Tuesday, July 06, 2010

210 Sacred Harvest Festival

What: Sacred Harvest Festival
Where: Harmony Park, just north of Albert Lea, Minnesota
When: August 7-15
Web: http://www.harmonytribe.org/shf2010/

You can still sign up for the 2010 Sacred Harvest Festival through the end
of July.

The tribe has been hard at work designing a festival around this year’s
theme; “Seducing the Muse”.

Our special guests will help attendees find their muses. This year we have
internationally known environmental sculptor, performance and video
artist, Cherie Sampson. Anne Marie Forrester, well-known local artist and
longtime member of the Pagan community, will be there to help you tap into
your inner creativity. Author Veronica Cummer is returning this year.
White Deer will be there with his drums as well as his dancer wife,
Violette Rose. Visit our website to see their bios. There will also be
other wonderful workshops during the week.

This year’s rituals will inspire the muses. Here’s the proposed ritual
Saturday: “Welcoming the Wise Child” – this ritual will engage the part of
us which is knowing yet playful.
Sunday: “Finding your Muse” – Search the camp for your sources of
Monday: “Honoring the Oaks” this guest ritual from Owl’s crew will honor
nature and the land.
Tuesday: “Kid’s Comedy & Tragedy” – this ritual drama will deal with
inclusiveness and miscommunication.
Wednesday: “Tribal Hunt” – this ritual is an annual tradition of intense
personal transformation.
Thursday: a guest ritual from Violet Rose and White Deer.
Friday: “Rangoli” – another annual tradition of making designs filled with
our prayers, and then dancing them into the Earth.
Saturday: a guest ritual from Anne Marie Forrester & Veronica Cummer
Sunday: “Closing Pot-Latch Ritual” – throughout the week, everyone will be
encouraged to make a blessing pouch, and during this ritual the pouches
will be exchanged and given away.

Of course the entertainers all have a wonderful relationship with their
muses; Murphey’s Midnight Rounders, Rumgumption, Hugin the Bard, and Magic
Mama. This will definitely be a good year to also just hang around the
Bardic Circle. Of course we will be continuing the Not So Talented Talent
Show hosted by Sister Mirtha Reverence!

There will also be multi-tiered workshops every day to inspire your muses.
There will be drumming and dancing every night. By the end of this
festival, every attendee will have had many opportunities to connect with
their creative energies.

You can register here http://www.harmonytribe.org/shf2010/
For questions on registration register@harmonytribe.org
Other questions market@harmonytribe.org
New to the SHF or Festivals in general? Check out
http://www.harmonytribe.org You might find some helpful information
there, or just ask us.

Sacred Harvest Festival is the largest Pagan festival in Minnesota, and
one of the largest family friendly Pagan festivals in the nation. This is
a festival so engaging that people have actually moved to Minnesota to be
closer to the tribe which creates it

There are special rates for 3 days, 5 days, the full 9 days, and family

We look forward to seeing you in August for this inspiring festival.

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