Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well Wishes for Eric and Family

Please send spiritual healing and support to
Eric Erickson of Wisconsin and his family,
who are part of the Circle Sanctuary Community.

On Saturday, December 30, 2006, Eric was hospitalized
and testing revealed that he has a brain tumor.

On Tuesday, January 9, 2007 Eric will have surgery at
Meriter Hospital in
Madison, Wisconsin to remove the tumor.
The surgery begins at Noon and is expected to take
six hours or more.

Please send support to Eric and his family as
he prepares for this surgery.

Please send blessings that the surgery go well,
and that any follow-up therapies will be successful.

Please send healing to Eric for a complete and
speedy recovery from the surgery.
Please send well wishes that Eric's good health be restored.

Please send blessings to Eric's family and friends
who are supporting him.

In addition to remembering him and his family in
your circles,meditations,
and prayers, if possible please email well wishes to
Eric and his family:

Selena & Circle Sanctuary

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