norma Roudebush, Louisaville, OH
264. Barbara Orberson... Clarksville, Indiana
265. Norm Whiteland
266. Barbara Ann Bogue, Marshall, TX
267. Marion Lee Bogue, Marshall, TX
268. Sandra A. McCartney, Fort Worth, TX
269. Jack D. McCartney, Fort Worth, TX
270. Elaine Perry Verdin, LaMarque, TX
271. Adam J. Verdin, LaMarque, TX
272. Wade Verdin, Georgetown, TX
273. Carol Ann Verdin, Georgetown, TX
274. Brian Verdin, Krum, TX
275. Bonnie Regini, Bayou Vista, TX
276. Ray Regini, Bayou Vista, TX
277. Renee Hitchcock, Texas City, TX
278. John Hitchcock, Texas City, TX
279. Tiffany Hitchcock, Texas City, TX
280. Rose Mary Smith, La Marque, TX
281. Peggy Smith, La Marque, TX
282. Sue Porter, Commerce, TX
283. Schelly Porter, Commerce, TX
284. Paul Hooper, Missouri City, TX
285. Earl Gremillion, Ruidoso, NM
286. T.F. Hewell, Jr., Katy TX
287. Peggy Hewell, Nixon TX
288. John Hewell, Nixon TX
289. Shawn Hewell, Nixon, TX
290. Wildajean Hewell, Nixon, TX
291. Damita Cirillo Huffman, TX
292. Lewis Walker Huffman, TX
293. Denise Baker, Houston, TX
294. Cody Baker, Houston, TX
295. Roy Brown, Crockett, TX
296. Ruby Brown, Crockett, TX
297. May Ree Nix, Crockett, TX
298. Rachel Brown, Houston, TX
299. Vern DeSplinter, Houston, TX
300. Kathryn DeSplinter, Houston, TX
301. Lauri DeRouen, Orchard, Texas
302. David DeRouen, Orchard, Texas
303. Deanne Ewing, Orchard, Texas
304. Jeanne Jeffcoat, Galena Park, Texas
305. Jerry Coenen, Malibu, CA
306. Gloria Coenen, Malibu, CA
307. Dawne Salopek, Houston, TX
308. Karen I. Miller, Oak Creek, WI
309. Faith Hall, Crystal Falls, Mi
310. Terri Conde, Troy, TX
311. Willis Brewer, Lexington TX
312. Walter Johnson, Colorado City, TX .
313. Bobbie Johnson, Colorado City, TX
314. Kerry Sweatt Leakey TX
315. Monty Shank, TX
316. Ronny Fite, TX
317. Lynn Fite TX
320. Johnny Wesley, TX
321. Jennie Wesley. TX
322. Kay Howard, TX
323. Gary ledger TX
324. Mary Cowan TX
325. Bill Cowan TX
326. Jeff Cowan TX
327. Misty Vaughn TX
328. Linda Anderson Tyler, TX
329. Samuel G Anderson Tyler, TX
330. Deborah Carnes Flint TX
331. Ben Carnes Flint TX
332. Donna Partin Tyler, TX
333. Joyce Baham, TX
334. Jim Baham, TX
335. Ross Pittman TX
336. Beth Pittman TX
337. C. Robinson, Louisiana
338. Scott Glover
339. David A Calhoun Sr., Louisiana
340. Marj ie S. Calhoun, Louisiana
341. Gerald Wittenberg, Kansas
342. Maxine Wittenberg, Kansas
343. Lue Asmussen, Kansas
344. Dorothy McCaslin, Kansas
345. Carol Van Sickle, MI
346. Wayne Van Sickle, MI
347. Donna Barnickol, CA
348. Margaret Russell, Cornelius, OR
349. Michelle Case, Hillsboro, OR
350. Cindy Falter Vancouver, WA
351. Darlene Kieser, Brush Prairie, WA
352. Sammie Rhyne, Brush Prairie, WA
353. Brett Croft, Brush Prairie, WA
354. John J. & Nancy J. Kotrlik, Vancouver , WA
355. L Ceccoli, Brush Prairie, WA
356. Ken Love Battle Ground, WA
357. Julie Love Battle Ground, WA
358. Jon Love Vancouver, WA
359. Marc Love Vancouver, WA
360. Larry W. Shaw Reno, NV
361. Charlie Brown, San Antonio Texas
362. Roxie Brown, San Antonio, Texas
363. Randall J Lee, Fern Park, FL
364. Marie L Lee, Fern Park, FL
365. Robert E. Nicholl, FL
366. Janice Nicholl, FL
367. Scott liberty, FL
368. Janice Rathman, Fl
369. Betty Gill, Ga
370. Betty Hewitt, GA
371. Pat Smith
372. Bobby Hicks, Ga
373. Jackie Hicks, Ga
374. BJ. Hicks II, Ga
