Friday, May 20, 2005

Healers are needed plz

Thought this might interest you...EcologyFund is helping to save Rainforests and endangered wilderness.Every day when I visit their site, a donation is made anonymously atno cost to me.Click below to make your free donation now.http://www.ecologyfund.comThank you for being a part of Our beautiful family in The Pagan LoveNest on Yahoo! We wanted to take a momment to let you know we aretrying to give Mother Earth a Healing. We hope you join us in thatfight. This is Free it costs you nothing. Join Pagans Save The Worldon Ecologyfund! Our Team is saving land together. This is not a group like Yahoo groups. All this does is count the land we have saved as agroup together. We need more members so please join! Pagans Save TheWorld Group is listed under Religious Organizations have saved Total Sq ft: 30,457.3 !!!!Please Forward this invite to a friend! We need all the help we canget!Love & LightMariPlz Care2

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