Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hurricane Relief

For those who donnae' know me, just call me Shadow... I'm from the Domain and Realms: a micronation dedicated to all things magickal...But I'm not here tonight to talk about the Domain and Realms...But about the people - both magickal and mundane - who have suffered the wrath of Hurricane Katrina... And how I'm working to help the people down there and along the Gulf Coast as best as possible... Particularly for the children who have suffered...For those of you who believe in magick, I encourage you to use what magick you posess and focus it towards the healing of the Gulf Coast however you can... However your heart and soul guides you to... Whether you be Christian, pagan, or otherwise... They are not refugees... I am Domani... but I am still an American... They are our people... They need our help... As much as we can give...I also enocurage more mundane help in the form of donations to the American Red Cross towards hurricane releif, either in the form of money, food, or clothing... I myself am in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, and will be contacting magick and pagan groups in that area and getting together to see about working with either the Red Cross or the Marine Corps in organizing a supply drive to send down to the Gulf States... If any who read this live in or around the Milwaukee, feel free to contact me at to find out more... For the rest of you, I encourage you to do something similar...Do what you can... However you can... When you can... I wish you all Good Dreaming and Blessed Be...Sincerely, -ShadowThe Domain and Realms -

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