Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stone Rune Set With Casting Bowl and Cloth

Handcrafted Stone Rune Set With Casting Bowl and Cloth
Auction: http://cgi.ebay. com/ws/eBayISAPI .dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=110256294669
End Time: Jun-01-08 21:54:11 PDT
Starting Price: $50.00 USD / £25.23 GBP (No Reserve)

Description: Includes a set of 24 hand carved stone runes, a hand embroidered casting cloth, and a customer designed and hand painted casting bowl. This is a very unique set and is truly one of a kind with detailed symbolism and imagery. The rune stones are large, carved deep, and you can feel them fit nicely in your hands when you work with them. Each aspect of this set is handmade with great thought and it is truly hoped that the set will go to someone who will work with the runes. Allot of time and care has been invested into their creation and now it is time for them to find their new owner.

Please click on the links to the auctions to view more details, photos, and to see more. The bowel and cloth are also very beautiful and I think that each piece of this set could stand alone, but as a set they are complete and therefore the auction includes all three items together.

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