Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Healing to NIU

Please continue to remember students, faculty, staff, families, and
others associated with Northern Illinois University in Dekalb,

Thanks for the healing blessings you have sent to those impacted by
the tragic shootings on campus last week.

On Sunday, February 24 at 7 pm, there will be a public Memorial
Ceremony at the NIU campus and on Monday, class sessions resume.
Some of those who are part of Circle Sanctuary's NIU support
response team will be attending the Memorial Ceremony and also will
be support counselors in Monday classes.

If you plan to attend the Memorial Ceremony and want to connect with
Circle Sanctuary support team members and other Pagans, please

Today, the one week anniversary of this tragedy, NIU and the
surrounding area will observe 5 minutes of silence beginning at
3:06 pm (central time) and then bells at the Holmes Student Center
on campus and churches in the area will chime until 3:11 pm, one
minute for each of the NIU students killed in the shooting. NIU's
President will introduce today's observance at 3 pm.

Please continue to send spiritual support to the NIU community and
those who are providing help.
Thank you.

Rev. Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

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