Monday, October 04, 2010

Milwaukee Pagan Pride

Greetings Wisconsin spiritual seekers,
Apologies if you've already received notices for Milwaukee's Pagan Pride. My partner Mark and I are excited to present at Milwaukee's Pagan Pride this Sunday. We'll be facilitating the opening ritual, and before that, a Ritual Arts workshop starting at Noon or 12:30. Workshop attendees can take speaking or silent roles in the opening ritual or just observe some ritual tools in action. We'll also offer a community building workshop addressing some of the more difficult parts of community building and leadership.

There's a lot of great presenters, entertainers, and rituals planned for the day. I've included basic event info is below, and detailed descriptions of the workshops Mark and I are offered since those are the ones I could answer questions about :)
I hope to see you soon! Harvest blessings,

Milwaukee Pagan Pride Day
Sunday, Oct. 3
Wil O Ways Underwood, 10602 Underwood Parkway, Wauwatosa, WI.

Opening Ritual: The Harvest Fires
Mark Mandrake and Shauna Aura. Before the ritual, we'll offer a Ritual Arts workshop and participants can take speaking and nonspeaking roles in the opening ritual to practice skills.

Closing Ritual: Table and Stranger: An Ingathering Rite for Harvest Home
Ruby Sara and Johnny Rapture.

Shauna Aura & Mark Mandrake--
--Raising Sacred Fire: Skills for Facilitating Rituals & Building Energy (starting at 12 noon or 12:30
--Underworld Shadows: Advanced Skills for Community Builders and Leaders

Ruby Sara--Makers of Edible Light: Honeybees in Myth, Spirituality, and Ecology
Johhny Rapture --' A Tale of Two 'Theisms,' A guided discussion on terms like monotheism, polytheism, henotheism, nontheism, etc.
Author Alan Leddon --Gods of Sun and the Underworld

Amy Christensen of Chicago's Terra Mysterium theater group will perform 2 sets of her own songs about various Goddesses
Jeannette and Shelby, GypsyMoondance return with 2 sets of Bellydance performance
Performance Artist, Presenter and Liturgist, Ruby Sara, brings a solo version of a song from the Terra Mysterium show "Finding Eleusis," which ran in Chicago's first Fringe Festival.


Raising Sacred Fire: Skills for Facilitating Rituals & Building Energy

Shauna Aura and Mark Mandrake

(time: noon or 12:30 pm)

Imagine the most magical ritual you've been to, or wished for. Learn to lead or support rituals that are magical, memorable, and facilitate deep spiritual transformation.

Through discussion and exercises, this workshop explores what works and why, ritual structure and energetic flow, logistics to keep energy moving, common pitfalls, and engaging participation with chanting, movement, rhythm, and connection. Experienced ritualists will learn to facilitate more potent rituals; new ritualists will learn foundations. Workshop participants are encouraged to practice skills by taking ritual roles for the Opening Ritual. Join us to harness the sacred fire within!

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