Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Nobody really cares where the moon goes at dawn. Just as long as it around when the sun goes down. Then there's nothing wrong. Mr Moon and me and my dog makes three, just like one big family. Everything is right when your shinning bright Mr. Moonlight. When the storm clouds gather and you don't know what to do. Pack up your troubles and take a walk underneath the Moon. Tell him whats wrong and before to long you'll be hummin a happy song. You make everything alright when your shinning bright. When I've been gone for a long time from home. You can bet your money honey when I walk, I walk alone. I'm not mixed up with Mr Moon around, the world is sound, it's not upside down. If you and I Mr. Moonlight we make three. And don't forget we'll have all night, you, him and me. He'll put the moonbeams in my hair, Mr Moonlight.

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