375. Tina Hicks, Ga.
376. Frank J Klima, GA
377. Tammie S Klima, GA
378. Bruce N Klima, GA
379. Richard Bennett, Ga
380. Sharon Bennett, Ga
381. Mark D. Sammons, Ga
382. Al Burgamy, Ga
383. Sheila Burgamy, Ga
384. David D. Settle, Ga
385. Gary P. Freeman
386. Terry Thompson, MO
387. Mickie Curt, MO
388. Warren Curt, MO
389. Sandy Counts, MO
391. Pam Bickelhaupt, SC
393. Lindsey Sheppard, TX
394. Rick Wright, IL
395. Marilyn McClure, IN
396. Kathy Miller, FL
397. Karen Rothrock
398. Martin Rothrock
399. Mike Succio FL
400. Myrtle Succio FL
401. Tonya Succio FL
402. Michael Succio FL
403. Billie Bordwine Fl
404. Larry Dickerson, Fl
405. Bob Register, Fl
406. Stan Phillips, NC
407. Willie Wright - NC
408. Thomas Sledge, NC
409. Etta Glover, NC
410. Kermit Glover, NC
411. Carolyn Garris, NC
412. Stanley Garris, NC
413. Gail Garris, NC
414. Adrian Garris, NC
415. Sandi Taylor, NC
416. Keith Taylor, NC
417. Annette Markham, NC
418. Marvin Markham, NC
419. Denise Landino, NC
420. Mark Landino, NC
421. William Mele, NC
422. JoAnn Forsythe, OR
423. Robert Benson, OR
424. Sharon Benson, OR
425. Richard Bogle, Or
426. Marcia Hocker, OR
427. Marilyn Layne, NY
428. David Hutcherson, Ga
429. Lena L. Solomon, NY
430. Mike Boylan, NY
431. Gwen Johnson, NY
432. Doris Johnson, NY
433. Vernon Symes, NY
434. Jacqueline Hardy NY
435. Joan Moses NY
436. Marlene Sherman VA
437. Enid Davidowitz, NY
438. Warren Kolinsky NY
439. Freyda Kolinsky NY
440. Max Konigsberg NY
441. Claire Konigsberg NY
442. Sharon Cernese, NY
443. Stephanie Jacobson, NY
444. Virginia C. Schroder, NY
445. Pattie Sullivan, GA
446. Joanne Pope, AL
447. Kathleen Hunter, AL
448. Sandra Kiser Stuart, FL
449. Harvey Kiser Stuart, FL
450. Carole Murphy, Temecula, Ca
451. Arthur Murphy, Temecula, Ca
452. Cindi Hitt, Simi Valley, CA
453. Anita Chrisman, Simi Valley, CA
454. Diane Kammerich, Simi Valley, CA
455. Judith Heinz, Palmdale, CA
456. Gyula Feher, Littlerock, CA
457. JAMES COLLINS, Simi Valley, Ca
458. Teresa Troutman Simi Valley CA
459. Tina Goodfellow, Moorpark, Ca
460. Marianne Hudis, AZ
462. Harold Wiener, Las Vegas.NV
463. Sandra Hollander, Las Vegas, NV
464. Joanie Mandel, Las Vegas, NV
465. Mary Hudson
466. Barry Hulunian, Las Vegas NV
467. John H. Warner, Marietta, GA
468. Kathleen Pace Warner, Fl
469. Donna Tidwell, Canton, Ga
470. Shayne Henderson, Gatlinburg, TN
471. Richard Henderson, Gatlinburg, TN
472. Shari Reagan, Gatlinburg, TN
473. Kenneth Collins, GA
474. Melissa Collins, GA
475. Cody Payne, GA
476. Ashley Payne, GA
477. Kasey Collins, GA
478. Kurt Payne, GA
479. Kyle Collins, GA
480. Brett Collins, GA
481. Tomi Payne, GA
482. Nick Pendergrass, GA
483. Hershell Pendergrass, GA
484. Eva Pendergrass, GA
485. Roy Pendergrass, GA
486. Francis Pendergras, GA
487. Deborah Harper, GA
488. Daniel Harper, GA
489. Chelsey Harper, GA
490. Rhett Harper, GA
491. Taylor Harper, Ga
492. Geneva English, GA
493. Raymond English, GA
494. Denise Davis, GA
495. Walt Davis, GA
496. Amber awkins, GA
497. Danny Hawkins, GA
498. Devon Birge
500. Thelma Wichman, TN
501. Charlotte Clark, TN
502. A. H. Clark, TN
503. Susan Koop. IN
504. Dennis Hites. Fl
505. Sandra Sexton, FL
506. Stanley B. Sexton, Fl
507. Louise sova Pa
508. Don Sova Pa
509. Jennifer Frazee Pa
510. Dee Frazee Pa
511. Lisa Stewart Pa
512. Jeff Stewart Pa
