Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Witch's Creed

In silence of serenity I dwell;
It is my right.
In wisdom I rule my thought;
It is my duty.
In compassion I instruct mankindBy word and act, in righteousness and trueth.
It is my gift to his future,Freely given!
By the grace of heaven,By the favor of the GodsI hold the power in my hands;
Healing waters, and help for the needy!
Fires of Hell, and a scourge for the unruly;
Let no seeker of enlightmentLeave my presence unaided:
Let no evil doer have his Pleasure Upon my world.
I am Priestess of Infinite spaceConsecrated to the path,Minister to all life:
I shall not return,
From my quest, except as a Goddess!
Let the profane take heed and beware!
By the grace of heaven And the Gods of my Ancestors:


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