Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New and Interesting Issues

Hi gang,

I know that I've been quiet for quite some time - life tends to get
in the way of my preferred activities :) There are several issues
coming up that I have recently been made aware of and would like a
little advice. The Arkansas Legislature has, unfortunately, voted -
several years ago - to not separate church and state. Now, a local
group - Arkansas Family Counsel - is trying to get a measure passed
to not allow same sex couples to act as foster parents or to even
adopt. I find this very offensive and a potential problem for the
pagan community. I have posted this information to the AR_PUC group
and am hoping to have some type of feedback and action.

The next issue is one that concerns all progressive groups across the
board. It seems that many Christian groups have been doing their
best to take up all of the available radio frequencies thereby
blocking new and upcoming radio stations that are non-profit and very
progressive. The Christian radio groups are also in violation of FCC
regulations by not staying within or on their assigned frequencies.
Folks are hesitant to turn them in because they are 'a christian
group' and all of that nonsense. This is a perfect opportunity for
the pagan community to work with many of the progressive peace and
justice groups out there. I have found that several of these groups
are very welcoming and sincerely want to work with pagan groups for
peace and justice ends. This could be a very powerful and validating
opportunity for the pagan community to move into the mainstream of
activism. What do you all think? I am hoping for further discussion
and ideas on this.

Thanks for your time and advice.

Bright blessings, Jasmin.

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