Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Update on Baby Saskia

Update on Baby Saskia

Thank you to everyone who has sent healing to Saskia, a 2 1/2 year old
girl from South Africa now living with her parents in the UK.

A photo to use as a healing focus as well as information about her
condition is on-line:
Additional photos will be added to the site as they are available.

Email additional well wishes to Saskia & family:

Here is the latest info (as of March 27):

Saskia's dad, Bill, an American citizen from New England, relays the
following update yesterday:

"Well, the second BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) does not appear to be
working (it has four weeks now). Her white cell count has not changed
and we are still not seeing any neutrophils. So, we are now preparing
ourselves for the third BMT. We will use Angelika's remaining stem
cells for this. Yes, it is a very challenging time for us. Yes, the
strength of my Saskia is inspirational. How can we not be hopeful
when we see her battling and fighting (two infections now –
pseudomonas and streptococcus)? My little girl has truly been an
inspiration – how can we not trust or remain strong for her?

She will have her temporary line removed tomorrow (the source of her
second infection) and have another temporary line put in. Her doctors
are worried about introducing a permanent fixed central line due to
her temperatures spiking and her condition. Saskia is enduring 40+ C
(104+ F) degree temperatures and lives through Paracetimol
administered every six hours.
She has infections all over her body due to either: the bacterium,
anti-virals, antibiotics, or the anti-fungi medication she is given.
The doctors can not be sure what is causing the swelling and the
rashes… One day we may understand this, but maybe we never will.
Ultimately, we are not asking what the meaning of this ordeal is, but
rather recognize that it is we who are asked. I think when we are
questioned by this challenge; we can only answer to this by answering
for our own lives. Saskia is teaching me things about myself – her
strength and her courage.

So we hope and pray.

Thank you once again for your thoughts and prayers – it is

Healing Circle: Friday,

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