Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Please send Healing to Tammy

Please send healing to Tammy of Four Winds Sanctuary in Illinois.

She is having surgery tomorrow, Tuesday, February 26, to treat the
severe scoliosis of Tammy's spine. The bend in her spine has begun
affecting her lungs and breathing.

Her surgical procedure, which is likely to take a minimum of fifteen
hours, is long and complex. The doctors will be fusing all of her
vertebrae and her pelvic bones and then placing a rod in her back
along her spine.

Mama Cat, her mother-in-law, is coordinating spiritual healing for
Tammy and asks that those doing workings on her behalf send it to a
spiritual energy area above the hospital so that it can be
harmoniously directed to Tammy, her doctors, and others providing

Her surgery is taking place at the University Hospital on the
University of Wisconsin campus in the center of Madison, Wisconsin.

Mama Cat also asks for spiritual support be sent to her son and
Tammy's husband, as well as well wishes to their children eight year
old Caleb, four year old Brianna and ten month old Matthew.

Send written well-wishes to Tammy and her family via the Four Winds
Sanctuary email:
Put: Healing for Tammy in the subject line.

Tammy and her family send thanks for all well-wishes and other
support you send. Although circumstances are such that emails sent
can not be individually acknowledged, know that every one is
appreciated and will be printed off and relayed to Tammy and her
Thank you!

Healing Circle: Monday, February 25, 2008

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