Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pagans and Witches

Perhaps some are a little confused about Witches, and Pagans. Paganism and Witches are not all the same. All witches are pagans, but all pagans are not witches.. Calling oneself a Witch, does not make oneself a Witch. Years of practice, years of learning. It is a big world out there and there are a lot of books. Not all books are written by Witches, Some are written by Christains who think they know about Wicca. Please becareful on which witch book you purchase. Do some research on the author. See if they are a true pagan or if they are just writting a story book. There are plenty of steriotype writters. You need to figure out the difference. There are several different kinds of Wiccans. Just as your christainanity has several branches so does Wicca. So you need to figure out your roots and go from there.
Perhaps you can actually find a Wiccan that would be interested in teaching you. But you have to becareful there too. Some just proclaim to be a Witch. Don't be afaid to ask for crudentuals. If they do not have any, becareful. No one can properly teach you with out them. There are alot of Fluff Bunnies out there. And you need to find out which witch is right for you. A true Flamenca or Flamen is truely hard to find, but there are a few out there.
Someone thats is new to the Craft has a long road ahead of them but I will guarantee it will be like a rollarcoaster ride. And it can't be taught by someone that has only been in it for a year. After all they were only on the path just a short time and they would not know everything ot to begin to know everything. So just becareful whom you befriend. Once you start consuming knowledge you wont be able to stop. Believe me nothing will stop you, Nothing will be as important as learning the Craft of the Wise. It will be your life. So you can't just say I don't have time right now to do this. This will be time consuming, but just think of the rewards you will have. The ability to make things right.
Blessed Be

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