Wednesday, May 30, 2007

From another Group

From another group:

The historic Hill of Tara in Co. Meath, Ireland needs
your help! Referred to by many as the sacred heart of
Ireland, the Hill of Tara is a large complex of
ancient megaliths and other structures, and was the
site of the inaugurations of ancient Irish kings. A
major roadway construction project is underway,
threatening to wipe out much of the heritage and
archeological treasures of the site. A new structure
was recently discovered very near to the Hill of Tara-
a large circular enclosure the size of several
football fields. Believed to be an ancient ritual
location, the henge is one of many sacred structures
threatened by the roadway project. Although work was
halted when the new structure was discovered, plans
are for the work to proceed once the structure is
documented. Various campaigns are underway to halt or
completely stop the roadway project, but your help is
needed! More information and ways to help can be
found at any of the websites listed below:

The Tara Foundation http://www.tara- foundation. org/

Save Tara http://www.savetara .com

Protect Tara http://www.protect-

Tara Watch http://www.tarawatc

MySpace Page http://www.myspace. com/hilloftara

Please join in the fight to save the heart of Ireland,
the home of ancient Celtic kings, and one of the most
archeologically significant sites in Europe! There is
still a chance of saving Tara, but it will take the
efforts of each and every one of you. No matter where
you live, you can help join the fight to save Tara,
whether you write letters, sign petitions, or simply
pass the word to others to let them know of the
importance of this.

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