Saturday, April 14, 2007

Healing To John Martin

Please send healing to John Martin of Wisconsin. John is part of the
Circle Sanctuary Community.

John was in a traffic accident on Wednesday. A semi truck and trailer
ran a red light and hit John in his jeep broadside. John was knocked
unconscious and the emergency response crew had to use jaws of life equipment to
remove him from his car, which was totaled in this crash.

John is presently hospitalized in Madison, Wisconsin and is undergoing
tests as well as treatment for his injuries. Although none of his bones were
broken, there appears to be some bleeding on his brain as well as
impairment of vision in his right eye.

Please send healing and well-being to John and send support to his
doctors and other health care practitioners so that he gets the proper
treatment, is completely healed, and has excellent health.

Send well wishes and other words of support to him:

If you are interested in telephoning and/or visiting John, please be in
touch with Selena Fox through the Circle Sanctuary office for more
information:; (608) 924-2216.

Healing Circle: Friday, April 13, 2007

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