Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Footprints in the Snow

When I was about 11 years old my grandfather died. Dead of winter. I remember being sad about his death, but the unusual event that took place really scared me. I remember sleeping in the living room of my grandfathers mobile home on the couch, It was such a bad snow storm out side I remember hearing noices through out the night. No way was I getting up. The next morning we were going to go to town. My Grandmother had some person coming to look at my grandfathers car, she did'nt drive and she didn't want it around. When we all got outside we was amazed at what we saw..The storm had cleared it was such a beautiful crisp air day. Except there was footprints leading to the window where I slept and footprints to the bedroom window where my sister and grandmother slept and then to the garage where the car was. Except the feetprint never desended from any of the locations. They led into the garage but never came back out. When the Man showed to see the car it would not start. My grandma could not sell a car that would not start, but ran the day before.. After a few hours my grandfather's son went to start it and it started right up turn of the key. I often think of this and just has always it intrigued me as I got older. I still wander today about it.

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