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Now I have seen everything

Now I've Seen Everything!
by Michael Lee-Price on Tuesday, 14 December 2010 at 12:19

Opened up my mail and Social Networks this morning and read all my emails (the
entire 1) and all my messages from Facebook, Tweeter, MySpace etc.

It is NOW Official "Paganism" is DEAD!

I received an invitation to Attend a .... wait for it ... a "Pagan Christmas
Party" ... WTF ... the Theme is that everyone planning to attend dress up like
Santa ... but wait ... there is more ... I also recieved an invitation to attend
a Christmas Workshop titled : "Santa Claus Shaman Classes"

Oh ... please .... now I may not be exactly "Pagan" being an alternative
Spiritualists ,,, but when are you "so called" pagans who also, practice
Christian Rituals, such as Easter and Christmas, going to realise ...YOU can
not have you Cake and Eat it too ...

There is NO SUCH Thing as a Pagan Christian or Christian Pagan ... yes there may
be a thing called a Christian Witch ... but No Virginna there is NO Pagan
Christian ... IT IS AN OXYMORON!

Much like the Pagans who sent me these invitations ... OXYMORONS minus the Oxy!

oViolet Willow Lol what next..

oMichelle Salt There might be a few foxy morons there.

oVyvyan Ogma Wyverne aren't they adorable. send 'em sweet blessings
and the inspiration of common sense.
oKym-Maree Kuijpers Im all for each to his/her own. besides we as
alternative still celebrate this time of year. maybe incorperating the 2 shows
understanding we are not all of the same beliefs

oMichael Lee-Price I'm sorry Kym but you can't incorporate Paganism
and Christianity! It would be a contrary and conflicting belief system and a
Bastardizaion of both

oKym-Maree Kuijpers but what is the problem with celebrating at the
same time together, reguardless of beliefs? why does it always come down to who
believes what.

oMichael Lee-Price Religion is the worse invention of man! However,
are we talking Cultural Festivals or Religious Festivals? If we celebrate
Christmas (which MEANS Christ MASS) then we ae NOT Pagan but followers of the
Christ! If we celebrate YULE (Christmas) as a Cultural Festival then we should
be celebrating it in WINTER like they Do in the Northern Hemisphere. Any "Pagan"
we celebrates a Christian Festival is NOT really a Pagan!

oKym-Maree Kuijpers well my mum celebrates christmas, am i do
denounce her invitation? no, i dont tell people how to live, or who to follow,
they can believe in what they want. as long as it doesnt interfere with my way.
Nobody was offended at our handfasting, (not a christian occasion) yet 95% of
those there are christian. So why should i be offended to an invitation to non
pagan events? i find it extremely satisfying that they thought of be not because
of my beliefs but because im me.

o Michael Lee-Price:

I think You have got the short and curly here Kym! I AM NOT SAYING we can't
HONOR our relatives and friends by attending their activities and celebrations.I
attend Louise's family Christmas dinner every years and I attend Wiccan Rituals
wh...en I am not Wiccan.I have and had friends who are ASATRU and attended their
festivals and Rituals.I HONOR Louise by participating in her Rituals.BUT There
is NO SUCH think as Pagan Christians and I refuse to participate in a Ritual or
Activity which is an AFFRONT to other Religions i.e "A PAGAN CHRIST MASS PARTY"
or " SANTA CLAUS SHAMAN CLASSES"and Halloween celebrations here in Australia
during what is traditionally BELTANE is a JOKE and I am at a lose that PAGANS in
Australia actually celebrate it in SPRING!

o Mike Kuijpers
Mic what you seem to be confusing is Christ Mass the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and the goverment declared time of year we call christmas. To have a party in the later half of december for the purpose of celebrating the year past is... commonly known as a christmas party. To say pagans or other non-christians should not do this is overstating the christian point of veiw Christian celebrate christmas by going to chuch. As for yule, yule is the germanic festival celebrated on december 24th-25th and halloween is 31st october as declared as a US holiday although these celebration also fall on sabats it should not be taken that they are the same thing. The sabats change from the northern to the southern hemispheres but certain other celebrations that coincide with them donot need to follow the change.

o Michael Lee-Price
I know what I mean Mike! No Confusion! What I OBJECT to is PAGAN Christmas Parties and Santa Claus Shaman Workshops or any other cockermanee projects that certain "Pagans" come up with to either:
a) Combined booth religions so it looks legit... or to keep the Majority happy.
b) To Fleece money off the gullible, young and naive or just plain stupid journeymen.
c) Present a Mismatch of beliefs which confuse the young people who wish to follow an ancient path.

Nothing personal to both you and Kym … but please don't tell me what I mean, my friends. Please re-read WHAT I wrote originally!

...And please don't DUMB ME DOWN on my OWN Board. I have written thesis on Paganism long before you decided you were pagan.

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