Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy Samhain

With the Samhain coming, everyone is getting ready for the fall decorations.
Have you seen some of the decorations? What kind of Celebration will you be having?
You may want to think about this kind of event...Order of service:Ok the Gathering; Everybody gets together.How about The Blessing; Kissing and Blessing
Start with the opening: Let nothing disturb the work of the God.
All who enter hereafter.
Liturgy; In the beginning there was a void,
God came and put a thought into that void. The thought, thought of dust.
Cosmic dust appeared in the void. The dust formed the Universe.
The thought, thought spirit. The spirit formed life and soul.
Thus did God form the universe. The power of thought is limited only by the God.
The God guidedour footsteps with thought. He sent prophets and healers to us.
The Universe has stopped listening to the God. We will listen, Oh God,
Tell us your ways.Have a friend of the Coven speak for a few minutes
on a specific topic.Draw up the cone of power. Think of nothing but the cone.
retain the image in your mind.Wait for guidance.Ask anyone who needs healing.
Every must concentrate on healing after a time all hold hands and release the
cone of power. left over power heal the sick that are there.Break the circle.
Thank the God for his Bounty and joy.
Play song.
Bless all present there.


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