Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Healing Updates

Healing Updates

Thanks to all of you on the Healing Circle network for the healing
you have been sending to those in need.

Here's the latest updates on some of those mentioned in recent calls
for healing:

PATRICK MC COLLUM: I spoke briefly with Patrick today .... he is
still in the ICU in the hospital in California and in need of more
healing. Please do rituals and meditations for him to (1) dispel the
intense pain, (2) aid the recovery from his surgery last week and his
surgery earlier this week to correct his back problems, and (3)
restore him to health. Over the next three days and nights, please
call on the Goddess Brigid to aid in healing Patrick, as part of your
healing work. Thanks!

GLORIA VILLANUEVA: I also was able to speak with Gloria this
afternoon for a short while. She has just been released from the
hospital in Wisconsin where she has been for more than a week getting
treatment for an infection that emerged shortly after her most recent
round of chemotherapy that is combating stomach cancer. Please
continue to send her healing to dispel the infection as well as to
dispel the cancer from various parts of her body (stomach, lymph
nodes, bone) and restore her to health. Envision Gloria
surrounded with a golden light of healing and health. Thanks!

BRENDA: Thanks to everyone who has sent healing blessings to my
youngest sister Brenda. She just got out of surgery at a Virginia
medical facility a short while ago and is recovering. The test
results on the tumors removed from her chest today will be available
in a few days, and more testing will be done soon. Please continue
to send healing and support to her, to my family and me as we contend
with this challenging situation. Your support is greatly appreciated
by all of us and is helping us get through this
difficult time. Thanks!


Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary

Healing Circle: Friday, August 22, 2008

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