Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SALE! DeDanann Gifts - Lots of Handcrafted Pagan Stuff & More!

am holding a sale of sorts for my EBay store. I have put all of my
current inventory up for auction. Almost all items are priced at only
$0.99 with no reserve set. [Please note that I do have a few items
(five to be exact) that are priced at $9.99 to cover their original
costs.] The auctions all end this Sunday, so stop by and take a look
and see if anything interests you.

Pagan items include:

* Altar Cloths
* Books
* Candle Holders
* Fossils
* Jewelry
* Incense Burners
* Magazines
* Music
* Pendulums

Other items include:

* Baby Care Items
* Baskets
* Children's Clothing
* Celtic Pillow
* Plus Size Clothing
* Toddler Clothing
* Toys
* Vintage Decor

Please come by and take a look at our store's website at
http://www.imbas.net where the flame of inspiration and creation burn!

Gaia Song
DeDanann Gifts - http://www.imbas.net

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