Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just wanting to know if any one else saw the program on C-Span2 a few days ago, that had to do with a panel of speakers talking on role of Spirituality in our lives. I came upon the program really late, so did not hear all of it.
The Title of the Program was, 2010 Harlem Book Fair Religion Panel. Three of the Four speakers were, Mata MorenoVea: author of "The Altar of My Soul", ( a book on Santeria Spiritualism); Sarah Sayeed - Women In Islam, Inc. - President; Obrey Hendricks: author of "The Politics of Jesus", (Don't be put off by the title !); Bishop Carlton Pearson: author of " God is NOT a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu...".
What all of these speakers had to say, what I heard of them, were very relevant with what is going on at this present moment, and were very inspiring, and insightful.
Also, (guess I have been as ostrich with my head in the sand), but I have just recently heard of "The National Religious Freedom Day - October 27(?). Has any one else, heard of this ? I think it needs to be celebrated NOW ! (ha!)
Have a Great Day !
Shining Wolf

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