Monday, February 26, 2007

Emerald Fox Cultural Supplies

Merry Meet,
I am appearing at the Fox Valley Lanes 934 Byrd
ave, Neenah, WI . On March 3rd , 2007 9 AM to 6PM
The Emerald Fox Cultural Supplies.

Featuring Sacred Herb and Oils, Resins, Home made Incense made form
Pure Essential Oils, Dragon's Blood Oil and Resin, California White Sage,
Home Grown Sweetgrass, Sterling Silver, Pewter, Crystal Jewelry, and
Jewelry from the Silvermoon and Starlinks brand. Faeries, Dragons, Green
Man, Three Goddess, Wizards and other Magical Greeting Cards. Ritual

At prices you won't believe. Oh yes, magic is in the air. Hope to see
you there.

Blessed Be
The Emerald Fox

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