Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Healing for Gloria & Update

Please continue to send healing blessings to Gloria Villanueva, Circle
Sanctuary priestess from Racine, Wisconsin.

This is follow-up to the call for we sent out last Tuesday, May 21,
2008 to the Healing Circle.

Photos of Gloria that can be used as a focus in spiritual healing are
now on-line:

Additional testing done last week indicates that Gloria has stage 3
stomach cancer in her stomach, in lymph nodes near her stomach, and a
bit in a bone in her chest.

Gloria decided to start treatment right away. She was admitted to St.
Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this morning, where she
will be staying all week and receiving daily chemotherapy.

Gloria thanks everyone for the healing prayers, rituals, meditations,
and emails sent to her and her family over the past week. Your caring and
blessings are a great comfort and help.

Although her circumstances are such that Gloria is not able to
individually reply to all the well wishes emails she has received thus
far, know that she very much appreciates them. Additional emails can
be sent to her:

In doing healing rituals, chants, visualization, prayers, meditation,
and other spiritual work, Gloria asks that you focus on stopping and
dispelling the cancer, on healing her body, and on sending her
physical, mental, emotional, social, behavioral, and spiritual well-being. She
asks for strength and other support for the medical treatments she will
be receiving at the hospital and elsewhere.

In addition, Gloria welcomes information about complementary therapies
that could assist in her healing journey -- email her, with cc to
Selena Fox (

Please also continue to send blessings to her husband, Martin, and to
her other family and friends who are providing support.


Healing Circle: Monday, May 26, 2008

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