Thursday, February 14, 2008

URGENT Call for Healing

URGENT Call for Healing

Please send healing to Saskia, daughter of Angelika DesRosiers.
Saskia is 2 1/2 years old and is about to undergo a medical
procedures that can save her life, but will be putting her life at risk.

Saskia is in the hospital with a very rare type of Aplasmic Anaemia.
This weekend, she will be undergoing a stem cell and bone marrow
transplant. These are very dangerous procedures since it will kill off
her immune system as part of the healing process.

Saskia and her family, originally from South Africa, are now living in
the UK. Saskia's mother, Angelika, first connected with Selena Fox
and some others associated with Circle Sanctuary during the
Parliament of the World's Religions in South Africa in 1999.
Angelika and her family need help.
Epona Moondancer/Carol Nowlan, a long-time friend of Angelika's and a
priestess connected with Circle in the UK is among those coordinating

Use the photo at our healing site as a focus -- Saskia is the one with
the teddy bear. Her brother is shown with her.

Epona's recent networking email is on the page with the photo and
contains more details.

Please take a few minutes right now and send Saskia healing blessings
as well as strength and support to her mother, other family, and to
Epona Moondancer/Carol Nowlan ... And blessings to the medical team
working to save Saskia's life.

Email well-wishes for Saskia and her support team to Epona/Carol:

Thanks in advance for all help that you send -- and know that your
spiritual support and any well wishes by email you send are greatly
appreciated even if they are not individually acknowledged due to the
demands of this situation.

Please forward copies of this email on to others who can help. It is
OK to post on blogs, websites, and discussion lists. Thank you!

Selena Fox, High Priestess of Circle Sanctuary

NOTE: Selena is presently at the Sacred Space Conference in Laurel,
Maryland and is doing healing work for Saskia during the conference,
including as part of the Brigid Healing Ritual she is facilitating on
Sunday afternoon from 4 - 6 pm Eastern Time -- if you wish to attend
this working in person, more info about location, registration, etc.
is on-line: -- or spiritually join in during
times. Thanks!

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