Monday, May 02, 2005

Witch Words In the Pagan World

I have actually been thinking about a Sanctuary Haven learning center kind of place.. A place for gathering, a place for learning, there are so many different beliefs. We basically need to stand together. We are few, we do stand alone.. I understand that the Christians use to be Burn Witch Burn. But I will tell you times have changed. There are a lot more coming out of the closet sort of speak. People are excepting us. A few will discredit us or perhaps throw a few stones. But what is a few stones when we have been Federally been approved. If the Military can grant us time to practice our Craft and Worship our Deities Why can't anyone else? I think a Haven would be a great place but would there be enough support to keep it going. It is a big step for the Pagan World in Wisconsin. I think this newsletter is a start.. Don't you?

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