Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Pagan Love Nest is looking for More Singles!:) So if you aresingle/poly & looking? Find Love for free!!This is a FREE Dating service! Love nest for Single Pagans, Witches,Wiccans, Druids, Sorcerers, Vampires & Those who are Magickal! ~Find Love, Soul Mates/ Friends, Bi, Gay & POLY! Share Love Spells &Astrological & Comaptibility, Relationships, Advice etc.. Any topicof Paganism & Magick is open to post about on the message board!!Mix & Mingle:)Search for members by State & More! In the FILES & PHOTOS! Sectionof this grp:) (One Photo/File per member plz)NOTE:Anyone With ADULT Material On There Yahoo ID MUST HAVE An ADULTProfile Please! There are no ADULT sites or Spam allowed on thismesage board. This includes other singles clubs, groups, sites,etc... Doing this will result in you being Banned from this group.~The Pagan Love Nest~ 2118Founded: Nov 17, 2000Know any Singles? Plz let them know they can find Love for Free:)Looking for Pagan Singles in your area? Plz Visit The Pagan LoveNest on Yahoo! We have thousnads of Singles waiting to meet you!This is a Free Dating Service for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Druidsect..."Earth Day is the first Holy Day...and is devoted to the harmony ofNature... The celebration offends no historical calendar, yet ittranscends them all."Margaret Mead, anthropologist. Pagans Save The World EcologyFund Team Click Here!

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