Friday, May 20, 2005

[Magickal_Creations] Are you in an FBI file? (National Importance confirmed)

Are you in an FBI file? Take this short quiz to find out. Join the ACLU and help us uncover the truth about FBI and local police spying.
Dear Friend, The police help protect us from criminals and terrorists, but do you want FBI agents and local police spying on environmental, anti-war, political, and faith-based groups? Do you feel safer knowing they might be spying on you? Documents obtained by the ACLU through the Freedom of Information Act prove that the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Forces are collecting files on peace groups, and intimidating anti-war activists through aggressive questioning. Could the FBI, the task forces they operate with, and local police be spying on you? We don't know if they are, but to help you find out, take this short quiz. After you take the quiz, join the ACLU to help us uncover the truth about spying by the FBI and local police and put a stop to it. Collecting files on anti-war and environmental groups has nothing to do with fighting terrorism and will not make us safer. If anything, diverting FBI and local law enforcement resources to monitor political and religious __expression will weaken our ability to fight terrorism. Infiltration of peaceful groups will have a chilling effect on many Americans - without making us safer - as these cases demonstrate: Sarah Bardwell was an intern at the American Friends Services Committee when four agents of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, accompanied by Denver police officers in SWAT gear, suddenly appeared at her Denver home last summer. The agents asked Bardwell three questions about upcoming protests and whether she knew of anyone who was planning any crimes related to upcoming protests. Scott Silber is an organizer for the Service Employees International Union and a student activist at Colorado University. Last July, the FBI called Silber and asked him to come to their offices. Documents obtained by the ACLU through the Freedom of Information Act show that Silber was under surveillance as recently as last August.Reverend Raymond Payne, a Methodist Minister from Kentucky, was stopped last October by Canadian border officials. They interrogated Rev. Payne for more than an hour as he attempted to enter Canada for a vacation. According to Rev. Payne, the officials informed him that the interrogation was triggered because he was the subject of an FBI file. He has never been arrested, been charged with a crime, or even participated in a protest. To protect the freedom of Americans to pursue their right to peaceful protest, the ACLU is conducting a nationwide campaign to expose and limit FBI spying on people and groups simply for speaking out or practicing their faith. Help us stop this abuse of the First Amendment by joining the ACLU today. Your membership gift will enable us to file Freedom of Information Act requests across the country, uncover and publicize spying by the FBI and local police, and put a stop to it. If you agree that the tools to fight terrorism should not be misused to target innocent people across America who have done nothing more than criticize the government or practice their religion, get involved today. Thank you for your support. Sincerely,Ann BeesonAssociate Legal Director Forward This To All Whom May Be Concerned)Visit Witchvox!http://www.witchvox.comTo find Groups & Websites Plz Visit Our Links Section In Magickal Creations=)

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