Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Healing for Al

Please send healing to Al Rickey of Wisconsin.Al has been associated with Circle Sanctuary for many years and isdescended from the family that once had their family farm on thelandwhichis now Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve. At our annual SamhainFestival, heis among those who patrol the boundaries of our land and helps withsecurity.Earlier this month, Al had surgery to replace his left knee. He isnowgetting rehabilitation at the Veterans Administration hospital inTomah,Wisconsin.Please send him healing blessings for his recovery andrehabilitation.Mayhe soon begin walking again, pain free, without the aid of a walker,wheelchair, or other aid.Al may be staying in the hospital for another two weeks or more. Hewelcomes emails, cards, phone calls, and visitors.Send well wishes by email to him: arickeysr@yahoo.comSend cards by postal mail to him:Allan RickeyVA Medical Center, Building 402500 East Veterans StreetTomah, WI 54660 USAIf you wish to call him on the phone, call between 7 - 10:30 pmcentraltime: (608) 374-8473.If you wish to visit, please email or call him to arrange a goodtimeandday to stop by.Thanks!Selena

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