513. Wendy Mayo Pa
514. Mr. & Mrs Allen G. Wood,Cerritos, Ca.
516. L.B Strawn
517. Mary Strawn
518. Ann Tack
519. H. L. Williamson
520. Nancy Williamson
521. J H Arra
522. M A Arra
523. Susan Kent, Fountain Valley, CA
526. Pamela Thomas Saulls, Wetmore, KS
527. Anglo E.Saulls, Wetmore, KS
528. Jerry J. Thomas, Whiting, KS
529. brett Lyon Utah
530. Linda Moore Gardner, KS
531. Penny Bumgarner, MO
531. Jeff Bumgarner, MO
532. Joe Hess, MO
533. L.J. Lightle, MO
534. Jena Bernstein, MO
535. Evan Bernstein, MO
536. Janelle Ford
537. Aaron Ward, MO
538. Francine Medina, VA
539. Edward Medina, VA
540. Sylvia Harrison, TX
541. Jennifer Carson, GA
542. Steve Carson, GA
543. William Inman
544. Sylvia Inman
545. Ken Gillespie, GA
546. Annette Gillespie, GA
547. Carol Edwards
548. Valerie Dues, GA
549. Della Thomas, GA
560. Melba L. Wallace, GA
561. Nancy Lewis, VA
562. Melvin Lewis, VA
563. Beverly Grigsby, AR
564. Lyn Keaster, AR
565. Kathy Gonten, AR
566. Kathy Smith PA
567. Terry Smith PA
568. Tristan Smith ND
569. Nicholas Smith PA
570. Colin Smith PA
571. Dwight Damschroder OH
572. L. Anatra Ohio
573. Paul A. Nickles OH
574. Mary Ann Nickles OH
575. Martha Rae Enold OH
576. Ernest T. Enold OH
577. Suzi Jones OH
578. Ron Jones OH
579. Charles Clyne, Jupiter, Fl
580. E.Diane Clyne, Jupiter, Fl
581. Larry G. Schmidt Fl
582. Lori Arvik Fl
583. Billy Arvik FL
584. Sandra Arvik Fl
585. Shannon Walrath, Fl
586. Barbara Petitti, Fl
587. Liz Tarpein, FL
589. Angela M. Dugan, Florida
590. Mary Young, FL
591. Chris Martinkus
592. Melissa Martikus
593. Vincent Martinkus
594. Lisa Martinkus
595. Patrick Martinkus
596. Anne Martinkus
597. Kristen Sponseller
598. Jeffrey Collins
599. Andrea Williamson
600. Dennis Williamson
601. Amy Downs
602. Stephen Downs
603. Lori Miller
604. Zane Miller
605. Patricia Jackson
606. Terry A. Jackson
607. Troy Vinson
608. Terry Ellison
609. Donna White
610. Kimberly Fletcher, TX
611. Janet Harter, TX
612. Cynthia Sheppard, TX
613. Charleen Keith, TX
614. Willie Keith, TX
615. Randy Day, TX
616. Sandy Day, TX
617. Mattie Foster, Tx.
618. Jane Hull, TX
619. William W. Hull, Tx
620. Anna M. Hull, Tx
621. Lonny Leming Tx.
623. Gary S. Luckhardt, PA
624. Lisa A. Witman, PA
625. Jessica Neal
626. Sonny Neal
627. Maddie Neal
628. Donna Miller
629. Kalia Miller
630. Charlotte Goad
631. Deon Goad
632. Eric Goad
633. Jim Feild
634. Peggy Thorne
635. Tony Thorne
636. Charlotte Poehner, Tehachapi, CA
637. George Poehner, Tehachapi, CA
638. Ronelle Sorrell, Bakersfield, CA
639. Joseph Sorrell, Bakersfield, CA.
640. Scott M. Sorrell, Costa Mesa, CA
641. Katerina Sorrell, Costa Mesa, CA
642. Bessie Holmes, Phoenix, AZ
643. Ron Osentoski
645 Doug Marcum
646 Lee Marcum
647 Toni Marcum MI
648 Dana Marcum MI
649 Kevin Barrett, Britton, MI
650 Kendra Barrett, Britton, MI
651 Kendall Barrett, Britton, MI
652 Michael Jajuga addison mi
653 Charlita Mangrum Smith, Rockingham, NC
654 PennyJo Catrone, Massillon, OH
655. Carol Beiter, OH
656. Charles Beiter, OH
657. Jean Warstler, OH
658 Penny Michals, Jupiter Florida

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If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all
these names. If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to
everyone you know.
Thank you!

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