Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Keepers of the Fire

Keepers of The Fire

In dawn of each new day, we will turn to the East,
and see your shining faces in the radiant light of the rising Sun.
And we shall know that you have joined as One,
with the Creative Power of the Universe.

In the bright day of noon, we will turn to the South,
and feel the warmth of your courageous, honorable spirits in our hearts.
And we shall know the full living expression,
of your souls on Earth and your spirits hereafter.

In the glorious canvas of Sunset, we will turn to the West,
and witness your signatures on the day as you walk with honored ancestors.
And we shall know both the wisdom of your lives,
and the admonishment of your deaths - to create a world of peace.

In the deep of the night, we will turn to the North,
and witness in the stars that you are given a place of remembrance.
And we shall ever know you in our dreams,
as alive and fulfilling your own dreams beyond your alloted years.

In the deepest center of our souls, we will feel your constant presence,
and find ourselves humbled by the true essence of your spirits.
And we shall pray that like you, we will be, 'Keepers of The Fire,'
Each in our own way, will live and love with honor and with courage.

And as the family anchors of this earthly home front,
We know there isn't any distance between loving hearts.
And we make this solemn promise in the memory of your lives,
To keep the hearth fires burning for our troops still serving,
Until they all come home!

With Love, Gratitude, and Respect for Our Fallen Heroes,
Our Honored Deceased Veteran Heroes, and Their Loved Ones.

Rev. Kay J. Ahl
(AKA: Tia Hu)
© 2005, Rev. Kay J. Ahl

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